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September 29, 2006


We link; you decide.

(Thanks to Paul Erickson)


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Yes, when it causes testosterone levels to rise.

Wow, picture on Wyo's web site, and a first all in the same day, and that is the strangest stature ... looks kind of like the creature from the black lagoon with a fish head

that was just...ok, i guess "freaky" works...

Oh, and FIRST! Haha!

Also I am rated as Mid-level nerd, lol.

Holy moly! Haha! Four posts at the same time!

stupid work firewall...

From Dave's lead-in, I'm going to have to go with:
"Only if you have two hands on your rod."

That's not what the catfish God looks like! He's shorter, darker and has thicker lips! Last time he visited me in my room at night, he....oh...perhaps I've said too much. I don't want to anger him. Again. Not after what happened last time...

Kind of an extreme reaction to one night of bad fishing...I wonder how he handles REAL disappointment?

Why does the catfish god have huge b00bs? Wouldn't that make it a goddess?

LOL! That must be how the Pyramids came about.

Throws a "in reply to Besti" up there...

Throws the correct spelling of "Betsy" up there as well...

Keep your stick on the ice!

that would look great at my place.

"Life-sized" I've never seen a live catfish quite that big.....

It's kind of creative, I think. Wonder what it's made of.

But shouldn't it be called the "catch-fish" god?

Punkin, still buzzing about it?

It's time to play, "Name that pathology"

Bubbette, check this out.

That's not the cat fish god, that's just my cousin, Vern.

I don't know if fishing causes brain malfunction, but the way it's described in one of yesterday's posts, it may cause blindness.

KCSteve....NOT funny.

*muttering - last time I share w/ my so-called friends*

Have a happy weekend y'all, See ya monday!!

i've always maintained that brain malfunction causes fishing... why on earth would anyone volunteer to handle cold, squishy, slimy, wet living things for recreation?

Punkin - you can share anything you want when you are a Supreme Nerd God(dess). If anyone makes fun of you, smite them with


An an abrupt electric discharge.

How in the heck do you cook one that big??

on this, Val

Catfish for dinner?

squishy, slimy, wet living things

It's a Friday afternoon...
Do I, as a guy of the male gender, really want to go there?

DPC - that type of activity is usually reserved for post happy hour

DPC, electrical discharges are one of my favorite fishing tools; those, dynamite, or my two-handed spey rod.

DPC - Will do!

*assumes discharge position*

Yikes! on so many levels - catfish god, Mekong Cat and, especially Punkin in the electrical discharge position!

*pays more homage to the nerd queen!*

Uh, discharge of what, Punkin? Last time I tuned in, DP Chris was talking about "squishy, slimy, wet living things."

In order to cause a disharge of one of those, you'll have to catch one first.

CH - I believe I HAVE discharged "wet, slimey, living things"...we called them Josh & Kacy.

Oh, those wet, slimey, living things.

That thing looks like a prop off of some bad Canadian horror movie.. Freeky...

I don't usually have any trouble at all catching one of those. Causing a discharge takes a few minutes, though.

So I guess I am going there.

Might as well - I can't launch hampsters right now.

wow, DPC - the responses I can think of to that loaded statement!

Go for it. It's Friday...

don't usually have any trouble at all catching one of those. Causing a discharge takes a few minutes, though

What wet, slimey things are you looking to catch? The kind that can be found post happy hour? And does the discharge really only take a few minutes? Some of us have higher expectation.

From catch to first discharge only takes a few minutes. The discharge usually continues for quite some time thereafter - several hours usually.

See F and S.

wow...follow with a K and that's quite a satisfactory night

No K. P.

Occasionally Q.

Only occasionally? Poor guy. K and P are very effective.

Mrs.Dread has the same injury concerns you expressed about Qing. I've never had a problem with it, though. I don't know why she is concerned - Q always leads to P.

hasn't she ever heard of "no pain, no gain"? I wasn't expressing injury concerns - just expressing my sympathies that it's only occasionally.

I know, thanks.

see, one of the benefits of being single - lots of adventure and "what the hell, let's just go for it" action

I don't really know what y'all are talking about, but I'll throw in MY two favorite letters - K Y.

{sigh again}

Mrs. Dread used to be one of those people...
Maybe I can convince her to modify S to be a little bit like Q. That might work.

Poor Dread! I have lots of married friends so I hear that {used to} talk all the time. Makes me wary of the walk down the aisle. But one down side of being single is spending nights alone. I suppose sacrificing some freakiness for security might be worth it.

Punkin - this

I'm trying to keep Mrs. Dread at "some". I think she'd like to go to "all", but I remind her that that means no more S either.

Oh, poor, poor Dread - she wants to sacrifice the whole adventurous alphabet? Is that what I'm reading? What's left? Just lot of "I", apparently!

She doesn't want to give up the whole alphabet. She's willing to keep P.

The kids will be out tonight... Maybe I can arrange a Z without the third person at the top. I think the bumps work out for that to be what I'm after. If not, we'll rearrange it so it's right.

I'll go try that now...

NO KIDS!!!! Man - get home and work it!!!

Wow, picture on Wyo's web site, and a first all in the same day, and that is the strangest stature ... looks kind of like the creature from the black lagoon with a fish head

I must be losing my mind. I thought the chair was the being's legs, and the fish tail...Let's just say I thought I saw "fish head" too, but not the same kind you're talking about.

Let us spey.

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