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September 26, 2006


Student designer creates Charmin charming dress.


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WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??? Shoddy journalism, yet again.

I'll bet she's flushed with excitement.

Also, would this be appropriate attire to a wet T-shirt contest? Let's break the votes down by gender, hmmm?

Version of the story with a photo...

I have to say that the front of that dress is WAAAAYYY too short for a wedding dress. After the garter removal, the bride would have no surprises for anyone anymore.

Thanks CH! I was wondering where the pictures were...

At least the bride won't have a problem with TP shortages.

Hope it doesn't rain on Wedding Day...

An incredible work of art, I should say. The shortness of the dress in the front is obviously the designer's subtle reference to the shortness of the wearer's happiness. That all too brief moment of happiness experienced by the wearer while walking the aisle, all eyes gazing upon her wonderous beauty. The long length of the back of this artistic delight is a reference to the remainder of the wearer's life, that dull, boring expanse of nothingness, an eternity spent with the man of her dreams. The material of choice is indicitive of the wearer's many future days, all endlessly stretched before her, day after day of picking up hubby's underwear and washing out the stains. How creative! How thought provoking! How delightful! Bravo, bravo I say!

That was a depressing review.

CH, I promise, I'm not bitter or anything, really!

CH~ I doubt this is the same contest, but the concept is the same. And there are lots of pictures.

Some of those are really cute, Bumble... so long as the weather cooperates.

Is TP the new duct tape, or what?

No, wait... duct tape is like the Force; it has a dark side and a light side, and it bind the universe together. If TP has a dark side, I don't want anything to do with it.

casey, she'll have plenty of material to dry away those tears of total JOY...

Seeee, this is why the world needs girls. We do cool stuff too. ;-)

If by "cool," you mean "something that guys would LOVE to see in a summer rainstorm," sure. :-D

Key quote: "People will actually get an idea of how my designing is and how my creativity is."

Not to mention how her grammar [i]isn't[/i].

Here are more pics of beautiful TP gowns.
click here

i hate it when the bride has wedding dress stuck to the bottom of her shoe...

*snork* @ insom

She "did all these wonderful things to bathroom tissue." How nice.

Oh, and I'm sure glad she won a bursary. (I guess those are quite useful in Canada, eh?)

♪ Here comes the bride,
double roll extra-wide.
Cottonelle or Charmin?
Oh how to decide? ♫

*SNORK!*@ Bumble.


I was going for the rhyme, not the accurate TP description. I've never seen extra-wide TP. How about "double rolled down the side?" or "double rolls white and dyed?"

Will they eat off paper plates at the reception? Cut the cake with a plastic knife? Hmm...new low-budget wedding ideas...

"Goin' to the chapel, of love..." A Dixie Cup at every wedding.

We could probably get a better design by giving a million monkeys a million rolls of TP and a million TPeaShooters™ and waiting.

The skirt layers were sprayed with water and then blow-dried to give a tulle-like look....

The trouble is, they stick to the bottom of your shoe.


Sorry, insom, I didn't see your posting above. I've been a couple of hours behind the curve all day today.

*Snork* @ CH's 10:28

At the ceremony, the bridesmaids were dressed in shower curtains, the groomsmen in bathrobes and the bouquet was a lovely collection of paper roses.

The mother of the bride sobbed through the entire ceremony and when asked if she was crying from happiness, she replied: "No. How will we ever get it back on the roll?."

At a Philadelphia area university where I used to work the Fashion design program runs an annual DesignX show which features clothing made entirely out of trash.

And I seem to remember one year a contest sponcered by a company that manufactures shoulder pads (women suit kind, not the football pads) that challanged the students to desing entire evening gowns entirely from their shoulder pads.

Of course the oddest part about working at a school that features fashion design is walking into a classroom to troubleshoot a PC or something and startling a half dozen coeds in various stages of undress as with their college level menatlly they had deceided that a classroom makes a great spur of the moment changing room. --- not that I'm complaining mind you.

lol, lbff & insom

FOUND IT! (click previous and next for entries that didn't win...) (probably didn't link it right, so here's url:

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