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September 29, 2006


(Thanks to queensbee)


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So he went to the trouble of wearing the box and then admitted he did it?

"Legal Mastermind of the Day"

All that law school, and his best advice was to wear a cardboard box on his head?

Methinks he didn't graduate at the top of his class...

I'm just sayin'.

A bag on the head I've heard of. A box - not so much.

I don't mean to throw this guy under the bus...

...but at some point, do you think he reexamined his life and realized that he was sitting outside a courtroom with a cardboard box on his head after stealing about $600 worth of wire? If that's not a tipping point in your life, I don't know what is.

i ususally save the box wearing for formal events.

It was an open and shut case.

Was it a jury box?

Wookiee - I have to agree. this seems like one of those "maybe I should re-evaluate the direction of my life" kind of moments.

The irony of the situation is that, while waiting for his appointment with the DA, he realized that he had been wearing the SAME box on his head when he stole the roll of wire. Hence his decision to enter a plea...

He was clearly thinking INSIDE the box. Or not.


Stevie W- already did the "thinking inside the box" thing. I have nothing now. Well, it is my fault. You know what they say.. "It is the early bird who gets the tofu.."

Speaking of bats..
I just heard today that bats also carry hemorrhoids. "Filthy little hairy things." Just one sick bat could infect all of America with hemorrhoids.

Bats must be stopped..!!

Hey, Angry Republican, come over to our side. Our bats don't carry hemorrhoids! :)

(just rabies)

Don't go to the dark side, Luke Skywalker

To Eleanor,

Are you saying "bats" have a political affiliation..??

This doesn't change my opinion of bats. They all hang together. Having little "Bat Gatherings." God only knows what goes on during these things. If one "filthy" bat has hemorrhoids, they are all going to have hemorrhoids.

Hearing that bats might be democratic doesn't make me feel safer.

I thank you for the effort though..!!

the Unknown felon!!

That is one ultra-perk perky news team.

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