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September 30, 2006


This is disturbing.

(Thanks to Paul A. Sands)


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and add my ex husband - his middle name is wayne and he's a nutcase extraordinaire.

Dallas, huh? Anybody know Mark Cuban's middle name?

I think this whole "Wayne" thing is rediculous, and sure you all agree with me. Right? RIGHT? YOU BETTER FREAKIN' AGREE WITH ME. I'LL RIP YOU ALL NEW FREAKIN' A-HOLES IF YOU DON'T FREAKIN' AGREE WITH ME.

ohhh, look, something shiny. La lala, dee da da da.

I did have that problem when I was in high school - had the hots for at least three guys with the middle name Wayne and one with that as his first name. My current DH has the middle name of Ira. He's about as sure to get in trouble as Mickey Mouse....

what about last names? a certain person comes to mind...

John Wayne isn't gonna like this.

... Connection? You be the Wayne Judge.. From other Wayne Thread.

She accused Likada Farms, of Wayne, Ill., of improperly breeding Peruvian Lily and then refusing to identify the offspring's father. Without the male's name, Crosson said she cannot register or sell the young alpaca.

and i'll bet their parents were never active in pta.

That is freaky and entirely good to know.

Anybody who regularly reads News Of The Weird knows that!

Good thing I stopped dating Wayne W. (for Wayne) Waynerson.

excuse me a minute while i go check my kids birth certificates. i don't think i named any of them wayne.

*snork* at punkin!

Punkin - don't worry, he married my cousin in West Virginia.

I bet "Lee" is another popular criminal name. In that case, my Dad and my little niece are off limits.

ok, now a *snork* for okie!

(i've gotta stop this...i'm gonna end up hurtin' myself)

Not to mention "John Wayne Gaycie". Truly evil.

My interest in this thread is waning.

I am shocked.

Somebody clearly mentioned - and this is a DIRECT quote - "John Wayne Bobbitt". How many references from this thread do I see to his infamous wife? ZERO.

I am truly shocked.

Um...Brad? Don't tell my husband that one, okay?

You should read News of the Weird. They have a running feature on the middle "Wayne" name thing. I'm sure there is much more than listed here.

The movie "Happy, texas" features an escaped convict named Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.

George Wayne Bush?

And don't forget John F. (as in "Wayne") Kerry!

I'm sure it is a regional cultural thingy. Now, in Montana or Oregon, there are hardly any Waynes. I hope.

As a note to Mikey, John Wayne's real name was Marion Michael Morrison. After that, the rather peculiar Wayne coincidence noted by Dave and News of the Weird might be considered an improvement.

"It came from Ms. M.R. Stewart, who is a proud mother, as well as being grandmother to four pit bulls."

is that biologically possible?

superfluous tangental note: my middle name is really wayne.

and, yes, i did steal a pencil once.

This applies to both my brother and my dad...

I mean the "middle name is Wayne" part, not the psychopathic violent criminal part.

I thought I should clear that up.

I dated a guy named Wayne in college. He was an ex-paratrooper (violence potential). Looks like I dodged a bullet when he broke up with me.

Does anyone know Dave's middle name?

It's well known that there's also a problem with guys named Eugene. My initials happen to be WEB, but I'm not saying what the W and E stand for. I will say I've rarely attacked anyone. Except with anagrams. And puns. And shaving cream. I'll stop now.

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