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September 02, 2006


Here's a nice account by Camilla McGuinn, writing on Roger's blog.


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First! and I haven't yet had caffeine!!!! so the post actually made little sense, but was cool anyway.
And, I noticed that in all pix, your shirt is, of course, Blue.

Pretty cool Dave! and btw, the song is GREAT! ya'll don't sound bad at all...I like that he kept the comments at the end.

WOW. Just listened to the The John B's Sails MP3, which sounds great! Love all the behind the scenes details. Roger and Camilla are very wise - they set up their blog with a disabled comments section. Keeps the riff raff over here, where we belong.

Thanks for linking to this, Dave!

Now I'm fargin jealous. Really jealous. I've played with Roger many times, but he didn't know it, cause he was on a cd with the Dirt Band. (I was on fiddle, guitar or keyboards.)

All that fun, and Frank McCourt too.

Well done, Dave.

Nicely written indeed...

McGuinn was definitely there and a part of it when it was all happening...

I jokingly blame/credit a particular line from the Byrds' "So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star" with recently motivating me to buy my first electric guitar at age *ahem* (What's My Age Again? Some of the current music is pretty good too)...three chords with attitude - ha ha - I got the chords, working on the 'tude...btw, for those who don't know, Mitch Ablom's "Tuesdays with Morrie" will change your life. Not in a superhyperbolic way; subtle but meaningful. It also makes a great icebreaker when you see a hot chick on the beach reading it and you can start talking about it. Dave's books - ISIANMTU - on the other hand, bring people (once in awhile, a hot chick among them) to you from around the pool when they see and hear you uncontrollaby convulsing with laughter and they want to know what you are reading. (Credit where credit is due - some of Calvin Trillin's stuff does the same).

I'd love to see the RBR's play sometime...Dave, do they do just covers or some orignal stuff too?

"...I've played with Roger many times, but he didn't know it, cause he was on a cd."

Lol, wyo.

...did she say "cockles"???.... >snorking to himself<

Yeah, stevie, I played with Chris Hillman, John Prine and Levon Helm too!

Does this mean that her blog was for the Byrds?

Now I've got the earwig of Momma Cass singing McGuinn and McGuire, just catching fire...

And for you guitar junkies out here, hop on over to Amazon.com and pick up "Clapton's Guitar: Watching Wayne Henderson Build the Perfect Instrument" by Allen St. John. Even if you know nothing about guitars, you'll enjoy this book.

I so want/need/cannot possibly justify a vintage Martin!

For country fans, this might be the best $8 you ever spent


Extremely Awesome! I just checked in for a last look before I head off on my cruise to Bermuda....this is the PERFECT earwig for the trip!!! Thanks, Dave!

I love that song! I mean, I used to love that song...Hahah! Just kidding! That was really good! The harmonies were right on all the way through. I like the way the song ended too. Sounds kinda like a Pink Floyd ending. You gotta love a song that can use the word "grits" in it no matter how you sing it though!

"Throw away all of my grits."

You have to read Dave's Book of Bad Songs. (Not that this is a bad song, just an odd line).

Excellent, Dave! Sounds like Roger has fun with your guys - as who wouldn't?

Way, way, way cool!!!! Love the John B. Sails recording. And Camilla writes well.

"their talent for making the public hunger for words that transport their readers to a different dimension, intrigue them with a mystery, give insights into a cultural life style or make a person laugh out loud.

For some of us...words to aspire to.

Wildly jealous, Dave. Sounds great.

Wyo - you've played with everyone up there in MT!!

Who knew?

*zips in*

Great post by Camilla and yes
McGuinn and McGuire, just a-getting higher, in L.A. you know where that's at..

stevie, I have a recording of an original song by the RBRs. It's about Tupperware and they wrote it to perform at a National Tupperware convention - it's hilarious.
I got it from a link that Dave or judi posted. It's on my WMP and I don't know how to link to that.
Maybe you could ask judi where it is...

For a link to the RBR's Tupperware Blues, click on the link in this site.

Dave: You're recording this??!! ROFL!

Sounds great!

El and sly
sittin' in a tree... ;)

Superb review by Ca..MILL...a! and a terrific rendition of the classic Beach Boys tune.

Wyo, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is a marvelously talented band, and that album is awesome. I miss John Hartford.

Im sure playing music with Roger Mc is good, but try driving the GTO in x-Box Midnight Run 3! Im only test driving it and have totalled it already. Kewl!

Dave you stabbin' at an SG thee days? I thought you were a Fender man? Leo is askin' questions. If you see Rog, tell him I always wanted one of those McGuitars He plays. Put on another Beatles song and feel stupid happy for the day. Paul is dead. This is a paid public service announcement.

Wyo -

Last night I hooked up with Pam Anderson AND Jessica Alba.

Hey, monkeyknifefight, why don't you tell us how you really feel!!!
*eye roll*

Wyo ... got the album ... had it fer quite some time ... got the others, also ... great music ... great vocals (even the scratchy ones) ... of course, I paid more than $8 ... well worth it, however ...

... and, if your's counts, so do mine ... I've sung with Willie, Billy, Frank, Hag, Robert Preston, John R., John McCormack, Ewan McCall, the Brothers Clancy, Tommy Makem, ... and a bunch of other really good ones ... of course, bein' as old as I am, some of them were on vinyl, some on 78s and some even on WAX! (Think, Edison ...)

To paraphrase Jack Nicklaus, I never sang off-key ... in my mind ...

You da man, stevie!

O the U...Yep, yep, yep...and the Weavers, and Annie Ross, and Elvis, and Katareeena ValENtay, and The Proclaimers, and Bette Midler, and Cythia Gooding, and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, and Oscar Brown Jr., and..and..and...
Well, basically, I never shut up:)

Creeque Alley 2006?

Dave and Roger
Today each one a blogger
That's not how they made their name
Dave had humor
Roger ("Jim" to boomers)
Sixties country rock was his game

In a Starbucks shop I nurse chai tea
Cos after after latte I have to pee
Middle-aged bladder
Kinda makes me sadder
My back page is approachin' fast
And everybody's gettin' fat 'cept
Katie Couric's photoshopped ass...

Its hard to find contact info, but I wanted to share this with the mighty Dave Barry.



Excellent, Stevie w!~

Ah, good times....:)

Great recording, Dave!

Not two hours ago, I was showing my bro-in-law the clips I shot of the very show Camilla writes about and marvelling at what an amazing world we live in that we get the opportunities to do things like sit eight feet from a legend like Mcguinn while he performs.

wowowowowow. i bet he wasnt 8 miles high anymore. if hendrix was alive i bet he'd play with your band too.

AlanBoss - I was there, too! You were only a few feet away from me, too! Amazing world, isn't it?

Annie and Alan - Was that YOU???

Oh, wait - I knew that...

Sly -

Thanks for the link to "The Tupperware Blues." Funny. I was expecting it to be based on Eddie Cochran's "The Summertime Blues," but since it wasn't, hmmm...

On another note, it was reported recently that The Byrds are re-forming, but with Jenna Bush on keyboards and drums. When asked why, Roger McGuinn answered, "A Bush in the Byrds is worth two in the band."

And now you know the rest of the story.

Good day.

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