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September 27, 2006


Now they are taking away the basic human right to go-go-dance near tanks.

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)


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I guess they're afraid the tanks are going to 'fire off' prematurely?

a theme.....

Was that a first? And I haven't even been here all day.

hey, look at the large view of that PIX...nice hair....

"me love you long time"....as long as you pay my bail

it was a simu-first


I think the problem is they take these coups TOO serious. The main thing is just to have fun....

Dudes need to lighten up!

Maybe they could take a lesson from Florida law enforcement?

And, since we would never do that, we shall not make fun of the city name in which go-go dancers are shooed away from the tanks.

My favorite quote:
"People should differentiate between entertainment and seriousness. A coup is not entertaining."

Man, all these years I've been watching war movies and apparently I've been wrong to do so.

You mean we won't make fun of BANGKOK, CJrun?

My brother is supposed to go to Thailand for two years, leaving Monday. Good thing there won't be gogo dancers to distract him from his work!

Nice to see Blog standards are appreciated, Wench. BTW folks, Thailand is wonderful, they rarely have coups, and they got rid of Skinny-Pasty-Faced-Guy; go visit!

You bet those go-go dancers are distracting. Look at the guy on the right in the photo - he can't even focus long enough for a picture.

coup coup ka joob

Guns and butter? No...Butts and gunners.

That's hot.

Pair o' panties hiked steep
Into her crack they will creep
There's a man over there with a gun
Gettin' so much distraction, from her buns

(Ok, I do NOT take the blame for this one. When Dave posted the article about the Byrds, it got me thinking about Buffalo Springfield, another excellent group of the era. For what it's worth.)

ok..THAT one I don't know, steve-o...

Yes you do. "For What It's Worth," the Buffalo Springfield's second (pretty sure) hit:

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

(ok, I took some poetic license and combined two verses.)

YES I do :-)

Just didn't recognize the words. I just googled it and I'm listening to it now!
(On U-Tube)

For What it's Worth

awesome song!

Key Quote from this article.

"We have to maintain the seriousness of the coup."

Wipe that smile off your face, Soldier - you're in the Army now!

I heard it immediately, as soon as I started reading stevie's lyrics [I had to turn my radio down, so I could hear it in my head], but woulda never guessed it was Springfield. Shoulda known that was Neil's voice. Nice job! Plus, you displaced an earwig. I never get them, but my office-mate can attest to my having one all day.

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