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September 04, 2006


(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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This is a great idea. Harmless, but effective (hopefully).

"The ZAPshield is an $11 polymer disc that arrived on the market some three years ago..."

The thing in the picture is not a disc.

Just sayin'.

Shocking news: Squirrels and power lines don't mix.


Its like a giant bug zapper!

Wahoo! I'm famous!


Can I have your autograph?!

The idea is to give the squirrels enough of a shock to keep them away from sensitive power equipment but not enough of one to hurt them.

Almost there....

Oh another squirrel story. I thought from the title of the blog entry that a lawyer bit it.

check the story's location...

Tired of killing squirrels in Allentown
Make neighborhoods that we live in go brown
One inventor's inspiration sublime
Give them a shock, keep 'em in line!

'Stead of fried furry corpses over the land
There's a little jolt their tiny bodies can stand
If they can absorb something of what they've learnt
They'll go and get nuts, when they used to get burnt
Tired of killing squirrels in Allentown

Every rodent that's at least half as smart
As Pavlov's dogs were when he made 'em start
Has a chance ,be it red, brown or gray
Let's put a shield round Paris Hilton today!

Non-lethal?! That's like decaf... .
What's the point?

They eat Cicadas. We want them stunned, but alive and hungry.

Insomniac, you were truly inspired this morning. Bravo!

Does this mean an end to squirrel and power line stories?? I doubt it.

Considering the success (or lack thereof)of all the squirrel proof bird feeders out there, I kinda doubt this will work much better. My Dad's solution was to coat an empty can with Vaseline and attach it to the wire holding up the bird feeder. You should seen them critters slide!

Do I really have to say it again?

I just wanna see it work once or twice!

blurk, yeah, c'mon...say it one more time...;D

Blurk, allow me please.....SHOT FU%#$*&%!*NG GUN!! There.

It works until the squirrels start to like the jolt....

a shotgun shell costs less than $11 and is much more satisfying.

Just sayin'

Will the squirrel tails still be safe for market? These things have wide and varied commercial applications, so we shouldn't be wasteful with them.

I'm with blurk on this concept ... if they wanna spend money, why not merely pay a bounty on the squirrels and let professional animal control persons manage the situation? (Notice how nicely I put that? How could PETA possibly misconstrue my intentions? ... oh ... merely watch ...)

It'll attract a lot of guy squirrels,that's for sure.
In fact, Beat The Zap's going to be their favorite drinking game.

Don't believe it when they say it's a "mild jolt" kind of like static electricity. We bought an invisible fence for our dog years ago, and I was worried the "mild shock" was going to hurt the poor guy, so I tried it out myself.

My teeth are still rattling.

reneviht...that "baby toupee" link is SICK!! That's why kids grow up to hate their parents.

Odd that this story should come up just hours after I reinstalled my voice/text software program. In order to train it to your voice, you must read to it.

What was among the selections to choose from in the program? "Dave Barry in Cyberspace." And the actual section of text was about squirrels on power lines.

Who woulda thunk I could train my computer to hear my voice by reading about squirrels from Dave Barry?

You gotta love techology.

My dog repeatedly raids the refrigerator if I forget to put a bungie cord on it. My significant other wants to electrify the refrigerator ("OH,it won't HURT her!"). Is this use of electricity a guy thing?

Now the squirrels are on suicide missions trying to ride the world of Opera Singers!
Squirrel in spokes floors cycling opera singer

er, I mean "rid". Heh.

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