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September 27, 2006


Because you can't be sure for the first 91 times.

(Thanks to Chaz)


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I need a new job.
Does this qualify a the Professional Pervert I was interviewing for a few days ago?

poor dancers, cops are notoriously bad tippers.

Better headline: Cops Bust Cherry

"Detectives bought seven lap dances from ''Cherry'' but never identified her, records show."

I'm guessing that the author of the article had internal fights, wanting to say;

In spite of seven lap dances, detectives couln't pop Cherry.

Sheriff's detectives sought 41 misdemeanor nudity charges against 15 dancers at the club, but were unable to identify another 34 dancers

Duh! The girls were probably clothed in the line up...bet if they took their tops off the cops would recognize them.

"detectives sought 41 misdemeanor nudity charges against 15 dancers at the club, but were unable to identify another 34 dancers"

No distinguishing marks, eh?

Great Sick minds think alike, EC.

Instead of a vowel, can I buy a "d" from someone?

oh, great.

now how will all those girls pay for college?

Cop: Try as I might, I cannot seem to pick Cherry out of the lineup.
Chief: Try looking at their faces again...
Cop: Faces...they got faces???

What color were their eyes?



Pathetic ain't it?

hmmm...a triple...

*lights one up*

I'm thinking that if they bought seven lap dances from Cherry that they, in fact, DID get what they wanted in return for NOT identifying her.

I think this is the next appropriate earworm.

I am not even gonna ask how you know that crossgirl.

so these girls are never gonna get to work at Big Tootsies huh...a shame....

Granted we're almost done w/September. Please note that the vote won't occur until NOVEMBER!!! What hppened to October? Perhaps there is some terrific masquerade party... and then they're going to be very thankful for the extended time frame!

Any bets on who is calling in the complaints that led to the investigations?
Cop 1 "I'm bored...let's go visit Cherry!"
Cop 2 "Yeah! Pull over at this 7-11, it's got a pay phone."

And as I see it, cops get shot at and get paid very little. I say let them have a little fun now and then.

How come you never see this kind of investigation on Law & Order?

Yeah, I miss "the Job". I think it was only on two seasons, but they may have actually done just that.

Dang, I want to make a joke about Jack Bauer but I don't know the character well enough to come up with something satisfying. How many bloglits can do better?

The Dread Pirate Chris ...that was a very appropriate earworm

Milena Govich and Alana De La Garza could go under cover. I'd TIVO that.

I guess sometimes it really is good to be a cop...

Jack Bauer makes a lap dance by shooting your thigh.

How was that one?

4:22 post by "gestald" is spam; do not click link on name; judi, if you have a moment, could you whack tha mole? Thanks for playing...

Does this fall under 'dirty' job description?

Bad Boys Bad Boys...who ya gonna do...which of the strippers is waiting for you!

Well, it's just one of at least 88 things we've learned by watching movies.

chaz, a couple years of waitressing, and several more years in law enforcement. not dancing!

Detectives bought seven lap dances from ''Cherry'' but never identified her, records show.
Eet eez all starting to come togezzer now, he sez as he twirls his moustache after separating it from the melted sticky 'Secret' container...
From COOL NEWS blog entry of September 24:

When deputies entered the residence, they noted the bathroom meat, in addition to several lit candles left in the home's living room. In the kitchen they found a bowl of unpopped corn kernels, two burned matches, and a cup of water containing a soaked paper note which read, “I love Cherry.”
Zere eez no zuch zing as a cold case. Only cold coffee.

I like that the investigation took 2 years and 92 dances. They can bust a crack house in an afternoon but nudity - wow.

Cop 1: I can't be sure but I think in the middle of that lap dance some nudity occurred.

Cop 2: Well, better safe than sorry. We can't bust on assumed nudity. We better go back again and make sure it was really nudity.

*much later*

Cop 1: Y'know. I'm getting more convinced nudity happened back there during lap dances #39 and 62.

Cop 2: We'll just go back Saturday nite and maybe this time get pictures.

I was intrigued by the title and having read DeBecker's "Gift of Fear" couldn't wait to read his insights on this fascinating subject. "Just 2 Seconds" did not disappoint. Within a few sentences, I found myself hooked. This book provides numerous insights on public figure I've recommended this book to many friends and each has agreed with my assessment. If you're in protection, security, law enforcement business, this book is a MUST HAVE! Gavin de Becker, Tom Taylor and Jeff Marquart understand the topic and present the material in a way that the reader can understand and digest!

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