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September 29, 2006


Hamster on a Plane

(Thanks to Mary K. Gibbons)

UPDATE (thanks to Gretchen DeJarnett): What the hell is going on?


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First! Now it's hampsters. Very scary.

Gee, my gay brother shoulda been on that flight....HE woulda known how to contain it!

Jerry Penacolli and the Terrorist Hampsters

Did I mangle Jerry's name?

Comment UPDATE:

Now, being an amateur "Odor Theorist", I'm sure I could discern which breed of mouse it was by the smell it left in my oxygen mask.
*snif, snif*

I'd say it's an Atlantic Fusilage Mouse. Yessir.

*eeew, I hope that was a raisin that went up my nose*

As serious and disturbing as this news is, we know someone's going to make the connection if we don't. So here goes: Maybe this whole thing could have been prevented if they had some Snakes on a Plane.

snork @ the reporter

Hamsters; mice. Can squirrels be far behind?

Yaaaaaaaaaay!! My first posting! Hallelujah, I'm finally a bloglit. And to think, it only took 10 tries.
In my acceptance speech, I'd like to thank, well, y'all for making me think this way. Now I can't read the news like a "normal" person anymore.

(Beams with pride)

WTG MareBear!

We shouldn't take this hamster thing too litely.... I mean really.

Just giving terrorist yet another idea. Just when you could take your liquids back on a plane, your hamsters are grounded.


By the way, I did not italicize that on purpose. The only way I could italicize anything would be not on purposefully.

*zips in*

Welcome MareBear!

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been blurking, and anything else you think our twisted inquisitive minds would be interested in. :)

Um, Eleanor. A Congressman from Florida just resigned today because he got caught asking similar questions to a teenage boy. Careful.

(More here...)

welcome Mare!

and Hamsters have always scared me. they look just a little TOO innocent, IYKWIM.

TSA Guy: "Are you carrying any tweezers, scissors, liquids, deodorant, small rodents?"

Hamster cross the water
Hamster cross the sky...

"Hi, I wanted to know if I could sue the airlines when I find a small roach in my peach dessert in the airplane. I told them they just replaced my desert. Is it possible to sue them?" She got peach dessert!!! What airlines..all I ever get are three dime size hard chocolate chip cookies..

Believe me, I have flown with some rodents myself.

stevie, another great Beatles' tune!

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