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September 26, 2006


"I have monkeys in my pants."

(Thanks to Clean Hands)


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"I have monkeys in my pants."

first to say, what a great pickup line!

...and I need to dance.

I don't know HOW many times I'VE tried that line...it's never worked for me yet!

>lights up a smoke<

And "rescued" from his underwear would be right term.



*touch my monkey*

".....and, no, I'm NOT happy to see you."

geeky guy: "We did a case a number of years ago in which animals were affected with Exotic Newcastle disease — and that can wipe out an entire industry."

hot girl: "get lost freak."

geeky guy: "wait! what i meant to say is i have monkeys in my pants!"

If they were in his back pockets they would have been cheeky monkeys.

Spank it!

russell, you've just been telling the wrong chics.

Men smuggled monkeys in pants

Well, yeah. Who wants to smuggle nekkid monkeys.

Bird of Paradise? I think he means the flower, but if not, I think that is a way better pick up line that a monkey in your pants!

Wait. I just remembered the song about the bird of paradise. Something about flying up your nose. On second thought, I'll take the monkey.

I had a tiger in my tank once. Is that wrong?

Hello all - back from the road trip down around Grand Canyon, Bryce, etc - gorgeous!! But I missed you all. I came back with no cheeky monkeys though.

Big deal. If I had a nickel for every time someone has walked up to me and said "I have monkeys in my pants"...., well, let's just say I'd be blogging and a fancier keyboard.

Hi Gypsy-Welcome back!

He flew from Thailand to LA with monkeys in his pants?? Geez, my "boys" get all bunched up flying from NY to Chicago. (C'mon, guys, admit it. You know what I'm talking about).

of course, i prefer my dates to have money in their pants.

"my pants contain an endangered species"

"i'm surprised it's not extinct"

a would be smuggler of sorts
tried to bring in some imports
when the peacock it flew
he thought it best to
admit "I've a shrimp in my shorts"

Thanks Lisa. Am glad to see the world didn't too serious while I was away :-)

Welcome back Gypsy!!!!

The birds died? This guy should have had some tutoring from Craig Ferguson's magician "...with a guuse in his pahnts!"

Was the monkey's name Bubbles?

I bet the snakeheads were only "pants-smuggled" once.

The birds died? This guy should have had some tutoring from Craig Ferguson's magician "...with a guuse in his pahnts!"

slow loris pygmy monkeys WBAGNFARB


Sowwy. And welcome back, Gypsysoul66

ridley couldn't even manage toothpaste!

so do I.....rrrrrrr....

Gypsy, you were in my neck of the woods and didn't come to visit? I'm a bit north of Bryce, but not that far

you got a monkey in your pants, or you just happy to see me???

Hola Siouxie and WD. Wow Sarah, I had no idea or I would've stopped for coffee....or an adult beverage. Beautiful scenary down in your part of the world, but I did miss my trees and mountains.


I finally get a cite... and it's for wriggling pants. Go figure.

"Is that a monkey in your pants, or do you have an unbelievable degree of muscular control OMIGODRUNFORYOURLIVES!!!!"

judi, now they can even carry on their favorite drinks as long as it's limited to 3oz and inside a little baggie...

beer in a bag??? hmmmm new marketing strategy

CH!! We need to BRAINSTORM!!

make it like a blood pack....you know...insulated

*winks @ my fella millionaire-to-be*

THIS is what I call brainstorming... :-)~

Maybe too late, Siouxie. A guy I know holds a patent on a packaging process that puts 1.5 oz. of liquor in a plastic pouch. They're called "Pocket Shots" and if he gets his backing, you'll be seeing them in your local liquor store before long.

Y'all have fun and play nice, and I'll see you tonight after The Airport Job.

Uh.... dehydrated beer?

Now that's light beer.

As a "typical" Utah resident, I don't drink adult beverages (although I am legal now!) or coffee, and I am a few hours north, but you still would have passed me on I-15.

And wasn't there a story a while back about a "fishy smell" that led customs officials to finding exotic fish in bags attached to a belt under a woman's dress? Maybe the two should get together, after prison and all that; they have plenty in common.

oh well...there goes my GET RICH QUICK scheme...

maybe if we patent the little mini coolers???

"I have monkeys in my pants"

I hate when that happens.

What's really trouble is when the monkeys set up a game of pocket pool.

"Rack 'em and crack 'em, boys!"

Chalk for your cue, CH?

Here's a picture of the little tyke after he was removed from the pants. Poor little guy, I hope he feels better.

Er, no thanks, Meanie.

Siouxie, let's get the concession for quart size zip-loc baggies at MIA!!!

"ridley couldn't even manage toothpaste!"

lol, judi

I usually keep macaque in ma pants.

That is all.

Hm-m-m, macaws have oversized beaks - true? however, they also have irritating voices...


Macaque, not macaw.
Craw, not craw.

Pants Monkeys WBAGNFARB

Friend of my sister-in-law's carried a small tape measure in her purse. When hit with a pick-up line, she would pull it out and say "Show me." Usually was the end of that. Err...

ES - I think you've got a good idea there...we'll the the MIA distributors of "Booze-in-a-BAG"

stevie, lol on yacaque in yer pants!!

These scum don't need a 4-year investigation then 20 pretend years in prison; they need to be introduced to Skink [Hiassen fans?]. Shine the Shower Cap signal!

Most of the guys I know never smuggled anything bigger than crabs.

i've met a few fella's with shrimp in their pants.

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