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September 28, 2006


Thy name is Blog.

(Thanks to Elizabeth)


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GREAT! Nuke the snakes!

He really gets around.

Hiding your second job from us all this time, Dave?

Nuclear New Build, hidden in that blue shirt.

do NOT hit the red button, dave.

i repeat....

look out now you terrorist bastards!

"Mr. Barry joins Shaw after six years with Bechtel, where he held several leadership positions in operations and business development. Most recently, Mr. Barry served as operations manager overseeing the execution of Bechtel's fossil power projects. His work also included managing a multibillion government contract involving multiple infrastructure projects successfully in a war zone. Previously, Mr. Barry worked for Stone & Webster for over twenty-five years and held various positions of increasing responsibility. During his career, he has worked in every discipline and aspect of the industry including project and construction management, business development, process analysis and enhancements, financial oversight, and supply chain management. Mr. Barry also has considerable experience managing multinational labor working in the overseas markets, particularly in the Middle East."

Whew...all that, AND a Pulitzer...

I'm so jealous - that job should have been mine! I invented the "atomic wedgie"!

Mr. Barry brings over thirty years of experience in the global nuclear power industry.

So THAT'S what Dave has been doing in his spare time.

The truth will out. Acting the humorist is just cover while he does his real work: building nuclear power plants! Nefarious, I calls it.

I thought it was "nucular"?!?

By the by....Dave Barry also works in the Cottage Program (think rehab) office at York Hospital, in York, Maine. My office, Hospice (think dying) is right next to his.

He's not as humorous as I'd hoped he be....nary a booger to be found.

You probably don't actually want to find too many of his boogers, Punkin. Just a thought.

Punkin, did you request that he use his middle name from now on as it is highly incongrous to have that name and not be funny?

or even incongruous?

Didn't the Blog find out about this one before? It seems I remember reading about it. Not that I'm going to check the archives for it...

Punkin' maybe in rehab he isn't allowed humor. Get him transferred and maybe he'll start wearing clown shoes.

I too am too lazy to check the archives, but I remember this article as well.

You know that is just what this country needs--a little more humor around our nuclear reactors.

Hey! And I found this:


"Stringent data regulations, rising privacy concerns and a recent wave of natural disasters have raised the importance of how companies manage and store digital information," said Dave Barry, Managing Editor, Dow Jones Financial Information Services. "As a result of this information explosion, data centers are back in the spotlight. We've invited 365 Main because our attendees want to hear from a promising young company about their success and insights in the fast-growing data center market."

Dave is sure one busy dude.

Hmmmm....now that I think of it, I arrested a guy named Dave Barry years ago...could it have been...naahhh...and yet...??

Ok, now this is freaking me out....


"When referee Dave Barry motioned Dempsey toward the neutral corner, he replied, "I'll stay here." Barry then walked over to Dempsey and half pushed him in the proper direction. Meanwhile, Tunney sat on the canvas. Instead of picking up the timekeeper's count at six, the referee shouted "One." At the count of three Tunney lifted his head and looked at Barry, but didn't get to his feet until the referee reached nine."

That was more than *70* years ago... Just how old is Dave????

Shaw Names Dave Barry as President
Dang. He finally made it.

Steve: Ageless. Timeless. Humorless. Humorous.

"Barry began his writing career in humiliating fashion: Slumming for a company called Burger Associates, he flew around the country teaching businessmen how to write interoffice memos."

Amazing what Google turns up.

And that answers my question as to why all of our interoffice memos used to end with: BOOGER!!

Dave Barry + nuclear power = end of life on the planet as we know it.

But at least the cockroaches and Cher will survive....

Ya know, it really messes with my mind when the Hospital newsletter prints things like "Everyone in the M.O.B. wishes Dave Barry a speedy recovery from his recent hip replacement..."

I guess if you're a time traveller and shape-shifter (my Sci-Fi geekiness is starting to show), it can be a little hard on the joints.

Mr. Barry will report to Tim Barfield

because he no longer pokes fun at people named Barf.


Can you say Nuke-U-ler?

Dave Barry = Homer Simpson

Dave, don't let Marwan get hold of the override.

Punkin', if that Dave Barry tries the transporter thing, the new hip will be rocking back and forth on the floor.

Dave, when I said a few blogs ago that if I were President, I'd let you press the big red button first--well see, I was kidding. I did not realize at the time you already had a big red button of your own. Pretty please, lets not nuke Mexico. I really want to visit the Cabo one more time for old times sake.

As a resident of Baton Rouge, I sincerely hope Dave comes to check the place out before accepting the job. It's not exactly going to win "most beautiful city in the US" ner nuthin'. BUT, if Dave comes here, he'd damn well better tell some of us fans! Dang-blast it!

I never realized that the main ingredient in a nuclear weapon was boogers. The good news is we will soon win the war against squirels.

As someone who spent sixteen years in that very stressful, intense business, including 11 with a firm very much like that one, I can only say that you need a sense of humor like Dave's to survive it with your sanity even somewhat intact. Good luck to him, but I am very glad to know that our Dave isn't that guy.

wow...and all this time I thought Dave was a sportswriter...

nukelar geek...who knew??

That DOES explain why he chose to quit writing his column.

Dave Barry + nuclear power = earth shattering kaboom.

Uh-oh, we are in BIG trouble ... I for one do not trust Dave with nuclear equipment!

lol bones "atomic wedgie"!" @ 4:16 and chaz @ 6:17 pm.

Finally someone who can blow up a beached whale and get it right.

"Mr. Barry brings over thirty years of experience in the global nuclear power industry."

So THAT'S what all that toilet humor is about!!!

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