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September 27, 2006


(Thanks to jazzzz)


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good thing I'm at home then

I am so proud. I am a Missouri loafer.

Bleh, my company already knows I surf a great deal. I make sure to copy them on the fun stuff I find. Fortunately, we don't punch time clocks. Plus, if they need to know how to do something while searching the web, who do you think they ask? Sure as New Jersey, not the IT people!

Hey, Ms. Wheezer: din't I see you in Steel Magnolias?

I think its only a matter of time before Ermis Sfakiyanudis and Alan Schunemann have their homes tp'd.

Workers blow an hour each day just surfing the Net.

Pikers. Sheesh. Quit bringing down the curve!

Oh. Hi, boss. See you guys later.

as a career computer geek, I'd like to point out that programs to track internet usage have been around ever since al gore invented the internet. howcum these guys are getting all the kudos for ruining our lives?

I have never update my myspace page at work. Just becuase it is on the other side of the firewall doesnt mean I would do it at work sheesh.

I hope I got the url right.

Only 2.4 hours.


"Some of our customers use it as a resource tool to allocate resources," Mr. Sfakiyanudis said.

Evidently this does not help Mr. Sfakiyanudis to reduce his redundancies.

Gee, could this be the means by which I'll finally be able to cry: FIRST??? oh, wait: if no one's in here to SEE me post first, there'd be no glory, right?


Well, goodbye to the blog readers!

only an hour? damn. i guess my 6.5 is making up for the rest of the staff working in the field, sans internet. they should really thank me.

*sniff* I AM somebody... Thank you, Thank you...I'm just glad to be here at the Marriott, I'll be here through Friday.

Uncar: I checked closely and you were definitely the First to post between 6:07 and 6:31.

To [groan] go back to an earlier post, who cares how many hours employees surf, when the work gets done? This late in the evening boss guy just hailed my cab and it will take hours to get done that needs to be ready tomorrow. It works both ways or it doesn't work at all. Look forward to dropping back in to see Blog progress as the Night Shift progresses.

E harmony.com Ad:
Looking for a man who has geekish proclivities
looks not important

E harmony.com Ad:
Looking for a man who has geekish proclivities
looks not important

If my boss were to install this, I'd have bigger worries than squirrels, let me tell you what!

OK, apart from the MF 3Harmony posts, and CH running and hiding, I at least got through the day. They're not ear worms if the walls are shaking, which is my solution to cranking out work. Surf's Up!

Cj... some weird window came up and I clicked again... Puhlease forgive me Bra

Cj... some weird squirrel fell out of the sky and I felt the need to run... Puhlease forgive me Bra

"Johnson, with this new technology, I'll be keeping my eye on your so-called 'blogging' and I'll expect your productivity to triple, and futhermore..."

"How's your new farming endeavours going?"

"...no more MySpace and...pardon?"

"I was lunching with the IT folks, and we're all fascinated by your frequent visits to PrurientGoats.com"

"Right. Um, so how's your MySpace account coming along?"

"Nicely sir. You should stop by some time."

"Will do."

*Snork* at Fed

oh sh#@#^!$....

who spends only an hour on line during the work day? erm, I mean: Shame on those people!!

(I'm going to have to start delivering more bribe...erm, baked goods to the IT department)

We like brownies. And coffee cake. Peanut butter cookies are good, too.

Good thing *I* am the IT department huh??? *eg*

Today's selection, for the early meeting, was Entennman's [sp?] mixed donut box [yuch, but some people like 'em] and raspberry coffee cheesecake. Tomorrow's will be a box of cheesy peanut butter crackers and a bag of Ch3x Mix Cheddar. When I came in the office this morning, my Boss was already there, first time in history. He saw me carrying the treats and asked 'what'd that set you back.' I told him and he asked 'you want $8?' digging in his pocket. It was nice to be able to quote a Blogism, 'not so much.' Feed the masses and work karma will be your friend.

Yike -- I just checked out eTelemetry's site. Their technology is passive -- meaning I can't disable the software agent on my PC, tunnel to my home PC and surf undetected. I won't be showing this technology to my boss!

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