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September 26, 2006


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Ah, the marvels of technology.

Dog starts car after eating chip

What does this have to do with French Fries?

Wonder what she 'clicked' on to get it started...

I guess the dog just wanted to insure that he gets to go along for the ride. Always.

Better than the alternative of having to retrive the chip.

Mr Gorman said: "I was glad to get the car started for the member."

I don't usually let my member drive after I've started the car.

Roll over.
Play dead.
Start the car.
Blimey! What do I look like, huh?

What the &* is an immobiliser chip? How else would you start a car except by using a key? Is the woman driving one of these or a Toyota?

Guin - I think newer cars are coming with security features built in that prevent the starter from...um...starting if the chip isn't also used in conjunction with the key.

Or I could be wrong.

This is all fine, but what if she can't get the dog started?

Wonder if the chip will survive the natural course of things?

How does she pop up the trunk? aim the dog's butt at it?

maybe all new cars should come with security chip dogs. would do a lot of help out overpopulation at the animal shelters.

My daughter lost the only key to her car last month, and we had to have it towed to the dealership ($60) have the car RE-programmed ($25), and have two keys made ($29 for the first, $25 for the 2nd) AND it took overnight. Those chips are a serious pain. I'm having mine re-keyed for a popsicle stick.

I had a BMW where the key cost $175 for a replacement. It too, had a chip....

I should have just gotten a dog....my dog has a chip, but he came that way form the pet store....

its cool, you scan his back and can see his bar code number

Chaz, I had to put chips inside my two dumb dogs cuz they kept running away (wonder why)...

NOW I can't get rid of 'em! go figure.

back on topic....man's best friend IS a monkey in his pants.

Hmm Man's enemy is a monkey on his back, and his best friend a monkey in his pants, so therefore, it must be monkey placement as a solution to man's problems

I hope my Border collie doesn't hear about this. He'll eat the chip on purpose so I have to take him with me.

What the &* is an immobiliser chip?

Excellent question, Guin, and the one I would have asked had I not been LTTG.

Monkey Placement WBAGNFAR Album

Immobiliser Chips - bet you can't eat just one!

must've been a Hounda Accord.

*crickets chirping*

That's nothing. My dog swallowed the tv remote and now all we can watch is the Animal Planet....

And sometimes the Playboy channel if I give him a treat..... Good boy. That's a good boy...

*Snork at the Hounda, lol

or possibly an I-Shih-Tzu.

What the &* is an immobiliser chip?

It's conceivable that a valet could make a copy of your key, find your address in the glove box and steal your car. The chip is how the car can tell the difference between your key and a copy. At least that's how they justify taking your cash when you lose a key.

"They will now have to take George [the dog] with them in the car until things take their natural course.

Ew. THEN guess what has to stay in the front seat.

"Hey can I get a ride?"
"Sure! Hop in!"
"Ew...what IS...oh. I think I'll walk."
"WHAT? It's totally DRY now."

It definitely won't work in a Chevy Meowlabu.

Oh - I forgot to mention. The chip works by proximity. It only has to be close to the steering wheel to work. It's really a second key, and both keys are required to make the car start.

ah...like a safe deposit box of sorts

dont tell Ocean's 11

Well I guess that would be cheaper than having your car stolen, and yet a great pain in the ass if you are someone like me who loses things on a regular basis. Maybe for me getting the car stolen would be cheaper.

I like the popsickle stick idea, lol.

So I guess according to the intestinal progress, at different stages you need a different part of the dog in proximity.

"No Fluffy, back in, back in, Good girl!"

"Dog starts car after eating chip"

Dale got away.

"possibly an I-Shih-Tzu."

Or, I-Shih-Tzu-not.

Technology's wonderful, 'cept when it ain't. Gimme a 59 Chevy and a roll of balin' wire anyday.

Pretty soon all cars will come equipped with Dogstar. It's like OnStar, except it works by scent.

*snork* Lisa!

Not sure about the smell after that CHIP comes out though...ewwwie

Sioux-I'm sure you're right about that!

Dogstar? Isn't that Keanu Reeves' band, Lbff? Or maybe I'm thinking of the Rock-Bottom Rematrix. All those celebrity bands sound alike.

"...so therefore, it must be monkey placement as a solution to man's problems"

Just remember that on election day.

"If I am elected, there will be a monkey in every pair of pants in the land!"

Pogo, your Border Collie could probably hot-wire the car if he wanted to.

Well at least George swallowed something useful. Last week my dog Abby thought it would be a good idea to eat a needle and thread that had fallen on the floor. After $1,400 of surgery to remove the needle from her stomach and 29 staples later (we were afraid she'd pull out one of the staples and eat it) she's doing just fine. I guess now would be the time to quote the Blog when he made this profound observation, "Dogs operate on the wise survival principle of eating anything that falls on the floor, because if it turns out not to be food, they can always throw it up later." The corollary could be "always poop it out later."

Ouch, Darla. Poor pocketbook dog...

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