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September 28, 2006


(Thanks to Ken Royce)


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I didn't think rods got spayed......

Oh.....spey. Never mind.

damn... missed it

OOoooo! And FIRST!!

it crashed my computer

*chuckle* AND I simuled with Chaz AND myself at the same time.

How pervie.

Blurk, is that you with a two-handed spey rod? Quick blogettes, it's Blurk in a kilt!

Remember Dave, it's pronounced Nuuu-Kler

This should be the "HEADLINE OF THE DAY".

I dunno Phil, some of the text is great too. A truncated excerpt

With the soft swirls of a conductor, Steve Godshall's two hands direct his immense fly rod through dips and pirouettes with an ease and grace ...

Granted, that sentence is truncated, but this is the point at which I dissolved into fits of laughter so really, who cares how it ends?

The Shady Cove woman, who helps run fly-fishing clinics for breast cancer survivors,...okay that part really threw me for a loop.

The Fly Chapter of PETA will be weighing in on this, get ready for it.

PETAF: People for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Flies.

wonders if he's using flys carefully salvaged from his radiator.

My experience with a two-handed rod tells me that, after awhile, he reaches for no fresh flies.

Crossgirl, I got your book-reading thing, exactly where my mind went to; it was awful, but that was the point. Belated *snork*

Two-Handed Rod wbagnfa p#rn actor...

I bet zipperless flies really make his performance easier. maybe he could get a gig with Chippendales.

So this has nothing to do with anything, except to say welcome to azred and packsaddle.

There's always room for more of you, you know you want to.

spoken like a true person with a full flush tank and a helluva an effort, Wyo. *going to check, hiding from work*

yee haw! I'm now an official booger!

Thanks Wyo, Azred is my new heroine. Packsaddle is a close second.

After an entire night of explaining to your boss, and your boss's boss that you want something different in your life, I think Azred haz it figured out.

There are 24 there now. who's missing?

CJ, you ok? you got my email addy.

seems like a big deal. i just go to the store and buy my fish, and skip all the speying flies..... speying flies might be wbagnfarb.

Welcome to the booger page, azred & packsaddle!

Wyo, you are correct - we know they want to...
how about some of the OTHER regulars..Punkin, Meanie, Jeff, Addicted, insom,Chaz, crossgirl, and others who right now at 7:30 am and NO coffee in my system, my brain can't think of, but you KNOW who you are! (not asking stevie anymore).

azred: did you say artificial booger? cause that's weird.

ref the boogers page, i just assumed everyone knows who i am. the world, after all, revolves around me.

on a not funny note, i mentioned the other day, on a stipper thread, my years in law enforcement, yesterday one of our deputies, and his k-9 partner, was killed by a suspect still at large. another officer was injured. my boy's father is a deputy, he's been onduty trying to find this freak. this is the first time i haven't been able to shelter my boys from the news of a death of a local officer and they are kinda freaked out. as is the whole town. please send good vibes, prayers, happy thoughts, fairy dust, whatever, lakeland's way.

Crossgirl,I read about that yesterday. My husband was in law enforcement for 20 years, so I know how scary this is for y'all. My prayers are with the family of this officer, and with you and yous.


Crossgirl, it's all over the news now, and they have a lockdown in Hillsborough County schools. My family and I are praying for a quick capture of this maniac.

Also, welcome to Azred and Packsaddle!!

Crossgirl, I dated a police officer for two years and was lucky enough to get to go with him on a ride-along. It was weird, scary and stressful. For any of you out there that are interested, I would highly recommend contacting your local police department to see if they allow such a thing. It will really open your eyes and the experience gives common people like us a better understanding and appreciation of what our law enforcement heroes have to deal with on a daily basis. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

crossgirl, I saw that on the news last night and this morning. My good thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends and your kids as well...

I hope they catch this murderer SOON.

Crossgirl, I'm so sorry that you know people involved in that horrible situation in Lakeland. I kept CNN on all afternoon to keep up with it; my granddaughter is in school in Orange County, so whenever something happens in Central Florida, I have this compulsion to watch tv coverage.

This man still hasn't been apprehended? We the kids in lockdown allowed to leave their schools yet? When I was visiting my daughter in February, my granddaughter's school went into lockdown because a boy reported that his older brother had taken a gun to school. Thank goodness A was on a field trip that day; when they returned to school, the principal met them outside and instructed the parents to take their kids home immediately or go inside and stay inside.

What is wrong with people???

*tossed "re" into "we" up there*

What is wrong with people???

rita, don't make me put on my preacher hat, this is a humor blog.

cg, my prayers are with you and yours, and with their families.

DavetheRed, thanks for welcoming azred and packsaddle, but you're not there either. Just sayin'. ;)

crossgirl-I'm sending good thoughts to Lakeland.

Re the article: Im not sure what it means, but I think I'm in favor of it.

YAY azred and packsaddle!!

thanks for all the love guys, the shooter was found, shot by a swat team and we can move on now.

Lisa, don't worry. I had no idea what I was reading so I stopped while I was ahead (something about fishing I think).

Hey, that's good news, crossgirl!

You know, I read that article all the way through, and the only objection I had to it was a lack of illustration of the spey manuever.

It's been 20 years or more since I last went fly fishing, but I used to really enjoy going out to an old favorite river with my Dad. It really was never about the fish, let me tell you...

(((Hugs Crossgirl)))

Many good vibes ur way

It aint abt the length either..it's how u use ur two hands...

Let Us Spey....

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