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September 26, 2006


(Thanks to Otterboy)


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I'm gonna whack that boy.

Oh, and First!

Well, I'm the Second, but I am First on this occasion.

*Proclaims Royal Holiday*

Somebody should whack the head off of that egghead.

He does look like the pissboy.

I'd like to boil his Royal Huevos...sheesh.

I love a good egg too, but I always have to cook my own. burp.

He also likes to push the pram a lot.....

upper class twit of the year. decade.

Two very frightening words: King. Charles.

I got two more frightening words for ya Meanie:

Queen. Camilla.

*Shudders to think where this two-words thing is gonna lead......*

I'd like to boil his Royal Huevos...sheesh.

Siouxie, I think mama cut them off long ago.

*not funny*
i think Charles may choose a different 'throne name', George VII has been mentioned, something to do with Charles having bad associations or something... (Charles I was executed, his son Charles II, though definitely a fun guy, is not the best role model for a king.)

"he could knock the top off number six or seven"

Has anyone told this duffus that not only is he not king, but also that beheadings are so-o-o bad form.

Well, at least he doesn't do that with his steak. "Nope, too rare...no, way to done...this seventh one is perfect!"

Don't they have a royal egg timer? I'm just askin'.

Let them eat omelets.

One would think so, Layzee boy...:)

Beppie, you make it sound like Goldilocks & the 3 bears...

Thanks, Insom.

If he's permitted to choose his own name, it's gotta be Arthur II.

Yes EC it is like Goldilocks isn't it? Only with finer digs and much better "porridge". I wonder if they serve Malt O Meal down at the Castle?

I would think by the time he had worked his way down to # six and declared it inadequate, # 7 would be unsuitably cool, and he'd have to start over. Unless they're cooked on some kind of timed interval basis. Inquiring minds want to...well, actually, they don't really give a royal fig.

I don't know... boiled eggs ain't much better than porridge. And, some of those othere things that Brits consume: tripe, steak & kidney pie, haggis, kippers, oxtail... you get the idea.

Link at bottom of the page:Iowa woman finds drowned bat in tea mug

Perhaps the bonnie P might try washing his eggs down with a cuppa bat tea.

Oh my gosh, when I found out what Haggis is, all I could think of is "Why dear lord, would someone eat that?"

Perhaps Scotland, being a Catholic country, got tired of Hail Marys and decided to invent a new form of penance.

Beppie, sure makes boiled eggs sound positivelty delicious, huh?

Sorry, morphed, but Scotland isn't a Catholic country. The largest single denomination, with 42% of the population, is the Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian. Only 15% are Catholics, while 28% describe themselves as having no religion.

Haggis is probably a result of Scottish carefulness with money - a way of using the parts of the sheep that would otherwise be discarded. And of course once you've had enough Scotch whisky, you don't really care what you're eating.

Scotland is not a Catholic country currently. However, haggis dates back a few centuries to a time prior to the switch to a Protestant majority.

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