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September 20, 2006


"What would make you Take The Plunge?"

(Thanks to Michael O'Donnell)


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More then $20, but then, I'm not broke. (First?)

Not for $100 in that water.

Teaching my kids not to be afraid.

As James Woods said to Dolly Parton in Straight Talk after she'd climbed over the railing on a bridge trying to catch a $20 bill she'd dropped before it fell in the river,

"Here, lady. Take this. I figure if you're willing to risk your neck for 20 bucks, you need it worse than I do."

speaking of James Woods everybody...Don't forget to watch Shark tomorrow night (10/9 PM)! My friend Sophina plays one of the lead characters!

Oh my gosh my Haagen Daz just went over the side of this bridge...*splash*....

and, more on topic: my parents like to tell a story from their early married years about losing their last $20 when they were parked at a gas station. it was a windy day and they found it had blown around to the other side of their car.
Hmm...it's a much cooler story when they tell it...

"I got my money back, hell yeah" I'll claim 'im. He's an honorary Texan with an attitude like that.

"Giorgio, who said he was already suffering from a broken collarbone,"

I can't imagine why.

Oh wait yes I can.

"Did you have to reach over into the path of the trolley in order to pick up that penny a kid left on the tracks?"
"He** Yeah! $0.01 bucks is a lot of money when you're broke."

"Oh carp! I dropped my skinny cinnamon mocha chai latte over this bridge"

That is a special kind of Stupid.

Well duh he refused treatment! What is the point of half killing yourself for a $20 you desperately need only to incur medical expenses for sitting in a waiting room for hours with your rear in the breeze only to be told to go home cuz you're fine?

Especially since all head injuries were likely pre-existing so not going to be much more of an issue down the road.

P.S. For a reality TV you're going to have to toss in some live snakes or something. Snakes in a vault?

I did something like this once. But involved my wife and a pile of clothes on the side of a bridge...orsoemthing

Did he have to be fished out because he couldn't swim?

I'm guessing that he had to be fished out because that water was supposed to be the drinking water supply, not the flushing water supply.

About four years ago, I was visiting a friend of mine who owns a little liquor store beside a bridge that goes over a lake (about a 75 foot drop). A pickup pulled over and this man gets out, walks to the railing and tossed a garbage bag over. My friend and I barely had time to even begin speculating what was in the bag when this kid, about 13, riding his bike zips over and dives off the bridge.

Now we're like, "Holy Crap!" and running out and down to the water. We jumped in my friend's boat and booked it over to where the kid was in the water. He had retrieved the bag and we pulled him and the bag into the boat. There were six kittens in the bag. Two drowned, but we saved the other four. The kid took one and my friend kept the other three in a box at the counter and was able to give them away before the day was out.

Now, mind you, I was VERY curious what could be in the bag when I saw it get tossed, but I'm not sure I would have jumped 75 feet to find out. And this was in mid-October and the water was a little chilly...

Gutsy little kid. Or completely crazy. Your call....

Maybe it was his dad...............so that's how he knew.....

Great story, Superman.

clark kent

i'm sure you mean that you wouldn't jump 75 feet to save drowning kittens whilst wearing your business suit and horn-rimmed glasses...

but what about after ya duck into the phone booth?

clark - great story
I wonder how that kid knew. Was that man his father? His neighbor? What a great kid, though. IMO

You can have this suitcase with $20, but you have to jump 40 feet off a bridge and swim to get it.

Deal....or no deal?

Howie - how about you keep the suitcase and YOU jump off the bridge?

if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? only if i needed $20 or there were kitty lives at stake.

well, we made the news again

Chaz's comapny going after ill gained booty

how about if someone pitched Paris Hilton off the bridge with a $20 in her mouth?

I think it is so ironic that you guys would jump off a bridge to save kittens when other species of similar size (squirrels, for example) are regularly maligned right her in the same blog. What makes kittens better than squirrels? Is it he lack of rabies? Is that what passes for cute nowadays? Last time I checked, Paris Hilton didn't have rabies but nobody is volunteering to save her from drowning. Martha Stewart makes bundles of money speaking in a monotone and ironing for God's sake, what is wrong with you people? This is so like the "religious right" to play favorites and "holier than thou" while perfectly good kittens are being discarded like yesterday's flush water! God forbid a snake should fall the the river I suppose we could hold a prayer vigil or set the river on fire which you know happens in Cleveland every Friday just after the high school football games which everybody knows is a metaphor for American expansionist/fascist policies in the third world. Whoo-hoo! First down in Iraq, Sadam Hussien to go! Bush keeps it on a quarterback sneak every time. Carl Rove blocks in the back, Cheney holds, and Rumsfeld throws the bomb! Over a bag of Kittens! I'm ready to jump in the river! When will America wake up and see that the unprecedented wealth of this country is being sqaundered by goose-stepping fat cats on the furry little playmates of the rich? No more kitten cartels!

Have a gumball, mud.

give this guy a dog to play 'fetch' with...

Hearing a story like Clark's makes me really hope that Dante's idea about circles of He!! is accurate--how could anybody hurt a baby animal (any type, squirrels included)? What a scumbag. Yay kid! And maybe mud needs 2 gumballs.

Sweet kitty story nonetheless.

pssst...mud, don't tell the rest, but i kinda like squirrels.

on the blog's counsel
mud sits in corner sulking
chewing the gumball

you know what clashes?
gumballs and merlot that's what
y'all are just batty

got it figured out
no more mental storms for mud
no it's not the drugs

Not as bad as gumballs and orange juice, mud.

That's a nasty combination.

In Washington people do a similar thing with kittens in a bag. Every time I see a bag on the road, I swerve to miss it.

There are some real jerks out there. And then theres the idiot sociopaths.

I myself would have jumped for the $20. Not because I wanted it, but because it would be an incredible excuse when I get arrested.

I *love* squirrels. Taste like pine-nuts. Evil Grin&*trade;

i would pay someone $20 to push paris into flush water to save a kitten.

CH, just sittin' here laughin' to myself about Euell Gibbons sayin', "Ever eat a squirrel nut? Tastes like a wild pine tree."

Yeah, I'm too tired.

And yeah, you're right, MOTW, it was a Biz commercial. Everything just kinda gels together after a few years.

Isn't Paris already awash in flush water?

Wait, you meant the other Paris... gotcha.

Well, our new kitten was saved from the same fate, but not by someone diving in to rescue them. The neighbor heard a man plotting to do this to the kittens - and Mom, too, I guess, so someone was called in to take the kids away. Ours is the runt, but she's safe now.

Doug, NOW would be the right time for you to mention that $20.00 you found at the Rose Parade.

Clark Kent - This reminds of the time when Louis thought you were Superman and she jumped into Niagara Falls. Remember that? She was such a silly girl.

'Course, she was right, though...

Everything just kinda gels together after a few years.

*loves Wyo a nice cushy seat on the Geezer Bus*

Mind like a steel trap - triggers and misses half the time. *rimshot*

*snork* @ slyeyes

To add to the story. I asked the kid why he jumped and he said he heard the kittens in the bag before the creep tossed it. He didn't know the guy. He was just passing by on his bike and was close enough to hear them whimpering or whatever....

Oh, and Schadeboy, the only reason I jumped in for Lois is because she had my car keys. Silly girl indeed...

Superma CLARK!!! You said it was because you loved me! Bastard!

Q: Three guys get thrown off a bridge. A kitten chunker, Howie Mandel or Paris.
Which one do you save??

Correct. None of the above.

True Story: Many years ago, my Dad was serving on board a Destroyer off the coast of Vietnam. The waters around there had some pretty peculiar marine life, in the form of 10 foot sea snakes. Whenever a ship was anchored, the sea snakes would congregate around it, eating the fish that were attracted to the waste that got dumped overboard. One day, while the ship was at anchor, time came to hand out the week's wages. (Incidentally, the only place to spend the money was a little 'convenience store' on board ship that sold candy, pop, and cigarettes). Anyway, the breeze whips up and snatches $20 from one of my Dad's shipmates, and blows it in right in the middle of all the sea snakes. With no hesitation, the guy follows it in. His reason? "Twenty bucks is twenty bucks."

I gotta ask: did the diver live to tell about it or was the story relayed by the surviving shipmates?

I, for one, am in grad school, poor, and thousands of dollars in debt, so yes, I would jump for a $20. Though, not if sea snakes were involved. *shudder*

Also, my stepdad once rescued kittens from a laundry basket on the side of the road. Unfortunately, they were just too young to survive, though we were able to keep 2 alive for a day or so.

MOTW: The guy lived, actually. Despite being the most poisonous snakes on the planet, sea snakes are really sedate creatures. When the guy dove in, they all headed for the bottom. The guy didn't know that, of course. He just knew that he'd be out of smokes for a couple of weeks if he lost that money.

P.S. I remember ol' Steve Irwin *sniff* used to pick up sea snakes and heave 'em right INTO his boat. How the 773H does a guy like that get killed by a STINGRAY?

"Clark Kent - This reminds of the time when Louis thought you were Superman..."

Louis? So, Schadeboy, the rumors are true?

When I started driving, this is the advice my mother gave me:

Never run over a bag in the middle of the road. There could be a baby in it.

Esker- I think that's why it's hard to actually believe what happened to Irwin- come on, who didn't expect him to either defy logic and live forever or die in some way more fitting of his life's persuits. I rarely even watched his stuff, but caught the memorial service last night and still blubbered over it

*is SUCH a girl sometimes*

Hell, chesbn, I was blubbering over it. Especially every time they showed his wife & kids. And when his little girl gave her eulogy for her dad, well, my eyes are welling up even now.


Pioneering screenwriter Nigel Kneale, best known for the Quatermass TV serials and films, dies aged 84...

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