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September 29, 2006


Just stay the hell out of Idaho, is our advice.

(Thanks to Brian Davidson)


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Ahh, just for the record, Dave - you never really had to warn me to stay out of Idaho. It has always just been a given.

i live in idaho-- hey mr. barry- you got a guest bedroom or something?

It's like a Stephen King movie. The Slithering

I guess potatoes need fertilizer from somewhere...

i'll stick with instant mashed potatoes, i guess...

I don't know why these folks are so surprised. Both of these houses are located in the Snake River Valley. What did they expect? At least they aren't rattlesnakes (we have lots of those, too). Maybe we should have put a snake on the new Idaho quarter instead of a falcon (I still think they should have used a potato).

Dave - Does this mean you're never coming back to Sun Valley? That would be a shame.

LBFF - The Slithering - best *snork* of the day so far.

as I said before, maybe an exorcist is called for, or maybe a snake charmer?

Whats the fusssssssssssssssssss?

Actually, "Stay The Hell Out Of Idaho" was my personal motto the whole time we lived in Oregon...

Sorry I missed this one. I'll get the next one. Promise.

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