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September 27, 2006


The Webcast

(Get the scoop on the event at JustReadFlorida.com)


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WTG, Dave!!


I retract my catty statements earlier about the blog sleeping in. I should have known better, and I apologize for disparaging the blog's sleeping habits.

That's FKN good!

cool. very cool.

I lived in FLA for 15 years (go Canes!) and I never thought the day would come when people in Florida would read. I loved the flying cockroaches though.

Way ta gooo!!!

What are the odds of Dave and Ridley being picked over Carl and others of note who are from/in Florida?

I was thinkin' what Punkin was. Good thing it wasn't the Florida Urban Children's Knowledge Network!

and Yay, Dave and kids who actually read.

Everybody knows the easiest way to get your kids to read is to tell them you hate it when they read stuff.

Leave it to Pumpkin to find the best scatological side to anything.

Why is the sponsoring agency named FK'N? yikes

With this choice of reading materials, shouldn't it be "Reading is Fun-Duh-Mental"?

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