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September 01, 2006


(Thanks to Nightingale)


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Dave, Please, I BEG you, unless there's an Eiffel Tower planted squarely in the middle of her, no more talk of P*$!S!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean we may someday see Paris' hairless chihuahua? I'll pass.

And considering her history, she might actually like that, Punkin.

She stole a cell phone? Lord, what's this world coming to?

I have similar software on my phone. You have to press a button to allow the upload to Flickr. I think he is making this up. I prefer the story of the person who texted his stolen phone with a message from the Mafia saying they were tracking him and would get him if he didn't pay the gazillion he owed. The phone was left in a bar minutes afterwards.

I don't think Paris has enough brain cells to figure out how to use her cell phone.

Hasn't EVERYONE already seen Paris'...erm...chihuahua (is that what we're calling it now?)?

Yo quiero Ma Bell?

from the Stevens family blog:

Here is little Stewart cutting his first tooth...he was grumpy for a couple of days!

We think the next photos were taken when Frank's phone got stolen on South Beach, there's at least two women, a St. Bernard and a milking machine involved. Great-aunt Gert's comment was "Well, I never!" and great-uncle Tom added, "Not since the War, anyway."

Okay -- one quick Paris comment, then I'll be quiet. I saw on some gossip page (not that I read those ... I was looking for the, uh, church bulletins) that Paris was seen at some party with Lance Armstrong.

Ugh. Doesn't that just make you want to cry? I mean, haven't his manly bits been through enough trauma?

Okay -- no more Paris from me. :-)

Cheyl- interesting name. Reminds me of the Argentine Che, which can be translated to "Dude"!

I have this to say about the photos. They are all very well done. Good centering and all that. So it might be an artist trying to be artistic - and score a phone- or Mr. Clemens should go pro. He is quite good. The sense of atmosphere and time is impresive.

I am a bit surprised to see this much color coming from a phone.

I think we have enough pictures of Paris.

Hey! Why is my camera always, like, ringing? And then it, like, talks and stuff! Oh, this is so annoying!

The Parsi are found in Upper India. Originally Persian Alexander the Great destroyed there temples and exiled them. Today there are approximately 30 Parsi left.
The Pra is a fish found in South Eastern Angola.

and I'm sure both species are smarter than Paris (Skank)Hilton...

Get that *&*%)&'n Paris of this #^&)(*&%*'n blog!

(not very good at fake swearing, but I think that makes my point.)

that is all.

Purty good swearin' there cowboy!!

Not the best looking chihuahua on the block.

i hear the hairless chihuahua has big ears

Must be Friday night, nobody here?

Sorry, Brothers reception. He takes precedence. I jsut stand around and look usefull.

Hey Wyo...I'm here, but going to get horizontal. Gotta get up early in the a.m. Catch you off and on this weekend. Have a SAFE holiday.

i'm here, wyo...i have no life. :)

no life, but a simul with jazzzz...:)

hey, sg, I have a life, but it stops after about 8 PM.

nite all... hey sg, I left a note in your mail box. Sleep well guys

I'm here, some of the time ... trineta make sure I've got a room for tomorrow nite ... "We're full ..." is the refrain all over town ... Labor Day "attractions" include some sorta "Motor Magic Mania" or somethin' ... and there is NO ROOM AT THE INN! NEwhere in Mindrot ...

So, I've got a room an hour away, for Saturday, and then move back here for Sunday nite ...

Now, I gotta get up a half-hour early in order to pack my luggage ALL into the truck ... and ... when I get to the yard, I'll hafta unpack about 90 percent of it and leave it there, so there's room for my RR guy to ride with me ... then, when I get done for the day, pack it all back up again, and move 60 miles east ... and unload ... and ... Sunday ... load it up ... move 60 miles west ... unload ...

Well, you sorta get the idea that I'll be doin' some extra labor on the Labor Day weekend ... wowser ... they sure named that right ...

Other than that ... that's my life ... for the next few days ... almost the end of the season ... then I can blog from home ... or Ireland ... until mid-November ... when this whole rat-race starts all over again with ... a NEW SEASON!

/rant ... tnx 4 listenin' ...

I have a life, but it stops after about 8 PM.

but then you get to hang out here...not a bad deal, imo! :)

btw, are ya suggestin' that your hangin' out here means that you have no life?

nah...couldn't be!

psst...O. the U...cye, which i meant to send a day or so ago.

*goes off to write said "e" before O goes lookin' for it*

OU- Blog from Ireland. Thats what I recomend. I am fairly certain that the Dakotas and Wyoming will be the same when you get back.

Just in case anybody missed it, Clean's hands are full!

All together now... "Awwwwwwwwww!"


Oh, wowser ... Clean, I love your family ... it's the redheaded kids that sealed that deal ...

(We've got a BUNCH of 'em in our family ... extra special, is whut they are ... Oh, and the moustache y'all see in the pic @ Wyo's site? It USETA be red ... as wuz the beard, when allowed to grow ...)

Congrats, and all that kinda stuff ...

... also ... do I see a familial resemblance upon the visage of Mr. Clean? Cousins, at least, mebbe ...

Alfred - I plan to blog (when time permits) from Ireland ... photos will be placed on my photobucket site, so I don't hafta send 'em to everybuddy, and only those who wanna can/may look at 'em ... if ... when ...

and ... The Dakotas and Wyoming wbagnfa Country Band ... especially for a Saturday nite in Montana ...

and ... I dunno, Alfred, if they'll be the "same" ... after all, them hurricanes can wreak a lot of havoc ... oh, Wyo and TCK and moi ownself have noticed no signs of 'em around these parts, have we? (Yet ...)

Definitely awwwwwwww...

Only redhead in my family was adopted.

Well, Mrs. W ... that's better'n not havin' any at all ... IMHO ...

(and now I'm off to a day of werk and extra commuting mileage ... talk @y'all this evenin' ... even if only to merely heinz ...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww. congrats clean! i wanted four, no middle child then, but was outvoted by the husband (now ex) and dr (who i've had a longer relationship with than any other man i've been so intimate with). i had to settle for a kitten. we'll be sending you a copy of highschool musical to welcome the new girl!

Oh so they're pictures taken by the thief, eh? Yeah, riight, uh huh . . .

Well, this would be a good publicity thing. I bet lots of people are going out and buying this software.

Looks like we are belatedly approaching 1984.

Congrats, Clean - our redhead used to be a blond... Go figure...

Four kids is a good number. Congrats goes to Clean. And redheads are cool.

UO- If a Hurricane hits Idaho, I will find ways to make sure my friend never goes to college. She was in New Orleans last year...
If a hurricane hit Wyoming, would anybody notice? I lived in Laramie off and on, so the thought of More Wind doesn't seem that scary.
I don't know about the Dakotas though.

Alfred -

Nodak (and, by implication, Sodak) is as windy as anyplace else ... it merely moves across (for the most part) the terrain, rather than gettin' a runnin' start by goin' downhill, as in those westerly locales ... When we get blizzards here, often they are referred to as "Alberta Clippers" ... since they seem to start somewhere out there, and have about 500 or 1,000 miles to pick up speed, snow and coldcoldcold ...

Nah, "more" wind isn't scary around here ... we're perty much used to it, so it's merely SSDD fer us ...


I got a room here this a.m. in the same motel ... cancellations opened up livin' space fer me, so I DO NOT HAFTA COMMUTE!!! YAY!

(um ... Sarah J ... I merely borrowed your YAY! fer a while ... I'll give it back whenever you need it ...)

Alfred, you're right. 80 MPH winds ain't nothin in Laramie. (and it rains there a couple of times a year)

That's why I live in Thermop.

Yay I got blogged! Who'dathunk? (obviously groggy from Saturday nap, goes back to sleep)

Congrats to Clean Hands!

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