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September 26, 2006



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That is possibly the most frightening thing I have ever heard.

Oh, my lord, help me!

The Crazy Train is pickin' up speed....

Hahahahaha! FIRST!

OMG, a quadruple simulfirst!

I would have thought that Dog had better taste than that. Sadly, no.

Nurse Tammy is showing off her yoga moves, too, I see. ;-)

You know, I don't think I've ever had a simulpost before, now to have had one with myself... I must be MUCH more flexible than I had imagined.

"I'm not doing it for the ratings, believe me," he claims. "I want to have a guy with me when I arrest somebody so I can tell them, "Listen, the day that you meet Ozzy Osbourne, you can change your life and quit doing that stuff."

Makes sense to me and Norbert.

I say we pair up the DAWG with THIS musician. That should be sufficient torture to lure the criminals outta hiding.

*on the speaker* Oh Mandy...


Siouxie, it's moments like that which are why man invented the shotgun. Just walk around the office, calmly blowing great big ragged 12-gauge holes in all of the overhead speakers, and they'll get the message; you'll never have to listen to Manilow there again.

I'm sharing this advice with you out of my appreciation for your sharing that FOUL, TERRIBLE, HORRIFIC earworm with me at this early hour of the day.

Siouxie, why would you do that to your fellow bloggers?

(Nice try).

CH: Try "Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix - should take care of that earwig for ya.

Earworm, indeed. And his face leers at me from countless taxis here in Vegas. Ugly combo.

I personally favor the flamethrower approach over the 12-gauge.

*hangs head in shame*

so sowwry ....

Gotta say, I'm not familiar with that one. I've been hiding out in the "Hotel California," by the Eagles.

Meanie, unlike SOME people...I did sorta kinda warn as to what the link was...hmm???

Caveat cliktor, Siouxie. :-D

(Rolls eyes) Kids! These kids these days! What are they teaching the kids? Well, sonny, let me suggest that you find and download that song into your ipod or efrog or noo-noo-boo-boo or whateveryoucall'em and listen to it with those headphones the size of split pea and hey, pull up those pants, mister! Nobody wants to see you underwear around here.

CH, you have to stop using those foreign words to describe the female parts...sheesh...show off!

Now if we can get Ozzy and Dog and they arrest Willie Nelson, then you have celebrities on all sides of the picture. j/k

yeah. i heard they were going to be collaborating to write doctoral dissertations in microbiology.

Sheesh, do some people have their minds in the gutter, or what?

Anyhow, caveat is usually the last thing on my mind when presented with female parts...

As someone at this blog is known to say, WHAT NO PICTURES?

Well, I'll have to wait until I get home, mud, as I left my iPod there this morning. :-( But I did find the track, so I will be able to find it later on.

Of Dog and Ozzy, Meanie? Do you really want to see that?

I was thinking more along the lines of some nice caveatage.

"If anybody could get criminals to listen, it would be Ozzy Osbourne, claims Duane "Dog" Chapman."

Yeah they'll listen they just won't understand what he's telling them.



"Mr.Osborne thanks you for allowing him to ride along with you."

"No problem. Now this guy is a known dope dealer."



"Mr. Osborne seems confused as to your part in the process, Mr. Dog, sir."

Hey at least he's not teaming of with Barry Manilow.

Now, meanie. This is a family blog, and there are many, many, many sites out there already devoted to caveatage.

Off topic warning***

I got my "talk like a pirate day" T-shirts for my wife and I. yay!!

Do tell, CH. I had no idea!

CVome to think of it, Barry Manilow could be quite an effective Bounty Hunter.

yah, no one said this...Now DOG can BARK AT THE MOON!

Dave red...where?

Edgar, whatever you do, do NOT click on the link on my 10:10 post...

We kinda have the same idea ;)

http://www.cafepress.com/buy/talk like a pirate day/-/cfpt2_/x_14/cfpt_/source_searchBox/copt_/y_15

sorry I am not sure how to do the "link thing" chaz

Everyone will probably think less of me now, but I love Ozzy! He's so funny!

Does this deal go both ways? Will Duane get to bite the head off of a bat in one of Ozzy's videos?

Dawg & Ozzy
Dawg & Dave Barry
Dawg & The Blog Goddess Judi
Dawg & The Rock Bottom Reminders (and a bus)
Dawg & ????

Keep this up we can fill the entire season.

... any one find my TM-thingie, please send it home?

Duane will be at OzzFest looking for fellons

Shouldn't he just bring a bus... or five?

DavetheRed's linky thingie.

Has anyone else noticed the comment counter is off? It says there have been five comments on this topic so I got excited thinking I would be getting in on a discussion early and there's like a gazillion comments....

It's probably a result of global warming. Or squirrels....

Whoa! As soon as I posted that they fixed it. That's scary....

It's got some sort of a bug, Superman - it keeps bouncing back and forth between being correct, reflecting a number that is some multiple (divisor?) of the correct count. :-/

Well crap, CH! I was thinking I had fixed it by pointing it out and was all set to post something like, "I wish Paris Hilton would just move to France forever!" to see if it would work again....


.enif s'gnihtyrevE .yrrow t'noD

Ok, MB, now you're just freaking with my head...

I need to increase my medication.

e   ★     W
      ‡   h

Thanks CH! for the linky thingie, I got one of the one's that says talk like a pirate day and has the skull and crossbones on it sort of cartoony looking

"Anyhow, caveat is usually the last thing on my mind when presented with female parts..."

More of a carpe situation, eh CH?

ch- i've hit 'refresh' and the count goes back to normal, but why it gets stuck in the first place, i dunno...

Yes, KC, though I usually need to resist that urge... gets me in trouble every time.

meanie - you'll love this limerick:

تهدد جنوب لبنان الأمم المتحدة
تقول إن أكثر من مليون
قنبلة عنقودية
ألقتها إسرائيل
على جنوب لبنان أثناء حربها ضد حزب الله

I would SO watch this show. Dog and Ozzy were my favorite "reality" shows anyway. Best TV ever!!!!!

wow stevie! coool! I can read it if I hold my laptop in front of a mirror...

Stevie, I have to admit it - I don't get it. How are UN allegations of Israel's use of cluster bombs in southern Lebanon a limeric?

Det var en ung dam ifrån Gränna
som stjärten så hårt kunde spänna
att hon i detta hål
kunde strypa en ål
och till och med vässa en penna

Now, that's a limerick!

Well ya'll are just showing off!

La cucaracha, la cucaracha,
Ya no puede caminar;
Porque no tiene, porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar.

THERE!! pffft!

Pfffttt yourself!

><///////////~~~ , para ti.

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