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September 29, 2006


An important science breakthrough.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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“You can’t be lieve how aw ful they smell,” Tu­rin said. “They make you vom it your guts out in stant ly.” They’ve even been patented for use as non le thal weapons.

Wow and I thought amines smelled bad. Also is it my imagination, or did the spacebar fairy pay that webpage a visit?

"The Godzillas of Odor" wbagnfarb

We used to live next to the Isonitriles, Jack and Doris, I think. That was about the only house we skipped on Halloween.

>coffee out the nose at Wyo<

"The Godzillas of Odor" wbagnfarb

Sorry, russell - that names already taken by my son's shoes.

Speaking of odors, I went out Wednesday night with a couple of buddies and had three beers the name of which rhymes with "Bloo Mune". The next morning and well into the afternoon I was plagued with copious amounts of voluminous flatulence. I mean it was like I had dined on burritos and cabbages or something. (I had tuna & noodles with green beans.)
Has anyone else had this experience with "Bloo Mune"?

“They make you vom­it your guts out in­stant­ly.”

'Projectile Innerds' wbagnfarb

oh and EWWWWW

*snork at Wyo*

then there was that Esther Isonitrile ,she smelled like taffy!

I did feel bad for them when their dog died.

That is one FUGLY dog, Wyo...yikes!

btw...are you ready for the wedding?

I love the descriptions of the odor... "Much like a hor­ri­ble pic­ture... that can’t be purged from your mind. Even af­ter the scene changes you are left with a ghost dif­fi­cult to erad­i­cate..."

Huh. Sounds like the effect that It's a Small World, After All has on most people.

Sorry, y'all... I know it's too early in the morning for such a vicious earworm, but it's too late now, I guess. :-)

edgar allan poe tried to describe it 'the telltale fart'...

Ready as I'll ever get, Sioux.

CH, I hate you. but then you knew that, didn't you?

CH and may I say to you...

I love you...you love me
We're a disfunctional family...

*Good morning*!

Good morning, boogers!

Wyo, now I'm picturing you as the Wedding March starts, humming to yourself, "It's a world of tears/And a world of fears..." LOL

CH - you hit the same idea about these smells that I had: an earworm of the nose.

And watch out for the Raymond Burr of odors!

You can keep laughin' CH, you've got four weddings comin' up soon. HA!!!!!

good luck.

Four Weddings and a Funeral?

"Soon" in geological terms, maybe.

Eldest seems to have learned from the mistakes of her parents, and does not seem inclined to get married right away.

Next one is still more interested in dinosaurs and swordfighting than boys.

Third one's going to have a hard time finding a boy who isn't intimidated by her intellect and beauty.

As for the fourth, since she's just four weeks old, it's hard to say yet...

My own funeral, maybe, if I uncork another audio isonitrile... ;-)

CH, take my word for it. It'll be soon. Rationalize all you want, you can't change destiny.

How do isonitriles compare to this?

Oh, man, Chris. Betsi needs to see that page.

I think I once found some of these iso-whatevers in my kid's diaper a few years back. These "scientists" think they know everything.

How does one get to be an "Odor Theorist"? Like this?:

W: "OH MY GOD, Bill, was that YOU??"

B: "Uh, no, that wasn't me...I think it was a cloud of noxious methane leeching up out of the earth and escaping from the cracks in the foundation. At least, that's my theory."

So I'm reading along and glance to the left side of the screen, and big as Dallas there's a link for Vaginal Odor. Yeesh.

^^^ The Gamera of odors :p

Hey, CH, "Audio Isonitrile" WBAGNFA Thrash Grunge Death Metal Band composed of o-chem students, doncha think?

“They make you vom­it your guts out in­stant­ly.”
Can I package it and sell it at diet clinics and modeling agencies?

I'd like a bottle of this to spray on those obnoxious Perfume Counter "ladies" at the mall.

OPCL: Would you like to try the Old Spice™? {spurt}
Me: Would you like to try the isonitriles? {spurt}
OPCL: Ralph

"Huh. Sounds like the effect that It's a Small World, After All has on most people."

As long as isonitriles don't smell like C*** left out in the R**n, I think we're ok.

*sigh* I ran in here with a Small World comment, only to find that I have been beaten to it several times already.

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