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September 29, 2006


Here's a productivity enhamster. This blog cannot figure out how to line the hamster up with the pillow, so our hamsters keep splatting to the ground. This is fine with us.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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Damn Firewall!!!!!!

Oh, I was supposed to be working?

anyone figure out how this works?

not yet

my kids were playing this the other day. they suck at it too.

I got one hamster 40 feet, but the rest went down like lead.

I just kept clicking on the pillow. The hamsters jump up by themselves.

click once to prep the hamster, on the next click, you control the pillow. When the hamster's hit, click and hold to prolong flight. or so it seems.

Since I can't launch hampsters, I'll just amuse myself by doing the *First* Dance.

"prep the hamster"


No I won't.

Not with a ten hundreddy foot pole.

can't do better than 66 ft.

I rather enjoyed the splatting, myself, but finally figured out that you need to click the mouse a second time when the hamster falls back down to pillow height. The pillow whacks him from the side and sends him flying to the right of the screen, on an amazing and treacherous journey, which always ends with a splat even more satisfying than the pillowless one. Best of both worlds, really.

It's hard to be a hamster.

show off

hamster dance

I like the way the hampsters get so excited about going 0 metres. Whee!

Sorry, this blogger should be working so I don't have time to register BUT... I did have time to get a hampster 113ft. Then again, what do you expect, I ranked 47% nerd.

Oh sorry 0 ft. I just assumed that as it was French...

longest hamster flight 56ft! i just hate the way their little arms pinwheel when they're heading down.

OK, I got a total of 147 ft and I'm quitting while I'm ahead.

(One hamster went 123 ft and for a short distance was encased in a little pink hamster ball. It was exciting!)

i'm up to 87ft! i so need to get a life.

was encased in a little pink hamster ball
Quick!! Call Jerry!

DPC-I haven't been paying close attention the last few days. Someday you'll have to tell me who Jerry is.

Like most of the blogits I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either..........

LBFF - read the first few comments to this thread, and then look for Jerry in the last paragraph of this first section.

295 FEET! Whew, my little hamster arms are tired.

Totalled 204 feet and 0 work done. The way Fridays were meant to be.

i'm lame-o at it too. but its funny to watch.

297ft for 5 hamsters. There is so much I should be doing right now but watching hamsters break atmo and not burn to hamster dust but instead freak out because they know they will hit the ground is way more better


You gotta click on the hamster right before it lines up with the pillow and then click it to make it rise higher and click it to make it jump over the fire crackers and keep clicking as long as you can and then stop and let it fall back to earth----I mean, I didn't play that stupid game. I have no idea how it works.

157 feet for 5 hamsters. One of those went for 135 feet, but I wasn't able to repeat the feat.

thus far, my personal record is still holding at 0 feet.

but, i'm okay with that.

crossgirl, shouldn't you be, ummmm, making crosses or something?

Today just got a whole lot better.

Haven't even tried the game yet -- I'm still cracking up over "productivity enhamster."

I am simple and easily amused.

look - Dave's in the news

hey pack, if i could gather enough of those hamsters, they'd make a lovely furry cross.

OK, my stomach hurts from trying to laugh silently as I watch the hamsters splat on the ground......

I finally got one to go 15 feet on my last hamster of my third game......

almost crying here.....

speaking of christmas,

what do you get for that PETA employee who has everything?

a furry cross!

Ok, I finally figured it out.... All I'm going to say is that it appears better not to loft your hamster too high or he leaves a crater when he lands....
He still seems happy, however.... Gleefully so....
How disturbing....

I also like how the pillow-launcher gets knocked over each time by the recoil....

Still recovring from too much silent snorking.

SEE? - the silent snorking has caused a lack of oxygen to affect my brain and cause me to leave out "e"s from words.

furry crosses? i guarantee mother-in-laws just love them. really. stock up now!

My grandmother has a cross. we put flowers on it a couple of times a year. It's not furry.

Post wedding report:
they both did.

My best was 40 feet. Oh, well.

326! And suddenly after that, I keep missing the stupid pillow... I think I need more coffee.

One hamster:151 feet
Best for 5: 471 feet

326! with one going 121! My productivity has been very enhanced today thank you Dave

Belated *snork* and congrats @ Wyo!

Belated *snork* @ productivity enhamster.

Congrats Wyo.

Thanks, all.

Ladies and gentlemen.

639 ft. for five, including one lucky flight of 302 feet. Gotta watch that trajectory. Thank you.

Now I'm gonna go in the corner and chew up some cardboard.

"Ian Woollard" ~ "I won a dollar!"

Wyo, you started it. Pull your chair over by the fire [I know it's cold out there] and enjoy an unusual book. High bandwidth cartoon for a high bandwidth memoir. The world is safe from all launches, except those of hamsters....

Hamsters have to fly this way because they are no longer allowed on planes.

I got one of them to go 140ft. Don't ask about the others.

*snork* @ "productivity enhamster!"

Having been a hamster owner at different times in my life, I do not feel like having PETA monitor my computor, due to the sedition act, which is in section 34444 of the Patriot Act, which says, if you torture any animals, or even assit in the torture of animals, you can be prosecuted.

The music was cool.


"639 ft. for five, including one lucky flight of 302 feet."

Really? That's hot.

I put the (French) description of the game into Babel Fish. Here's what I got:

With the manner of the yeti sports, the longest distance, for that you help your team of hamsters to reach can help yourselves of the many no-claims bonus all while trying to go possible further while agitating your legs.


358ft on a single flight, for a grand total of 803ft for 5. (How'd you spend your saturday?)

Ok...I've decided that I suck at this but I do enjoy watching the little critters SPLAT...so it's all good!

540 on one flight. 1279 for all five. Martini's help. And I need to get out more.

176 feet for one hamster! And he seems to have survived causing a crater in the ground.

"I put the (French) description of the game into Babel Fish. Here's what I got:

With the manner of the yeti sports, the longest distance, for that you help your team of hamsters to reach can help yourselves of the many no-claims bonus all while trying to go possible further while agitating your legs.

Here's an example of 'yetisports'; basically hitting a penguin with a yeti, http://gprime.net/game/ylympics/

Bones - I hate you for all the life I lost trying to beat your score. Nah, joking - it is fun to fly a hamster around. Plus I have no life, so no loss really.

I just got 892 for 5 including one for 354.

Now I have to hate Matt for all those martinis I'm about to drink.

1226 for 5 with a 414

whoa, Using a yellow ball one hampster bounced all the way up into space.

1024 feet on a single hamster. 2617 for 5. My friend and I have been battling and rotting our minds, and this is what I've produced...frightening

Anyone know what the difference between the yellow and the pink balls is?

i'm glad i've found you. for the past week, i thought i was the only one. this damn game has consumed me! my four year old found it accidentally and i was looking over her shoulder when i heard the music. after i saw the first hamster launch and make a crater, i was hooked.

longest single flight: 286
best score for five: 532

help. i just wanted to play one or two games before getting ready for work (hour ago). now i'm still in my robe and googling for "flight of the hamster" tips and tricks. this is not good.

per hamster record: 431 feet....total game records: 803 and 898 feet, both in the same day even...i was pretty proud of myself :)

and yes, i am addicted to the game...i can't stop :)



gl, hf!

1916 FT Total

how do you use the skateboard?

Well my personal best is 816st in a single flight with all five 1190ft. Yellow vs pink ball, yellow has more bounce than the yellow. As for the skate board you have to have a perfect landing they type that you skide for awhile if you have a skate board it will have you roll a few extra feet.

my best on 1 hamster is 1356 and my high score is 2060

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