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September 26, 2006


(Thanks to Rand)

Oh yes, we're aware, all right.


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I'm aware that the squirrels outside of my office window are looking at me funny again.

But not as aware as these people:


I love the first one in the photo section.

Linky thing...

A squirrel accidentally electrocuted itself at the south Greenwood Street substation, causing a three-hour power outage that began at 9:19 a.m. in Spring Valley.

Now they're conducting suicide missions...be AFRAID...be VERY AFRAID!!!

*hides under desk*

I had a squirrel commit suicide this way just down the street a few years back. Blew the skin right off his front leg. My daughter was fascinated...


Thanks for the linky CH.

Hey, at least I didn't describe how his eyeballs were blown right out of their sockets! Now, that would have been gross!

were they oozing eyeball goo???

hmm...Oozing Eyeball Goo wbaPRETTYgoodnfaGOTHband

No problem, ubetcha - I'm so lazy that it's literally easier for me to creat a link and post it, where I can then right-click on it and open it in a new window, than to launch a new browser window and then copy-and-paste the URL into it.

Too, I tend to forget what I was doing when the news headlines pop up in the new browser, as I've customized my default home.

Making a link is super-easy: <a href="http://www.website.com/page.htm">linked words</a>

No, Siouxie, they were just GONE... bloody little squirrel eye sockets. He was pretty well cooked, too - must have hung on for a moment or two after completing the circuit.

Only killed power to the neighborhood, though, so he didn't even make the blog. Poor little bugger.


That was no terrorist; that was a tragically depressed squirrel, left totally without self-esteem because of what he read on this blog.

Cooking Squirrels in the Dark with Gas would be a good name for something.

This is not a children's book, so you probably will want to read it with an adult.

Well, it is about squirrels, but you have to wonder what horrors are documented that require an 'R' rating.

More squirrel attacks:


Wow. How could I have not known about this all these years!?

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