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September 27, 2006


If you see a faded sign at the side of the road
That says 15 miles to the
Love Sac! Love Sac yeah yeah

Be careful.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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So... is this a version of product placement?

"I'd run into highway traffic to save my Love Sac."


The owner of the love sac was cited for "Failure to secure a load".

Someone alert planned parenthood.


I can totally understand why the owner couldn't bear to have a truck run over his sac.

Bang! Bang! Bang! on the truck baby!!!

tin roof! rusted.

Y'know, if my Love Sac were lying on the road, I'd probably run out into traffic to save it, too.

On the other hand, I'd probably die laughing if someone had footage of a beanbag chair getting nailed by a truck at highway speeds... so long as it was filmed on a test track, using trained stunt drivers, of cours.

I guess I'm just funny that way...

lol judi...gotta love the B-52's!

This accident made Mrs. Jello an hour late (IANMTU) for a meeting with a client. She was PO'd.

Judi - I'm picturing you dancing around your office with big hair, short skirt, sequins, legwarmers and cut off gloves.

B52's ROCK!!! (lobstah)

....plus an oosik.

Meanie - I don't think they had oosiks in the 80's - thank GOD! Can you imagine what Madonna would've done with THAT???????

everybody's movin' everybody's groovin' baby
funky little sac, funky little sac!

(Ahh... a very worthy earworm...)

Please pass the brain bleach, Punkin. Thank you kindly for that.

LOVED the 80's!

Dayam I used to dress that way too, Punkin! NEON pink! *puke*

*shudders at the vision of Madonna with an oosik*

Sarcasmo you beat me to the punch on that one. Hilarious! I am LMAO!

My wife is stuck in 80's music. Bleck.

If I could turn back time, the legislature would have been in session and Cher would have gone skiing.

It appears that video of the Love Sac incident is only being carried by the Cox cable provider.

I got me a Love Sac, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your KY Jelly

random: "I got me a love sac, it's gettin' kinda smelly..."

It seems the Sergent is aptly named. "Keith Dockstader" ~ "Ticket dorkheads."

Sergeant. Sergeant. Sergeant. Arrgh.

I interrupt this thread to bring you some terrifying news.

While I was preparing another bit of witty reparte for this blog, about an hour ago, I heard a loud detonation, and my power went out.

Upon investigation, I determined that the cause of the detonation was one squirrel, RIP. ("Detonated Squirrels" WBAGNFARG, by the way.)

Nearby was a somewhat older squirrel corpse, which explains why our power was also out Monday morning.

The squirrels are clearly on to me, and are mounting a concerted campaign to keep me away from the blog.

I fear for my safety - if they're willing to sacrifice two of their number to perform surgical strikes (knocking out power only to my building and the one next door), what else might they be capable of?

I feel so frightened and alone...

Clean Hands (Aloha, Mr. Hands?);

You ought to sell your squirrel story to the Star or the Detroit Free Press (Fight the Power?), or whatever rag they sell in the grocery story checkstand:

Suicidal Squirrels - The Whole Shocking Story!

I wonder if they've met Elvis yet?

CH!! don't feel alone! IT is a global conspiracy!!! About 20 mins ago one of the transformers outside MY building blew and part of our office is indeed without power. I have yet to investigate the cause as I fear I'll run into a fried squirrel....

I am usually not paranoid but I feel they were after ME!

I'm escared...

*joining CH in the padded corner of the blogroom*

Remember the squirrel I described the other day? This one was in similar condition, only his eyes were intact (wide open), and it was a hind leg that had detonated, rather than a front leg.

It was clearly deliberate, and well-planned. The fact that they conducted a coordinated strike at your location, Siouxie, demonstrates definitively that they are in cahoots with al Qaeda.

I just looked, and there was a martyrdom note, signed:

جميع هل لنا ان المكسرات

Google translates this as "All your nut are ours."

Thanks, Random. A second ago, I almost shot Naked Smoothie all over my husband's office.

It's a conspiracy against all of us AND OUR FAMILIES. Yesterday morning a squirrel tried to roast its nuts LoveSac in a transformer in our neighborhood. The Dread household was dark for about ten minutes, but The Knife-Packing-Midget Dread's elementary school was without power for over five hours.

Maybe we should all move to Idaho and prepare.

DPC - how much crime can there be in a city of 800+ people that they would think every household should have a gun?

I've posted a photo of the squirrel on my MySpace site... not sure if this will work, but those who can't access MySpace can try this direct link

(WARNING: Graphic detonated squirrel photo!).

Glix, that sounds really... kinky. ;-)

EWWW CH! nasty critters!

I just saw Florida Flicker & Light FPL outside changing the transformer...till the next deadly critter comes scurrying along...

I'm moving to the Wyo household - deal with horsies and not suicidal squirrels.

You will note, Siouxie, that he died facing Heaven.

I wonder if squirrel martyrs get 42 virgin squirrels?

I thought he was facing Mecca...

JIHAD on Bloglits?? where's Dick Chenney and his shotgun when we need him huh??

Holy cow, Siouxie, I just checked and YOU'RE RIGHT. He was facing Mecca.

(Not that I'm implying that Islam is a religion of violence, mind you... The Pope learned his lesson but good on that point.)

DISCLAIMER: We do not condone violence nor do we profile due to race, religion or species. Our brothers and burka-wearing sisters of the Muslim faith are a peace-loving people.

(ixnay on the quirrelskay being uslimay, CH!!)

"the owner of the Love Sac was not hurt"
"failing to secure a load"


That is all

Sounds like his Love Sac prematurely ejected.

CH - I should forward my recipe for Brunswick Stew. Blow it up and post on on the side of your house that faces Mecca. No virgin squirrels if you're eaten by an infidel - NTTAWWT

Google actually translates "جميع هل لنا ان المكسرات" as "Are we all nuts?"

Until I posted here, the answer was yes.

It's not a beanbag, it's a loooooooooooovvvvvve sac.

LTTG (as usual) and actually ON TOPIC (unusually) Those Love Sac™ beanbag chairs are really expensive (for a beanbag chair - they run from $89 up to $499 - yes, for a beanbag chair) and I might consider trying to rescue one from oncoming traffic (If I had been dumb enough to spend that knid of cash on one in the first place)

Please resume normal hilarity.

"Utahahah highway" indeed. Why is it always under construction?! Why? WHY?!! They only have one, you'd think they'd repair it and be DONE with it for a few years.

LTTG, as usual, but ROTF [on the floor baby] L.

Muffles, that's always my question too. At least the carpool lanes are almost done! And I'm not surprised that a love sac fell onto the road, there are quite a few colleges around and loads of college students

And loads of love sacs. It's a beanbag people! A very very large beanbag. I jus' don' unnerstan... Oh wait, the fascination must be because they are easy to move (hence, good for transient students) as this article demonstrates

Also good for other activities students participate in (watching movies, sleeping, "hanging out," I'm sure you can think of others)

They can also hold the weight of a student without breaking.

(for the record I am not and have never been a student at UVSC, also I am not overweight, I am, however, a college student that cooks and eats balanced meals)

didn't you say you study Nutrition or something? Had a very nutrition-conscious mother? something like that...

I'm studying Family and Consumer Sciences Education, which includes nutrition, and had very health-concious parents. I also live with two dietitians that make me feel guilty any time I eat junk food (they don't mean to, I just do)

Sarah J, High Five for Fam Sci, the new home ec! I'm a Zoobie (or was,) meself. (don't shoot. I escaped the Valley)

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