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September 29, 2006


The Cross-Dressing Ethnic-Game Cheats!

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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And the Chinese always look so reserved on the evening news.

There's that damned testosterone again.

I'm not puttin' my hands ANYWHERE.

oh, and ATHLETES???

"Coaches blamed the unruly scenes on the pressures of having career advancement linked to results."


"I've never seen violence and ugliness like that," a reporter at the games told Xinhua.

I've never seen such ugliness as fighting men in women's clothing either

they can solve the problem by changing the name, incorporating the fashions and actually having crossdressing ethnic games. people would pay to watch this.

Maybe here in the States, crossgirl, but China's actually pretty conservative about such matters.

I don't know CH. There's a bald guy in a commercial telling me (with subtitles) how progressive and hip China is.

"Big Women With Adam's Apples" WBAGNFARB.

oh yeah, it's the japanese that like to get freaky.

Speaking from experience, XG?

Actually, the japanese have some very interesting approaches. On my first day at sea on a japanese fishing boat [nothing helps sea-sickness like squid for lunch], the crew got all excited and pointed to a ship in the distance. My translator [he spoke @ 5 english words which doubled my japanese] explained that it was the 'Okama Maru.' Apparently they segregate the crews. You can imagine [eye bleach!] how he explained what okama meant!

Hmmm... Somehow a story about cross-dressing, fighting Chinese people sounds strangely familiar.

*snork* @ bones

oh, i love that movie! not so much freaky asians.

"Women's dragon-boat racing? Ohhh! We thought it was women's DRAG boat racing. Our bad."

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