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September 28, 2006


And he and Ridley got a few minutes of reading in, with important men wearing suits:


Meanwhile, the s.b. observed the mayor warming up the crowd in Cooper City:


(Thanks to Mrs. Corbiere for the photo)

UPDATE: For those who missed the webcast, click "Broadcast" under Breaking a World Record, here.


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I think you, Ridley, Gov. Bush, and the other fella should get bean bag chairs too.

Nice Dell ad, there. Who's the guy to Dave's right?

Why aren't the kids facing the guests of honor? No respect for the elders!

YAY!! You all look wonderful!

who's the midget little guy next to Dave?? (Is he playing the part of Peter Pan in the movie version?)

Are those chairs for giant people? It looks like nobody's feet can touch the ground. Bones has the right idea.

This just in: Dave Barry appears in public wearing a non-blue shirt. Or is it just a trick of the light? Long meandering debate among Wikipedia editors sure to follow.

(I need more coffee.)

Re: ubetcha: The glare in the photo isn't a crapcam artifact. It's glow from the shrink ray.

Are you kidding, WD??? That's a periwinkle-blue shirt, clear as day.


Jeb must be a lot taller than I thought. Maybe he should take the NFL job, lol.

Is Jeb going to read from this classic?

Is there something wrong with the camera?, I mean I swear Dave's shirt looks purple, not blue.

That is probably my favorite Dave book so far. I was sitting at a restaraunt reading and laughing really hard, and these people were staring at me like I was crazy.

The shirt is definitely either lavender or periwinkle.

Maybe that Secret deodorant had some lasting side effects.

I can't bring myself to say "periwinkle".

CH: I counter your "sheesh" with a "Jesus Jones"... as in right here, right now, that shirt is WAY more lavender than periwinkle. In fact, I submit to you that "periwinkle" is not a real color, but rather a rejected "Teletubbies" character.

We've established that I need more coffee. It's also possible that I need a new monitor.

I feel so literacized now.

Thanks Dave! Thanks Ridley!

And on a more blog-like note: Doesn't ol' Jeb look like he needs a 'roid pillow?

Teletubbies!!! The way their feet are hanging it looks more like "big comfy couch".

maybe jeb was a victim of an explodin' toilet.

Unless Dave's skin tone is always Slightly Rotting Pumpkin, I'd hazard a guess that his shirt is not really periwinkle light purple either.

I'm finding it a bit odd that you men know how to spell periwinkle

*snork* @ Chris - too good.

cut n paste ...wench ...cut n paste

I thought it was purple.

sure, lance. whatever you say

Ole' Jeb looks like he's trying to get outta there...

ok wench, you outted me, I am really a closet interior decorator.

I come by that knowledge legitimately, wench. I once was the proud owner of the 64-count Crayola box. You know, with the sharpener.

To stupidly extend constructively further the debate, I submit that "burnt sienna" is also not a real color, but rather a torched Toyota mini-van.

Okay, WD, I took the image into Photoshop CS2 and adjusted it for the lighting. Then, I looked up a reference periwinkle, and I can state, definitively, that Dave's shirt in this photo is periwinkle.

I can show you numbers, if you want to go there. I don't recommend it. :-D

The blog's new source for facts and information, Wikipedia, shows periwinkle as this.

I'm thinking - Not periwinkle.

Is that kid sittin on a love sac?

Dang! I didn't think of the crayon alibi as fast as writer dude. I even went on the Crayola factoy tour.

wench - I have always been able to spell periwinkle, but to affirm your faith I thought it was some variant of yellow.

GMTA, leemedia, except that you forgot to color-adjust the original. :-D

Leemedia - I looked at the Wiki chart you linked. I doubt if the LA Dodgers would agree with how their team colors appear.

I'm thinking monitor quality is making this color discussion altogether moot.

okay - I will concede that you all are men of the manly variety. lance - are you for hire?

Sorry CH, ..... What was your true reference color in the original photo.... Dave's Slightly Rotting Pumpkin skin tone?

Exactly; I corrected to the point where the Slightly Rotting Pumkin more closely resembled Ruddy Cheerful Cheeks, and then compared to the reference periwinkle (which, by the way, eliminated the "monitor bias" problem).

Definitely periwinkle.

Is Mrs. Corbiere the teacher?

Is she a blurker? God help those poor children if she fits in here.

my first pet was a parakeet. named periwinkle. the cat ate him. that is all.

Is it just my perception, or is Jeb a really big man? As I look at the whole reading program in Florida, it's done so well. Heck, I bet it makes the perky news out there tonight. We have Kindergarten Cop as governator here in California and we'd never manage to get anything like it. Such lack of imagination and politics of personal power on our coast... How sad.

Can I object to the "Rotting Pumpkin" remarks... kinda hits too close to my heart, ya know?

And here I always thought that your 'nym was a reference to "punking" someone... objected sustained. WD, please come up with a different descriptor for Dave's less-than-flattering skin tone in this picture.

Those chairs do look incredibly uncomfortable!

Thank you, CH. I do not "punk", but I AM GOURDgeous!

Brad, Jeb is like 6'5" or taller...the irony is his wife is under 5' tall...they look pretty funny together.

Jeb looks like he can't wait to get out of there.

Siouxie - My son is 6'5" and his girlfriend is a pixie-ish 4'11"....I can't get the two of them to fit into a picture together unless my son crouches or she stands on a chair!

Mrs. Corbiere is probably a reading groupie fan.

Sheesh... time for more coffee. I'll thank the Grammar Police to let me off with a warning today, mkay?

I have heard, Punkin, that another fruit of the vine comes to mind when your name comes up.

jeb wants to get out of there because he remembers what happened last time a bush read to florida school kids.

I think Gov. Bush is just crawling down off the chair to grab his coffee.

GOOD ONE, Crossgirl!!

And he and Ridley got a few minutes of reading in, with important men wearing suits:

OK,OK... Now that I've lost track of the original intent of the Blog post thanks to the entertaining side discussion of crayons (I prefer burnt umber myself), let's get back to point of this whole thread...

Does Dave actually own a suit? Or even just a tie? Inquiring minds want to know.

PP - Instead of Slightly Rotted Pumpkin, would you accept Faded Traffic Cone?

Have now had more coffee and a shower. Huge snorks @ everyone.

CH, to ease Watermelon Girl's Punkin's mind, I think we can swap out "Slightly Rotting Pumpkin" for "Gin Hangover". Work for you?

Speaking of work, I am off to The Airport Job, where I will be on the lookout for a torched Toyota mini-van. See you later, folks.

WD, while out there looking for stuff, see if you might spot any Dallas police vehicles.

Zaphod, I happen to know he does. I'll have to find a picture I have of him at this event I went to early this year - he looked GOOD!

But was his shirt blue Siouxie?

JoG, it actually WAS blue. The suit was a tan color. I don't have that here at work...dangit! I'll have to get it later.

"I am really a closet interior decorator."

Is there a living in that? I mean, closets are pretty small. Why even spend the bucks on wallpaper?

Here is proof that Dave owns a suit.......... having a pair of shoes is a completely different matter...

"who's the midget little guy next to Dave?? (Is he playing the part of Peter Pan in the movie version?)"

Isn't that Bill Gates? I heard he finally sprung for the laser eye thing.

stevie, i'm sure there is. plenty of folks spend their whole lives in the closet, i'm sure they want it feng shui and all.

The shirt is lavender. Very manly, Dave. How's that Secret holding up?

When Jeb was a civilian, he worked in my office building. I used to see him in the elevator all the time. He is a very tall man. And since he has been in office, he's gained a few lbs., too.

I think Jeb looks like he is int the process of the cheek lifting before flatulence thingy.

Please ignore the extra t.

if you ever hear dave speak (on something other than a book tour) you may hear him tell the story about how he once discussed Jeb's height. it's a good story. i won't try to tell it. you're welcome.

Jeb is a hunk. Too bad he's taken :(

Ooh, ooh, XG beat me to it on the whole reading to children thing; *snork*

And now, for the authoritative reference, here's a real periwinkle. Any color you care to choose, pretty much.

So did they get the record? Or will we have to wait until they count and recount students?

As long as there are no pregnant chads, we're OK...

They just don't count any kids named Chad, who are "hanging" around.

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