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September 27, 2006


It's fraught with peril.

(Thanks again to Lee "Gainfully Employed? You Betcha!" Allen)


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"Flight 634 for Hell will be departing from gate 5..."

I thought Dave was older than 20...and is this a sign that the Secret failed in midflight?

It goes without saying that Vomiting In the Aisle WBAGNFARB

"...he had been behaving strangely."

Whoa. This dude? Who would have thought?

I guess that efforts to overcome the stereotype (get it - iPod - stereotype - nevermind) about Japanese and cleanliness just took a kidney punch.

You've got to figure the smell is going to be baaaaaaaad if you are sitting next to a llama from Peru.

They denied boarding the Japanese man? I'm here to tell ya folks, NEVER deny boarding a Japanese man. I board Japanese men EVERY chance I get. See what happens when you don't board em? I tell you, the EXPECT to be boarded!

Oops, someone stole my "Y"

Gumball, casey? :-D

He then poured perfume on the man, poured water on himself and vomited in the aisle, authorities said.

I was with him up until that line. There are no words.

Oh. Lima, Peru.

Those responsible for the previous post have been sacked.

"...vomited in the aisle."

A bad sign at weddings.

Throwing rice: Thumbs up.
Blowing chunks: Not so much.

Regarding blowing chunks at a wedding: Never, EVER trust a Russian who tells you that Russian vodka is so pure that it won't make you sick. He's lying through his teeth, even if he is your new brother-in-law's father.

That is all.

And just how did the Japanese guy get on the plane with perfume?

My wife's brother claimes that I was talking to Ralph the Wonder Llama at his (my BIL, not Ralph's) wedding. I asked him if he has video and can proove it, because I certainly DO NOT remember anything like that.

lol, ch. Is it in the video?

Oops, someone stole my "Y"

Now how did that double post happen that many minutes apart? I'm so confused. I'll take two gumballs to go please.

Alright, who's the Y's guy?

Dear God, I hope not, stevie.

DPC - did he talk back? Because if he did, they'd have to believe you!

traveling IN Miami is fraught with peril too...lest us not forget that fact

atleast it doesnt SMELL here...ya, know, like New Jersey

"Authorities said American Airlines denied boarding the Japanese man a day earlier because he had been behaving strangely"

Thank GOODNESS they gave him that extra day to get his act together!

And flying for 6 hours with the smell of vomit, perfume and Peruvians permiating the plane is my idea of NOT FUN.

The moose wrote better credits than did the llamas.

Just sayin'.

Speaking of llamas, here's the Llama song

Depends on where you stand downwind from, Chaz...

Coral Gables - smells purty

Little Havana - no so mucho

My BIL has not yet produced a video with me on it talking to Ralph. And I really don't remember Ralph at the reception at all. So as it stand now it's my word agains his. Ralph has not gotten involved in the debate.

Just because you were *most likely* drunk as a skunk and the fact that Llamas can't talk is no reason for your family to not believe you!

Caution: Do not click on Lee's Llama Song link.

*infected with ear worm*

It's gonna be a long afternoon, now. Thanks for nothin' lee!

The moose were also involved in better movies, like "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink". But then again, you HAVE to hire BJØRN IRKESTØM-SLATER WALKER to wipe the mooses noses.

You do, however, have to give credit to the 142 Mexican Whooping Llams.

I can post the Hoff link so you can get rid of the earworm if you want.

Thanks anyway, JoG.

*hums llama llama duck*

*WARNING* This is a Hasselhoff video for the purpose of getting rid of other earworms. *WARNING*

Hooked on a feeling.

*WARNING* This is a Hasselhoff video for the purpose of getting rid of other earworms. *WARNING*

I didn't know airplanes didn't board people who acted strangely. How the hell does my boss go on business trips?

Maybe the strange smelling guy was Dave wearing his girly "Secret" deordorant.

Try this to kill the previous earworms.

so llama's 'bean' stinking up a plane? "Alpaca" suitcase now!

Yep! That Hoff video did it. Do ya think he thought all that crap stuff up?

Siouxie I live downtown...so I go thru bad and good smells...to get to my "depends on the day" smelling area

upwind or downwind from Camillus house....that is the question

*repeats to self*



*looks for the padded room again*

Juggler, the hasselhoff thing would be embarrassing if the special effects weren't soooo good. The angels landing on top of the wiener dogs was tremendous. I haven't seen anything like that since Flash Gordon!

Another airsick bag not utilized... tsk, tsk, tsk!

Rama llama ding dong, Rama llama ding dong (from that 60's song)

For the record, I did post a warning before and after the link. I didn't hide it this time.

Today's Helpful Hint:

If you are in a plane or other enclosed area, and you experience a bad smell, do not attempt to remedy the situation by throwing up. It won't help.

That is all.

Well then whatever you do, don't go here.


Ok I am going to attempt to the actual link. Don't laugh it makes me nervous.



What a difference a day makes. What would the 56 year old Japanese man had done if he had been given another 24 hours? Maybe more perfume and less vomitting?

lol, beth.

Flew in from Miami Beach, B.O. not me
Ipod earbuds on my head
Crazy Japanese guy sitting next to me
Elbows me right in the chest

He's packin' the juice, yes you are
You don't know how rucky you are, boy
Packin' the juice yes
Packin' the juice yes
Packin' the juice, yes you are

Lima hey so long, hello Miami-Dade
Gee, it's good to be back home
Can't believe the mucky mess that nut-job made
Crap-cam pic with my cellphone

He's packin' the juice, yes you are
You don't know how rucky you are, boy
Packin' the juice, yes you are.

Well, the vomit stench really knocked me out
Right onto my behind
And then he gave me a liberal douse
Of Chanel Number Five Five Five Five Five Five Five Five Five Five Five

Oh, show me down the aisle straight to the F.B.I.
Let me swear out my complaint
Mr. Rising Sun is either drunk or high
Sober is one thing he ain't

He's packin' the juice, yes you are
You don't know how rucky you are, boy
Packin' the juice yes
Packin' the juice yes
Packin' the juice, yes you are

awesome! stevie...

We've had the Beach Boys and the Beatles all in one day...I'm in heaven!

Ty, sxi. you're referring, of course, to meanie's xlnt offering about California squirrels on the squirrel board. As I'm sure you know, though the Beatles' "Back in the USSR" takes its title from Chuck Berry's "Back in the USA," the song's bridge is a parody of the Beach Boys' "California Girls."

yes I was referring to Meanie's Beach Boys parody (which I applauded back there as well)...and yes I do know that Back in the USSR is their own little parody to the Boys'...

I'm sure it was John's idea...

My money's on Paul for that one.

I dunno, John always struck me as the joker and the one that would most likely do something like that...being the rebel and all.

btw, stevie...I found that song (For What it's Worth) on U-tube and posted a link to the clip...

you were right - I did know :-)

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