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September 13, 2006


But we have to blog pictures like this when the blog is away.

(Thanks to Wyo)


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Oh, judi. Surely you can do better than that!

Ha! thanks, judi.

well, I got what I deserve there, didn't I?

/leaves for prayer meeting, or mass, or somesuch

*snork* @ okie. Told ya.

wooo hoo! YAY Wyo! and YAY judi for posting it!!

I actually can't wait to see this movie! He is hysterical!!

Make sure Dave gets back soon!

Slightly off topic but important:
"Astronauts Lose Bolt In Space: Nuts O.K."

Did they use ducktape on their nuts??

Umm, please pass the eye bleach. Cruel, cruel Judi!

*snork* @ Siouxie

Cohen's representatives refused to allow him or his alter ego to respond to the controversy because it's not close enough to the film's release date.

Way to piss off a nation. They need some funny bone transplants I would think.

Maybe someone should point out to our fearless leaders that Kazakhstan has oil. Lots of oil. And more gas than Britney.

Just sayin'... might be the wrong folks to piss off.

Oh, please! If a foreign government were to take offense every time an American comedian took aim at their country, we'd be in deep sh!t. The president of Kasakhstan needs a funny bone transplant STAT.

Actually, he's a British comedian so I'm not sure why the Kazakhstan president isn't yelling at Blair. I guess we make a better target. I don't find Baron-Cohen all that funny (or attractive: Judi, you owe us some REAL eye candy for this one) but, yeah, we do have that freedom of speech thing. In the few serious articles I've read about him (where he actually talks "out-of-character") he comes across as very intellegent, which I would expect, considering he is the cousin of Simon Baron-Cohen, an international expert on autism.

The French wouldn't even be talking to us...

oh wait...

Darn, I AM at work - am I missing anything?

Wyo - how could you? I was expecting the classic judi 'eye candy' shot....and you give us this? I thought you were our friend.

yeah, wyo, you holding out on the good pics?

*joins the blog gals requesting better nekid men pictures*

I wonder if the hair on his body is real or glue on?
I would like the picture except for the yellow thing.

One word: WAX

(am I the only one who hopes wyo doesn't have any "good" pics?)

He has a better bod than I would have expected, even though I don't like him but he was really good in that Music video of Madonna's and it's interesting that Wyo sent it in and I think I'll end this sentence - NOW!

This picture reminds me of shopping at Victoria's Secret and seeing a rather large woman having a discussion with her equally large daughter. The daughter was considering a yellow thong dangling between her fingers and her mom was telling her, "oh, no, yellow's NOT your color!"

I think men with ample body hair are sexy. Am I the only one?

"oh, no, yellow's NOT your color!"

Lol - I can see that as a Gary Larson/Far Side drawing.

I was at the Grand Opening of a Victoria's Secret once that was so packed, a woman fainted. I have NEVER seen so many firemen rush to a rescue in my life. There must have been twenty of them, for a fainting victim!

Last laugh was on them - the woman who fainted was extremely beefy.

JEEZ! There should be a warning for shots like this. NOW ALL MY COWORKERS WILL THINK I AM GAY!

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