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September 24, 2006


If you ever plan to eat again, you do NOT want to click this link.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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When did you say Dave's comin' back? Just wonderin'.


just sayin'

*winks at Sioux*

and you thought the Koreans were special!

*winks* back @ Wyo...

oh and EWWWWW

"Only common people come here to get drunk and laugh."
But she does offer me a deer-blood and vodka cocktail, which I decide to skip.

So, just how common are deer-vampires (noscervidaetsu?) in China, anyways? That's almost half as disturbing as the actual content of the article.

O.M.G! *note to self: pay attention to judi's warnings!)

Howdy, Lisa.

Hi Wyo and Siouxie.

and reneviht and cheryl

did I say...EWWWWWW???

Siouxie-You can say that again!

Hey Lisa!!

Siouxie-Hope your mom is doing well.

Re: the article, at first I thought these restaurants were actually in China, but they are in the UK!

UK as in ukky poo?

Lisa, thanks for asking..she's doing better


so what'cha doin', Lisa? footballs about over for the day. :(

Re Lisa Bisa Fo Fisa's comment: My mistake. Noscervidaetu in Britian is nothing to worry about.

reneviht, that link made my trigger finger itch. Must be September.

"My appetite is heading for the airport.

Still, I think, it would be rude not to try something."


NO huntin'! yet

well all ...time for me to hit the bed...

smoochies all and sweet dreams!

Ha! Broncos 17, Pats 7. Final.


What'd that bed ever do to you, Sioux?

reneviht-I'd agree w/you that's it disturbing--regardless of where it is. I was expressing surprise because I'd think the UK would have laws against it.

Wyo-Sorry I didn't see your question up there. I'm just watching tv and getting ready to go to bed also. Gettin' ready for another week.

good night all, I'm done in. Too much work lately.

nite, Lisa.

that's it that it's

g'nite wyo

And here I always thought penne with meatballs was an Italian dish.

actually, lbff, I beleieve it is in China:

"The Guolizhuang restaurant claims to be China's only speciality penis emporium, and no, it is not a joke."

The house recommends as a first course, a nice hot bowl of Cream of Sum Yung Gai.

(not original - "Wayne's World")

Women don't come here so often....

Hmmm, I'm guessin' that they don't need to go out for it.

Judi warns us and warns us... but we never learn.

Oh. And in case no one has said it yet....


There are some images that you just wish you never saw. And then your brain punishes you by etching them forever also causing them to be easily brought to mind.

Lazy suzanne of hanging *parts* for your dinner choice.



Foie gras and caviar suddenly don't seem so wrong.

Meditrina - so true.

What won't people do?

It makes me want to be a vegetarian sans spinach.

With six inches you get egg roll.

With six inches you get egg roll.

Stevie, it seems you had a premature posting.

*evil chuckle*

(apologies to Neal Diamond)

Dongs - fun food
If your man is girly
Dongs - fun food
Long or straight or curly

Now and then you get a yen to eat some critter's dork
But when it's fried and sitting on your plate
It doesn't taste like pork!
Doesn't taste like pork

Dongs -fun food
Eat a tiger's Johnson
Dongs - fun food
Everybody wants 'em

Funny thing, no one seems to get to the second course
If they did, we have to serve them with
their own 'secret sauce'
(don't forget to floss!)

Poor Stevie - double dipping.

Hey, morg and med, it happens to the best of us once in a while.

Insom - xlnt work!

Riddle: What is tho one animal whose balls they cannot serve?

Answer: The eunuch-orn.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Where's PETAPETER (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' Peters) when you need them?

"Bull's perineum is also a delicacy"

Oh, bullsh*t.

I hardly ate a bit of sh*tty perineum
Taste so digusting that it hurt my eyes
I asked for something rare
The waiter obliged me
Was I surprised, yeah
Was I surprised,
That taint no bull

(apologies to the Left Banke, "Pretty Ballerina")

Wow. If I would just learn my lesson and not click on anything judi warns about. Or if my browser had a delete button for images in my head. Gross.

And thanks to me, too. ;)

Thank you for the warning Judi. I find that when I see that one in particular. I should read the comments first. Judging by what I have just read, It is a good policy.

who are WE to judge the delicacies of other nations?

*hugs tree*

(snork at insom)

I've been trying to come up with the western equivalent - something that we eat that would gross out asian people - then I remembered: Cheese and deserts. The concept of cheese, let alone the smell is enough to send many asian appetites to the airport.

True story: I once saw a chinese man gag on a piece of cherry pie (the first time he ever tasted a western-style desert). He just was not prepared for that much sugar. Luckily, he was a man of good humor and was able to laugh at the situation. Another chinese man that I knew became so enamored of deserts that I saw him order cheesecake and a sundae as his entire meal at a nice restaraunt. He said that since he couldn't get them in China, he was going to enjoy them while he could. I wonder how much weight he gained while here.

now we have them, along with a variety of calories, such as when they take green tea and sugar-fy it into some sort of cola-substitute.

Crocodile Carved Carrots
Carved Carrot Crocodiles
Carrot Carved Crocodiles
I think just about however you arrange those three words it comes out to AGNFARB.

I am appalled at the slacking I see here (except for Insom & Stevie)! Do I have to do everything myself?


I hope she at least gave the server a nice tip.

I can not believe they even said "clammy testicles."

I REALLY wish I had read "if you ever plan to eat again..." before I clicked that link with a mouthful of McDonalds breakfast.....


"What better way to secure a contract than over a steaming penis fondue."

Ya think?

This story was not shocking to me, as the Vietnamese market I most often shop at usually has coiled-up "beef pizzle" for sale under cellophane.

Then came the beef perineum. Dammit, some things just should not be served that way -- they should be reserved for use in frankfurters!

Ok...it's morning and I still have the urge to say:


Thank you...

"Government officials," says Nancy. "Two of them upstairs. They're having the penis hotpot."

Why does this not surprise me at all?

Judi, hide Walter quick!

*snork* @ Cheryl. I suspect Walter would have to stew for a looooong time. So to speak.

pepe: i KNOW. since when is green tea sweeter than hot chocolate?! for gods sake.

China's only penis speciality emporium....When will these people make it into the 21st century?

"Women do not come here so often"

...because we're SMARTER THAN THAT.

"Women should not eat testicles."

Don't worry. We won't.


We have a local Chinese restaurant called Fuk Mei (ISIANMTU). I'm thinkin' this would go over well there.

Oh, and as an addendum to my above post, in our office people order lunch from several different establishments, so deliveries go to the receptionist who announces over the PA system, "Whoever ordered from _____ come to the front desk." We also, for some reason, seem to always have a new temp working as receptionist (sort of like Murphy Brown's secretaries). It's a hoot when one of them tries to announce that Fuk Mei is here. (Actual pronounciation: Fook May).

I once saw a chinese man gag on a piece of cherry pie. He just was not prepared for that much sugar. Luckily, he was a man of good humor and was able to laugh at the situation. Another chinese man that I knew became so enamored of deserts that I saw him order cheesecake and a sundae as his entire meal at a nice restaraunt.

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