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September 26, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I saw this one this morning too, and that was my conclusion as well, judi!

And then a little bit of EWWWWWWWW

Placenta chum? Don't reptiles like their food live?

"The couple came up with the idea after nurses told them they could take the placenta home if they wished, as many couples liked to give it a spiritual burial, or even eat it.

I .. i ... *thud*

Well I'll be damned.

I'm sorry, how is this a story?

between this one and the other bat-tea one, I have already reached my gross-out potential for the day. Thanks to all.

Not sure which applies:

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. "
Albert Einstein

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"
Albert Einstein

You goanna head, I'll catch up with you later!

Puts a... different light on this here comic, I suppose:


I would worry about the goanas getting a taste for human flesh...

I will remain serious only long enough to say that eating a placenta is actually not that uncommon, especially in countries that are not the US or UK. (okay, seriousness over)

That being said, this does not mean that I find it any less disgusting.

What CH said.

Meanwhile, bauhaus’s link, um, er, still refer back to watch CH said.

"I think we'll just break some beers, chuck it in and do it," Mr Kemp, 21, said.

I feel like chucking it after reading that..ewwwww

Now ain't that special?

*no more typin' with a knife and fork. But I was HUNGRY. Not thirsty enough to get tea-bagged by a bat, though*

What's a goanna?

El, i was a goanna tell ya, but i decided against it. ;)

wonders what kind of beer goes with placenta

crossgirl, A sixpack. At least.

Gimme a ticket for an Aussie zoo
Ain't got time to play the didjiree doo
Woma Ramsey roams
Tai goanna home
My baby's placenta - we ate 'er.

"Not thirsty enough to get tea-bagged by a bat, though"
*snork* at CJ!

Placentas are gross.

That is all.

belated return to a *snork!*

But really, stevie. That's uncanny! It seems that must take quite a bit of time, especially as I think you worked backward from the last line. Just *snork.*

Actually, cj, I did sort of work backwards, but I realized too late I made a big boobedy-boo-boo. I was working off the line, "My baby, she sent me a letter," but it's really, "My baby, she WROTE me a letter." No 'sent,' so no rhyme with 'placenta.'

Joe Cocker would be rolling in his grave. Or at least spastically gyrating on his waterbed.

Ooh! Ooh! I feel another one coming on...

LOL stevie... it was she wrote me ..but your version was good

I gave a package to the postman
An amniotic sac
But after days of in transit
The afterbirth came back.

(He wrote iguanit:)
Returned placenta!
Australian kook!
No such nonsense!
What the fook!

("Return to Sender" - My favorite Elvis tune. Before your time, cj?)

This is why God gave goannas free will.

Ty, sxi. I know the second one is before your time. Mine too.

LOL geez stevie....Elvis is now rolling around in his grave...probably hungry

LMAO too funny...

LOL well yeah but I LOVE Elvis and all his songs of course...I'm OLD too ya know?

*buying a ticket on the geezer express*

who's driving?

City Girl, goannas are a large Aussie lizard, omnivorous, and relatively shy, though capable of inflicting a pretty nasty bite if provoked.

That's from the wetware; let's see what Wikipedia says.

Close. Carnivorous, and the bite is additionally nasty for its propensity to cause an infection. And it's spelled with two "n"s.

This round of Mr. Encyclopedia is brought to you by the Australia Tourism Bureau, who say, "So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?"

*learned something new today thanks to Mr.CleanHandsEncyclopedia*


Eww, Yuck, gross, etc.
But, I have to say that I like the idea of naming a son after Steve Irwin, but not after a reptile. You just know that will come out in therapy sessions later.

Why not? He named his daughter after his favorite croc and his dog.

Siouxie, I'm going to try to challenge myself that way from time to time - it amuses me as a bloggame. :-)

So, the challenge is when someone asks a question, I consult the wetware and give an answer, then insert the Wikipedia link "blind" (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topic">Wikipedia</a>) - without looking at the entry, if possible (ambiguous topics will result in a failed link), and submit the post.

Corrections in a followup post, if necessary. Or gloating, as the case may be.

Kind of a, "So you think you're a wise guy, eh?" game.

Okay, so it's kinda showing off, but it's more fun than surfing Wikipedia by hitting the "Random Article" button, which I sometimes do when I'm bored. ;-)

"A western Iowa woman is recovering from the shock of finding a drowned bat in her tea mug — after she sipped from the cup all day."

Excuse me, she sipped the same cup of tea all day, and didn't notice? She drinks tea with her eyes closed?
That is all.

i read -- and submitted the bat story yesterday, and read the croc hunter stuff, and i only have one thing to add. EWWWWWIE.

to PirateBoy:
You goanna head, I'll catchup with ya later!
Oh- and, EWWW!!!

Dammit, I have to live in this bloody country.

Now I'm hungry. Fair dinkum.

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