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September 11, 2006


Not that there's anything wrong with it.


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nice ass....

tooo many animals, not enuff time

crossgirl - Oh, yeah! Same to you lady!

I gnu that ...

"did you bring protection?"

"don't need it. i'm an a$$, remember?"

*snork @ crossgirl, good one

Horses Are From Mars; Mules Are From Venus.

Finally, an organization dedicated to the different sizes and shapes of asses, and 'other equines'.

It says you don't have to have an @ss to join???

Maybe you have to be an @ss...

Torn between two lovers/
Actin' like a goof/
I want someone's hand in mine/
But all I get is hoof...

"At most meetings, Lane said, they try to have a speaker.

so far, no one has been able to find a talking mule but mr. ed has given them a reason to never give up.

what about frances the talking mule?

He was just talking out his @ss

might as well talk about @sses, huh?

I just glanced at the title, and figured that "El Defensor Cheiftain" was going to be a political jab at someone in the current administration! Maybe a new nickname for Rumsfeld?

"donkey lovers association"

Doesn't this already exist?



I went to college in Socorro at NMT and I own a home there...talk about making NM look like hill billy country...sheesh

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