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September 25, 2006


(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Those be some tough pork chops.

But what if it rented a flatbed truck?

Is that pig a hard@ss, or what?

At least the thieves left the ears for the dogs.

Who-hoo! Simulfirst with El, and an El sammich! :-D

Pig Rock. I like that.

"It was hard to mow around...."

Hmmmm. Methinks the husband knows more than he is telling. He's probably had it with all the damn pigs and the 300-pound one was the last straw...

Just a theory.

The reporter's name is "Brandon Puttbrese". I can't improve on that.

Maybe the ears were left behind as a threat? (I think I watch too much cable tv...)

did they try yelling "suey" to see if it would come back?

they needed a boarder collie...if they had one, this would never have happened

Duh, wench, it lost it's ears so it can't hear!

I think it grew wings.

What's so funny about "Brandon Puttbrese"?

Geez, OB, I hope not, or I'm gonna takin' back one nasty Ex.

check out the location! this looks like a job for Thong Girl!!!

I dunno what the guy's so upset about, he can still make a silk purse, maybe two!

Don't look at me; I'm Jewish.

Ed, all that means is you probably didn't eat him. Doesn't mean you're above owning and marketing pigs.


This will be a hard crime to solve, as the police have nothing concrete to go on.

That's Border is you please, Chaz. We usually own our own homes.

CH, I feel good about it too. ;)

I guess a simul first is better than no first at all. :)

I got you coming and going, too, El, didja notice? (Please don't say you didn't notice, because that would make me Sad Hands...) ;-)

Needless to say, both "Swine Stone" and "Beloved Boar Back" WBAGNFARB.

if you please. (dammit!)

Sutton Pierce!!!! Here pig, pig, pig, pig.

Police are advising all other owners of 300-pound concrete pigs to build them protective shelters of sticks or straw to prevent further incidents.

A teddy bear kills all those fish and now this? I'm beginning to think Al Gore was right - It's Manbearpig!

I swear what's cooking in my kitchen now is real pork and not Pig Rock.

He joined Pigs In Space!!!

Completely Unrelated Therapeutic Rant:
My company has a scoring system for each location’s environmental and safety compliance. The budget only allows for one grader. We recognize that all graders are different, so we wanted to establish a profile for variance. Five new engineers were sent to grade a location and submit a report on variance in grading, to aid me in developing an objective system. These people returned with a grade based on a common consensus!!!!! THEY VOTED ON EVERY CATEGORY!!!! THESE ARE DEGREED ENGINEERS!!! DO I BLAME SCHOOLING OR HR!!!!

Thank you for much-needed rant.
By the way, I've been drinking.

And the instructions were clear.

Pig Rock, partially named after Detroit rock and roller Kid Rock, was a gift to Mary Ray, pig décor collector of 30 years.

A little longer than that ago, MamaWriterDude was into collecting any kind of a mushroom geegaw (mostly candles and ceramic stuff) she could lay hands on and fit onto a shelf. Thankfully she grew out of it -- God alone knows what she'd have in her yard today. Or have stolen from her yard, come to think.

I can see explaining it to my kids. "You remember Mr. Toad, Grandma's mushroom-shaped riding lawn mower? Well, Grandma's going to have to spend your inheritance on private detectives to track it down..."

If Barney were on the job, he'd insist on a pig lineup.

By way of confession, how many of y'all got concrete decor in the front yard?

All I have is tall grass.

Another earlier purloined porker

see, folks, what'd I tell you about engineers? They've driven Matt over the edge.

*has an extra beer for Matt*

Hah! Insom caught it. I wondered if anyone would remember the Thong Girl connection. Oh, and snorks @ two silk ears.

Thieves picked the solid, concrete pig, affectionately dubbed Pig Rock, The inventiveness of those Gallatians is astounding.

He's probably in the concrete mud bath.

No concrete critters outside our house either.

There was a concrete Virgin Mary when we bought the house but it really wasn't our taste so we gave it, along with a hideously ugly portrait painting that was in the basement, to my mother-in-law who loved both. About a year later she moved to a smaller place and stored some things in our basement. She never picked them up so Mary and the hideous painting are still downstairs.

Pig Rock, however, was the only one of its kind in Gallatin, Bob said

He was made of Jello! Wow, he must have been HUGE!

"...nothing concrete to go on." Lol, pb.

PB - *snork*

Matt - I feel your pain.

I think it is a "group think" or illiteracy.
We have a hard time getting anyone to READ anything.

They're just lazy pigs. (Sorry couldn't resist)

I actually have a standing concrete pig ornament next to my house, and it's holding petunias. I can't say why, because I'm not into lawn chotchkies, i.e., lantern jockeys or Mary on the half shell (NTTAWWT). But I've been hauling the damn thing around for years and it ways a TON. I hope there's a new fad brewing and someone will take it off my hands.

ways? shoot me

In related news, child actor Arnold Ziffel took delivery today of the life-size sculpture of himself he commissioned last week. "The likeness is quite good," he said, "but what's really amazing is the speed with which they made it and delivered it." Well actually what he said was, "Oink oink snort snort." But you could tell by the way he said it.

“It was hard to mow around — I won’t miss that.”

hmmm I smell a motive...

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