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September 29, 2006


I'm back from Orlando, where Ridley and I went yesterday to join with Florida middle-school students in trying to break a world reading record. We also got to talk to some students and mentor them about writing. In this photo, I am explaining the correct use of the semicolon, and Ridley is demonstrating how writers should protect themselves if they encounter literary critics.



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tampa bay bucanneers?


Did Dave teach the students the correct usage of a blue shirt?

Looking at Ridley, I am prompted to remind him that:

"Two-handed rods are ideal for steelhead," ... "Casting all day, it's a lot easier on the muscles. I don't have the sore elbows."

"Hilary Duff or Adam Sandler might have been more interesting than politicians, said Meagan Cihak, an eighth grader from Coral Springs."

Meagan obviously didn't realize that Dave and Ridley are MUCH bigger stars than those other people.

Are you sure that's Ridley? It looks a lot like a shrunken version of Jerry Colona.

Ridley looks like he's been sniffing a little too much of the mustache glue.

Me thinks somebody needs a parrot. We need to dress up these two.

Hah, I knew there was a correct use of the semicolon.

Congrats you too!! YAY indeed!! I saw the webcast this morning and I must say this is a pretty HUGE deal!

and of course, since I haven't had my coffee YET...

too = two

UGH ...Good morning!

Does the semicolon come before the large colon?

And, I will point out, that shirt is definitely PERIWINKLE, not "lavender." Sheesh.

YAY Dave, Ridley and Florida Middle-schoolers!!!! Great job!

Pogo... jerry Colona??? Let me shift over here on the geezer bus...lots of room for someone with your credentials!

Something new has been added!

Since Dave's complexion is skin-tone and not Faded Traffic Cone, I think we can safely say, "That shirt be not periwinkle ye bilge rat. That thar shirt be blue bell all over, don't 'ee know."

Good strategy, Rid - hide in plain sight....and stand very, very still...

Oh, fine, Chris, you appeal to a Higher Authority on colors. Blue Bell it is.

Also, Rid - they make products you can use so that both hands are free to put on your rod.

Oh, wait...

*snork* at DP Chris (don't lecture me again about the use of DP)

I think Ridley is about ready to move on from the pirate thing.

*snork* @ Chris

although that kinda defeats the purpose of holding the rod, no?

"The current record -- listed in the Guinness Book of World Records -- belongs to 155,528 students in the United Kingdom who simultaneously read a William Wordsworth poem in 2004."
Of course, you realise this means war, and the innocent will suffer. British schoolchildren will now be forced to read more Wordsworth to regain the record.

Actually, I think Rid is suffering from the isonitriles girlie odor his moustache is exuding.

Pssst.... Someone tell Ridley he has something on his lip....

DPC - that is gross

Dr. A, nothing wrong with Wordsworth...

Although given the age group, Dave & Ridley are a better choice ;)

*snork* @ DPC & wench...

Congratulations and well done, Dave, Ridley and Florida Middle Schoolers!

I am still not clear on the semi colon thing; is this proper usage?


I think Dave and Ridley set the all time suburban pirate record.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Dave's hand on Ridley's junk package?

I mean "junk package of love"...

Hey Dave, lose the hat and you've got the old Hathaway shirt vibe going on! (I'm dating myself).

If my dad had come to my middle school looking like Dave,
I'd attempt the world truancy record.

I see you checked your dignity at the door.

Clearly, Ridley was watching video of a japanese game show.

Remember, Otter, that this is the same Dad who once met his son with an Oscar Meyer Weiner truck. He has been far more embarrassing to his children in the past.

Is it me, or is there some kind of anorexic pit viper attacking Dave's collar?

(Thank you bookworm for your update re: Dave and the Weinermobile!)

ARRR! Methinks someone stole Dave's neck!

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