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September 29, 2006


Here's another one. This blog is way too lazy to register, but we have the basic elements of the story, which happen to be the three basic elements of a classical Greek tragedy: (1) A snake; (2) A toilet; (3) Canada.


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snakes on/in a toilet, aye?

Uh-oh. I wonder what mud has for us this time?

I didn't register either. We're a long way from Canada here.

My firewall says:

"Banned site: Canada"

smart firewall

B.C. man finds snake? did we find archeological evidence of this?

Or was it

Apparently, you have to be a paying subscriber to the dead-tree newpaper in order to read the dead-electron version.

Somebody needs to buy these idjits a clue...

OK for this one, I would vote for humane euthanization. I don't care if the snake is innocent.

Sioux, in that B.C., it's always the fat woman that finds the snake, (not a man) and then smashes it.

I've gotta check out for a while, I'll send a hitchin' update later.

The blog is making us work this A.M. Has ANYBODY actually jumped through the hoop and read the article?

If so, us un-registered blogits would appreciate a short synopsis.

leemedia-I didn't have to read it. My policy with snakes is always the same.

I was too lazy to register as well...

Wyo, just put the shotgun DOWN when the preacher starts!!! (it's sorta rude)

Good Luck Wyo Cowboy........

Has the big day finally arrived?..........

When I was but a mere tot
My own mother’s madness I wrought
for inside my diaper
a curious viper
She discovered and screamed then, a lot.

Bravo, mud! I admire your restraint...

No way I'm registering to read snake stuff. If there were rampartage to sort and compare, I'm on it, otherwise, the Canucks on on their own...

A few highlights:


Just before hitting the sheets early yesterday, he clicked on the lights in his bathroom only to find a snake the length of his arm curled up on his toilet seat.

[snip: police are dispatched]

One of the officers grabbed the snake, while the other bagged the slippery intruder in a nearby pillowcase.

Unsure of what to do next, the officers "Googled 'snake rescue,' and, sure enough, we found someone," Price said.

Enter Morgan York, who runs Snake in the Grass, a snake rescue education and adoption service in nearby Victoria.

The police dropped the snake off with York, who already has two of the reptiles living with her. She said the snake is likely a year and a half old.


The unlucky suite dweller can take cold comfort from York's prognosis about the ball python, which could have quite happily spent the warm summer as a fellow full-time resident out of sight.

"It could have been in that house for months."

(1) A snake; (2) A toilet; (3) Canada.

Might make for tragedy, but not for anagram..

"A man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama"

OW - that's a palindrome

that's not an anagram, that's a palindrome.

merely saying.

simul mind-meld, pogo.

good for you?

Any palindrome is by definition an anagram.

Picky, picky, picky.

Off Topic:

DaveThe Red makes 25.

...and to leemedia, yes the day has arrived for second son Charlie. I'm feeling kinda old.

Welcome DavetheRed!

I thought Ipswitch was a palindrome of Bolton!

Here's a copy of the story that doesn't require registration:

or try canada.com for more on the story. or google morgan york (and) snake (or you get an actress).

I think it's interesting that you're all talking about this. She's from humble beginnings here in Canada, shot to fame by a fumbling man who found a snake. I actually know her (lost touch, kind of) and didn't even know she was running a snake rescue until earlier this year.

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