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September 20, 2006


(Thanks to Mike A., who says, "I'm no referee, but I think this guy was fouled.")



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first to say EW!

no, he just tried to make a sexist comment on this blog.

This is your body. This is your body playing basketball. Any questions?

Icky. This exhibit is in the Twin Cities as we speak, and there are ads all over the place for it. One of the worst is on the main newspaper's websit which shows a close-up on a set of eyeballs, then the camera zooms out and you see his whole head, er, face. It's on every single article. I'm also glad they cropped the picture where they did because I'm pretty sure this is one of the anatomically correct models and that might make this require a Warning.

*snork* at Just Ducky
See, this is why I don't play any kind of sport except leaping to conclusions and raising my eyebrows.

Think how hip this guy would look in the right pair of shades!

Wyo - you're just jealous that he still has one ball left.

My daughter went to see this when it was in our area - science class field trip. She reported back that most of what was on display were "reproductive structures".

DPC - see, that's why more schools need a dress code. Too many 'reproductive structures' hanging out.

Besides that, what did she think of the field trip?

She thought that the whole bodies were "cool". Some of the other structures were "neat", but after the third or fourth set of gametes, she was "bored".

"Oh look, another uterus."


slyeyes - don't faint. How do you think they got the guy in the picture? He certainly wasn't conscious.

DPC, I hate when I find myself saying that.

At the time the class went, she was 14 and wanted to be a forensic anthropologist when she grew up. The exhibit had nothing to do with her changing her career plans to now becoming a high school psychologist.

It did affect my decision to leave my body to science.

CJran - como fue la cita?

CJ - I only say that when they've been soaked in plastisizer.

And / or they are from dead people.

I don't care WHAT this blog says...it takes GUTS to pose for a photo like that.

I see dead people...playing basketball.

Wyo - you're just jealous that he still has one ball left.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 08:18 PM on September 20, 2006

wow, that one was...
below the belt
so to speak.

clever, but mean. Just the way a woman oughta be.

*snorks* @ Esther. Annie, I changed my blog name to indicate an early exit, but made a comment on the panda thread. It wierd but not awful. To which we all should aspire!

*opens one eye*

SuzyQ isn't here, is she. Generally when I faint, she throws a glass of wine in my face.


Guess I have to get my own wine.

I popped the cork on a pretty nice bottle of riesling this evening. Good enough?

*realizes she still HAS wine in the fridge, races in and throws it in slyeyes' face*

The "Clay Aiken": Jack Daniels, a dash of Sour Apple Pucker, apple juice and sweet tea, shaken with a pinch of cracked black pepper and cinnamon. Serve on the rocks in a pint glass. Garnish with fresh, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples on a sparkly fruit pick.

Is this too fruity for you, sly?

*throws a 'was' up there*

I left the 'one ball left' alone until Wyo saw it, but that was hilarious!

The whole body to science thing does bug me. I refused to go see this when it was here, having spent way too much time around that stuff. I know there's a theoretical educational purpose, but, to me, it is sliding down the expolitation slope. I used to teach Human Anatomy and I encouraged the students to personalize the, ahem, subjects, to keep them from wandering down the paths towards practical jokes. I love practical jokes, but these folks don't have the opportunity to laugh it off!

"White cadavers can't decompose!"

Thanks, all. I think I'm adequately pickled now.

*glances at basketball player*

Oops, I think I'd better get out of here.

I would just like to say that I can really connect with the spirit of this exhibit. That is EXACTLY how I feel when I play basketball.

*Esther hobbles off court to find reading glasses, geritol, and depends undergarments**

He still makes more foul shots than Shaq.
(and when it comes to Wyo, so do I.)
CJ - the 'ran' prompted me to ask. I will go check out that thread, thanks.

"Seattle Party Girl In Black Dress Grooves Into the Wee Hours, Eviscerates Competition"


Now there's a vocab word you don't see in casual conversation very often.

KDF, Brilliant! I think that may even be a tall Guiness in her hand.

DPC, only allowed during cadaver palaver.

I could never get the hang of necromancy. Could you pontificate parapatetically? (I hope I spelled all of that rite.)


That is all.

How much does it pay to pose people who've "passed"?

So nobody told this guy the game ended? Cruel.

Looks like he passed more than Kobe ever did.

Good one, Red. FYI, I believe I'm correct that this exhibit started in Jacksonville, then moved to Tampa. It has been huge. I was visiting some friends over the weekend and they told me about having gone and what the crowds were like. It's getting people in the doors.

OK..I've been gone all day and I know you've all missed me :-) I've miss you too!

Hated to not be here for that kinky alphabet thread...but you all did a great job 'spelling' it out...

*snork* @ Meanie LMAO that was great...

CJ - it's been out here, too. Those zombies really get around.

I was hoping Banksy would redecorate them for TLAPD. Maybe put a sportslocker behind this b'ball guy, with "Davy Jones" written on it.

Ahhhhh! OK, that's just me after living with the billboards and the advertising for the last couple of years! OK, Davy Jones was funny, but, I'm not allowed to look at this thread anymore.


"Do you like Reisling?"

"I don't know-- I've never Reisled."

James Naismith would be rolling over in his grave. Wait -- that IS James Naismith!


I was gonna comment on that chick in her little black dress too. Judging from her pose, she must be looking at a body doing something musical. Decomposing maybe.

Muscle, muscle man
I wanna be a muscle man...

ok..NOW I got an earwig...GET IT OUT!!!

Gee, thanks, Siouxie!

*heads toward the stairs to go to bed, humming, then stops and repeatedly bashes forehead soundly against living room wall, trying unsuccessfully to remove earwig*

lol, sxi.

Guess his Lakers coffin is taking a long time to build.

lol, stevie...I dunno..with a little makeup...some hair plugs...he may not be too bad for a decomposing corpse...hell I've dated worse!

and so sorry Ducky :)

btw...I think he's got that guy beat with the whole eye-popping thing going on...

He has no excuse if he misses that shot. He's so wide open.

lol yuckie but good!

I don't know basketball enough for more puns but I'd hate to see him dribble his ball...NOT a good visual.

Jacksonville? It was here in Jacksonville? I guess I missed it!

I'm off to bed...dream of this chunk of a man...

He looks like the kind who engages in trash talk: "You want a piece of ME??!!"

I seem to remember reading (And I swear I am making this up)! where this particular basketball-playing body came from.

The donor used to work for Los Almos Research Center, where he stress-tested airplane components against bird impacts ("birdstrikes") by firing frozen chickens out of a large tube at very high speeds, using compressed air as a propellant.

The man was killed when the gun accidently discharged, striking him with a 7 pound pullet-surprise.

You mean you've never heard of a fowl shot?

yeah, stevie...just one of those guys that are just rotten to the bone!

gotta love those bad boys :)

Sweet dreams to all...

stevie w & p'boy - you're killin' me!

Doctor:We have good news, and we have bad news.
Patient: What's the good news?
Doctor: Your operation was a success.
Patient: What's the bad news?
Doctor: You're dead.
Patient: Ok, but will I be able to play basketball again?
Doctor:Absolutely. Why, people will even pay to see you play.

"You mean you've never heard of a fowl shot?"

The other guy was goal tendon, pretty sure.

That makes him a pro. Well, he's prettier than most of those NBA guys.

The exhibit was a sellout. I had to get my tickets from a scalper.

Bullet-in! Bullet-in! Bullet-in!
The guy died when his pun misfired.

Butt at least you didn't have to sit in the back and take a lot of ribbing. The nerve!

Annie, I've got a bone to pick with you.

Eye've been Kneeding to assk you abowellt thumbthing.

Face it, Wyo - don't make me use my pun-gun on you. Tibia honest, I'm armed with an earworm.

Water travels in a cycle yes it does!


You sure know how to hurt a guy.

*plugs ears and desperatly belts out,
"at the Copa, Copa Cabana..."

and if manilow don't work, I'll pull out a snake link.

*retires for the evening, singing, "but just who shot who? at the Copa..."*

Hey, I was just thinking about Senor Winces last night.

Alrighty then. Be sinew.

kibby woke up one morning feeling allot like this.

... it wasn't fun.

Dexter's had a little work done, yes he did
Dexter's had a little work done, yes he did
you know he's been dipped in plastic
and don't he look fantastic?
tho' his face-lift was a little drastic, yes it was

This guy initially wanted to be part of the mounted posse, but changed his mind.

He didn't have the guts.

I'm will to be bet he is "skins" and not "shirts"

Of corpse you are right, Chaz. He also skipped the team dinner, claiming he felt a little stuffed.

(Hey, some body had to say it!)

Snork @ PB

I'll ne a plled muscle never kept him and his team out of the finals.....

a lil D Wade / Heat reference

I'll also bet a pulled muscle...

boy I am of on typing this morning...more than ususal

OK, this whole anorexia thing has got to stop!!! These young athletes starving themselves to look like super models, it's just wrong.

I always thought it was "No Blood, No Foul"

This exhibit was in Tampa a few months ago. It was amazing. If you have the opportunity, check it out! You get to see everything, which is both good and bad...

"White cadavers can't decompose!"

You know he's white because he's into the two-hand set shot.

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