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September 18, 2006


Gross, or merely icky? You make the call.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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Wow - that really made my eyes pop out. Oh, wait...

"eye" find it to be very disturbing...hope he doesn't do that during the crucial moment with his significant other!

Sorta makes you wonder how far *ahem* other things pop out......

*notes that the second link is Yahoo photos, refuses to click given initial article, adds one vote to the 'icky' category*


Judi - I vote for gricky.

Gross, icky and EW!

I'm voting in the "icky" column.

"Gross" would be if they popped all the way out and dangled from his face.

Speaking of "gross or icky", what do you think of this crazy eBay auction?

Dude has classic 15-year old SuperSonics shaving bag. Fiancee demands he get rid of it. So he put it on eBay despite her scoffing that nobody would ever buy it and "I'll give you a b*****b for each dollar it sells for"

Current bid is $83. Dude will donate money to charity, but "keep the collatoral winnings due to me from my fiancee."

A woman who had this gift a few years ago (also black, wonder if there is some genetic connection) was hired by a company to do a commercial where she popped her eyes out over the low prices the company had. Pretty funny. Wonder what happened to her, if she got any other gigs.

Pinto says he's been luxating his globes since he was 9 years old and "it doesn't hurt a bit."

luxating his globes...is that what they call it now??

For the daring/foolish.

Also this.

Gricky, very gricky.

reminds me of Marty (Igor) Feldman...

thanks for the bleach, Meanie...

that's definitely ewwwie!

Me too, Siouxie, 'cept I couldn't remember his name!

Check your e-mail

*snork* @ fredg.

Shouldn't any woman know that as soon as there is a promise of sex, a guy will do basically anything (including setting up a second eBay account and risking the wrath of a user agreement violation)?

Silly girl. What did that study say, again, Beppie?

I'm freakin' at globe luxation
He's given me palpitations
Ooh, bop bop
Globe luxations, bop bop...

Clean - who said anything about sex? My guess is she says, "uh, stupid, I said backrubs!"

How does one wake up one day & say to one's self, "Today I think I will attempt to luxate my globes"????

I can barely get my eyes open enough to make the coffee, let alone try to luxate them.

When, as a child, his parents asked "Hey, Little Pinto Bean, what happened to your eyes?" He responded, "My dog Lux ate them." That's the history of the scientific term for popping one's eyes out.

And this Bloglette is not making this up.

"I'm voting in the 'icky' column.

'Gross' would be if they popped all the way out and dangled from his face."

CH is this "gross" enough for you?

Catharine - I'll bet little Pinto really sent his mom screaming when he could no longer stand hearing her say "Be careful, or you'll put someone's eye out!".

Edgar - so I tried to send that to Mr. 24 and he was restricted, to which he said "Oh, thank God" when I explained the link.

ewwww and yuck!

How 'bout just plain freaky?

I'll vote 1 gross, 1 icky, and throw in an I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Ahhh 24 you must be married becasue only a married woman would turn a B*** **b into a back rub!

Edgar, that's pretty icky, but for a full "gross" vote, I want to see nerves & veins & stuff. Nice try, though. :-)

Not true, Letch - I did the same when I was single!

You have always withheld from your man??? Shame on you. I thought it was a leverage tool for women to help convince men to marry? Once the prize is obtained the treats are taken away. You know, like training a dog!

Edgar there is no way that can be real!

Oh, Letch - much to learn have you!

What does that mean 24?

He was speaking in Yodaese, young Padawan.

*seriously speaking* - life and marriage are much too stressful and challenging to withhold any joy! There are a million other obstacles to overcome other than whether or not he's getting enough BJs...and sometimes those BJs don't matter a whit in the grand scheme of things.

/life lesson #1 from 24

Ed Zachary, 24, Ed Zachary.

I wish I had seen this BEFORE lunch. Major ewwwwage.

Ahh Yodaease! It has been awhile but i do recognize it. Thank you for the guidance. I can only draw for my own personal experiences. I have been betrayed in my life and have a bit of pent up hostility it seems. I will try to learn more from the master.

Lately with some of the links that are here, I tend to read the comments before hitting the link. I prefer to keep my lunch.

As for the eye thing.. It really is not that gross. I could tell you stories...MmmmmMmmmmMmmmm.

Letch, been there on both sides! Neither one is fun! But there is always a right person out there for everyone! The search is half the fun!

On to humourous hilarity, bloggers!

In other eyeball-popping news:

By the way, if you want to faint on your keyboard, just Google "globe luxation" and read a few.

Sooo 24 you are saying you have or have not found your "right" person. I always here that there is someone out there but i have my doubts. Don't misunderstand... I am not mean or synical just perhaps a little jaded.

24.... Is the lesson over? I hope I havn't offended you. I guess I just have not had the best of luck in relationships. I do however look forward to the day when what people tell me about happens to me. Unitl then... My past haunts me.

Whoooooa, Wally. I had no idea...

This blog is such an educational experience.

Letch - you may regret taking lessons from me...jaded is my middle name :) looking to reform any day now, though!

Ahh i have found a feisty one in 24. Good i love an occassional battle. You have not state whether you have found your "right" one or not. I like to learn from those who have achieved success!!!!

letch - I guess you find the answer to that on your death bed and look to see who's holding your hand.

A wise answer 24. I sense a hesitance to answer the question so I will presume that you have not achieved your inner peace.

24 I wish you the best in locating your special person and I will stop picking at you. Thank you for the indulgence.

Letch - inner peace is a constant struggle. Just when you think you have it, your world turns upside down.

Ohhh.. Darn it 24. I was gonna quit but now i sense sadness in you and my heart pulls me back. You seem to draw from a personal memory. DO you wish to share you thoughts?

Letch - here's a deal - you share your story and I'll share mine

You wanna start or shall I?

go ahead

Married 8 years with beautiful daughter and what i belived was a perfect life. Came home from work one day to find she was gone along with my daughter. Followed by bitter divorce and custody dispute leaving me with no answers as to what happened to my beautiful world. Result jaded and broken man working on recovery. I am hesitant to give more details to the entire world.

Did we havae a deal?

whoa. Sorry, Letch. I've been on both sides of your issue - luckily sans kids when I divorced my 1st husband. Mr. 24 and I have been together for 10 years - lots of ups and downs. Every day is a new opportunity to either mess up or do right. I've done my share of messing up and if you have the right person beside you, they accept that and help you move past it. The great thing about love is that it's always out there waiting to be discovered.

wally: you squick me.

Ohh so you do have a Mr. 24. Very good and he is your second. So there is hope for me yet? Thank you for the vent session and the life lesson. It has been ahwile since my divorce but I still find much pain and frustration. Well I will end this sob session and move on to bigger and better things. I look forward to many a battle or perhaps an allegence with you in the furture.

until the next battle, Letch!

Letch - None of my business, really, but I kinda overheard...

I was happily married for 14 yrs.....the other 6 sucked... so after 20 yrs, we parted.

I spent the next year wallowing, certain no one would ever love me again....and then I realized that the EX didn't love me those last couple of years, and what had I lost? NOT MUCH!

I lifted my head up, acted confident (which helps you project confidence), and met THE man of my dreams. (After kissing about 5 frogs)

And DO NOT SETTLE just because you're lonely - life is too long to spend it unhappy!

judi - I Googled "squick" and now _I_ am squicked. What a queasy day on the blog.


My two cents:

I was married for 15, last few not so good and after 20 years it was over. I came out with two incredible daughters and the sense that there is someone better out there - no matter how long you have to wait.

*will try that d*ldo up the wazoo trick - wurked for Punkin!*

More like just weird in a why-would-ya-wanna kind of way.

Be careful, Siouxie.

Is that an Xray of Punkin?

'Fess up. How many of ya'll ordered prints? Just pop those hands right up.



CH - You CRACK me UP!

Hey, Clean Hands I had to check out the link.

My favourite quote would be:

"Seek emergency medical help if you think you have a foreign object in your rectum".

Yep, that tip sho nuff cleared up some nagging doubts. Hmmmmm....

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