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September 30, 2006


(Thanks to Steven M. Wells) (attorney at law) (as opposed to, for example, at large)


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Due to a fire at the Factory the Chimfex Flame and Fire Suppressant product is no longer available.... giggle. AND coffee is finally ready. who needs a cup? extra hot even.

In an unrelated development, due to a flood at the Evian factory, water is no longer available.

Just another corollary to the 'all carpenters have doors that stick' law.

oh, i feel much safer now

"After a fire always have your fireplace inspected...." Especially since that will be all that's left.

"Due to an increase in the number of exploding cows, milk will be in short supply...However, hamburger is abundant."

(Okay, not exactly the same, but the best I can do with pneumonia and only 1 cup of coffee)

Look at that picture! How is a stick of dynamite supposed to stop a chimney fire?

so did they not first call the fire dept?

methinks Steven M Wells, Esq. is hard at work on his next case, as we speak.

this article made me laugh out loud, quite a feat since I and my 2nd-born are both in the same boat as Punkin (maybe not pneumo, but some horrid viral thing, anyway.)

Stev0 -

Dynamite puts out the fire by completely destroying the chimney. No chimney=no chimney fire. See?

It's a rather extreme solution, but it works.

That's hot.


Cat R -

Clever profile. Ha!

I knew a window washer who always had dirty eyeglasses.

I admit this doesn't encourage me to buy this item when production does resume.

Maybe they're planning to manufacture dynamite since instead now?

Yikes, Punkin! Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! I think the blog medicine is in order. Read each hour on the hour.

*snorks at Brian whilst spraying antibacterial stuff around the blog bar*

Wouldn't want to catch sick while I'm getting a drink!

*also sets out the soft, lotiony Kleenex for the afflicted bloglits*

Warning. Fire Suppression material is extremely flammable. Do not use product near open flames.

And I know a child and family therapist who can't stand kids, except for their own grandkids, of course, outside the office. Sometimes.

Geez, enough is enough!

*walks in wearing Outbreak suit*

Punkin, hope you get better!

On November 7th, 2006, the good people of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County will VOTE either Yes or No for the retention of three Judges of the Third District Court of Appeal. Most people do not realize that the Third District Court of Appeal is the last appeal available to the citizens of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County on almost every legal issue. A loss in the Third District Court of Appeal almost always may never be appealed to the Florida Supreme Court, leaving a litigant only one appeal to the United States Supreme Court which will likely be denied very quickly. The United States Supreme Court accepts for review less than 1% of all appeals filed in their court, in addition just the printing cost of the briefs in this court will set you back $5-k.

The Third District Court of Appeal has literally in essence denied almost 50% of all the appeals filed by the citizens of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County, by issuing what is called a PCA, meaning the Court denies the review without any reason. Although the Florida constitution guarantees the right of appeal, the Third District Court of Appeal has side swiped this right by issuing a PCA denial of review. All PCA orders in Florida are NOT reviewable by the Florida Supreme Court and any attempt to seek review by the Florida Supreme Court will be denied on its face by the Clerk of the Florida Supreme Court (this decision is by choice of the current justices of the Florida Supreme Court). As noted filing an appeal to the United States Supreme Court is basically useless.

This November 7th, 2006, is the opportunity for the Voters of Miami-Dade County and Monroe County to send a message to the Third District Court of Appeal that we will not tolerate not being allowed meaningful appeals. An appeal is a right guaranteed by the Florida constitution, for example you could lose your, freedom, child custody, house, life savings and so much more by a trial court who might not follow the law and on appeal the Third District Court could simply say PCA without any explanation. Some have written on the subject that it is because of lazy Judges that sit on the Third District Court of Appeal that over 50% of the appeals are PCA denied without reason.

Miami-Dade County has been known as the capital of judicial corruption since the F.B.I. sting of the 90's titled "Operation Court Broom" that nailed several Miami-Dade Judges who took money bribes to fix the results of cases. In Miami it means so much more to get meaningful due process and provided a reason why you lose your freedom, house, car, life savings, etc;. When justice does not work in a town full of history of corrupt Judges it gives the appearance of impropriety. A detailed account of “Operation Court Broom” and the resulting indictments and trials, including the trial of Judge Sepe, is contained in the opinion in United States v. Shenberg, 89 F.3d 1461 (11th Cir. 1996), cert. denied sub nom. Sepe v. United States, 117 S.Ct. 961 (1997). CLICK HERE to read the details of this case.

No appeals Judge in any Florida appeals court has ever been removed by the voters. We believe it takes 51% of the voters to vote "NO" for the Judge to be removed. For a list of all the current Judges on the Third District Court of Appeal with picture and biography, CLICK HERE .

Here are the names of the Judges up for retention on November 7, 2006 :

Judge Leslie B. Rothenberg - Vote Yes or No

Campaign Treasurer:

Ramon A. Abadin, Esquire.

Judge Angel A. Cortiñas - Vote Yes or No

Campaign Treasurer:

Elena Maria Almeyda

Judge Richard J. Suarez - Vote Yes or No
Campaign Treasurer:

Steve Goldston

*votes to keep this blog politics-free*

Who let the lobbyist in?

Siouxie...I second that (e)motion. earwig, earwig

Get well Soon Punkin and Okie, and Okie's kid... :-(

Great tune, jazzzz. I third it.

Off topic, and not political. (flippin' jerks up above there, whoever dm is)

anyway, I've been keeping you all posted on our horrible local High School football team. They've now lost 5 straight, by a combined total of 207-0.


And just to prove that IANMTU. Here!

wyo, i'm no espn football analyst, but i think the primary problem is the fact that your team let the opposing team's quarterback throw 5 touchdown passes.

now, there could be a plethora of valid explanations for their suckiness, like distractions (girls, hunting season, etc.)

anyhoo, look on the bright side: if thermopolis would win every game, there would be no room for improvement.

This is not as ironic as it seems. It works by igniting a larger, fast-burning competing fire that rapidly consumes all available oxygen. Consequently it is A) made out of extremely flammable material that B) only extinguishes fires in enclosed spaces. You can see how a factory would quickly burn down if the supply of the active chemical ignited.

Thanks for sucking all of the oxygen out of the funny, Eric. :-D

Good explanation, though, and it totally makes sense.

I'm off to go make more hamster craters. :-D

And it was this larger, fast-burning fire that took care of the factory.

Pale, pnuemonia plagued, Punkin Poo persistently posting, perfect palliative!
Anyway next palaver.

Please stop bashing the political putz wonk. He was completely ON TOPIC for this thread. His posting contained the phrase "almost always may never be appealed", which made me say "Huh?"

See - completely on topic.

Wyo....Anyway the Razorbacks can schedule Thermopolis for next year? Say, maybe, for 11 games? just askin'


Ok....started one week ago with sore throat. 2 days later, deep chest cough & sore throat. Next day, fever, sores inside mouth & throat, deeper chest cough, headache, sore throat. Day 5, sores in mouth cleared up, UTI kicked in. Still deep cough, headache, throat only sore from coughing now. Day 6 - throw in the "period from HELL". Every time I cough, wet, slimey, bloody or mucousy clot-balls spew from every orrafice!

Kill me, please....

Whoa, Punkin, that's hot TMI.

Hope you feel better soon. Go Red Sox? (What? There's always next year.)

I wish I was on sg's swing, dang it!


me too. ;)

Yes...well. (I wish I was on sgirl's swing!)

on the swing has gotta be better than on the rag. poor punkin!!!! you need some cocoa. preferably with a shot of bailey's.

OK Punkin', now I'msick. (hope your better soon) On the bright side, it's easier to slide down the stair rail!

*waves to daisy*

c'mon over!

and jazzzz...eeeeww. just eeeeww.

PP, thanks for sharing. Thank God I'm a guy.

Thanks, everyone....I appreciate the good thoughts...Crossgirl, howse about JUST Bailey's??
Oh, and did I leave out the part about the diarrhea?
My bad....

Punkin, all I can say is..YIKES!

I do hope you get better soon.

*Quarantines the blog area*

just to be safe :-)

Punkin, you poor thing! Are you accepting hugs from empathetic friends? {{hug}}

You did make me laugh with your tmi.

I'm sick too but just a major high pressure head cold in preparation for tomorrow's head chopping day at my place of work. So think of me a 9:50 Eastern.

On the upside, I may have much more time to read the blog.

Punkin, Drinkk lots of ginger tea. Take plenty of vitamin C and, uhm, lots of antibiotics.

Okie Dokie, You too. Except, maybe the antibiotics. They don't do anything for viruses. (viri?)

Please stop bashing the political wonk. He was completely ON TOPIC for this thread. His posting contained the phrase "almost always may never be appealed", which made me say "Huh?"

See - completely on topic.

Posted by: The Dread Pirate Chris | 09:11 AM on October 1, 2006

My favorite phrase was "literally in essence".

PunkinPoo what you need is a couple of Chimfex Cold Suppressors. Pop a couple up your nose & you'll be right as rain in no time.

Oh wait, News Flash: Due to an outbreak of influenza at the factory, Chimfex Cold Suppressor is out of stock.

Damn, that sucks.

And it was this larger, fast-burning fire that took care of the factory.

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