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September 27, 2006


You can be baaaaad¹ and it won't go on your permanent record.

(Thanks to the male Claire Martin, Lee Allen)



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"Army Goats" WBAGNFARG.

Shining on parade usually gets ewe busted back to Private.

From the comments section:
The English cum Americans

And ewe thought passing kidney stones was baaaaaaad.

I wonder if Billy Windsor is really Billy the kid.

amok, amok, amok!!

Well, Thank the Blesssed Queen Mother...oh wait....

So many, many jokes, so little time...

There's gotta be a Billy Goats Gruff joke somewhere in this situation, but I can't find it.

Well, I'm sure he was probably drafted; maybe he feels he shouldn't have to respect the authorities since he had no choice in the matter.

Just great.

deelaught is spam.

and his mother dresses him funny

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