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September 21, 2006


Wow. Also: Ew.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Ew, euw, euuuuuuuwwwww.

Darned Cookies.

Depends on how long the lines were.

And how loudly it hissed at me.

Talk about exploitative - check out this eBay auction - dude is going to get really, really lucky from his poor fiancee as bidding is over a $1,000 now!


Anyone up for it??uh...I'll watch.

Does anyone else think it's weird that Judi chose to post this, along with the exploding toad juice story, right at lunch time? What,is Judi on a diet or something? The "think about something really disgusting instead of eating diet"?

(Also, she tried to slip a snake story in while I was a Wendy's, but I have caught up with her. The belated ode is posted.)

Holy Followup, bob - I gotta try this gambit.

and I'll bet all the bidders are men, just trying to help out a brother

Well, duh.

Either that, or the guy's mistress. "Well, here's one way to get a break from his constant demands."

As a teenager, for a line jumping pass, I would have snarfed that thing down in under 10 seconds.
Now they would have to make it a chocolate covered giant hissing roach. Or deep fried.

Now for a free entry, maybe, but just to get to the front of the line, no way... BTW, those roaches are BIG!!!

Disney's going to compete, with an 'eat Mickey the Mouse' promotion, where you eat a mouse and then get yourself tied to a pole and put inside the "It's A Small World" ride for 30 days.

Problem is, there's a legal loophole that they have to get around, as this apparently violates the Geneva Convention...

I wouldn't eat Mickey.
Belle or Snow White, maybe, but not if I ended up violating the Geneva Convention.

bwahhhha tropichuntguy. i think they should televise it for fear factor. i wont watch anyway.... i dont even like spiders. ewww.

Keep an open mind - spiders are good eatin', queensbee!

Eating the roach increases your risk of allergies? Umm, I think I'm already allergic to bug-eating and I don't need to try one first to find out. It would also increase my risk of barfing.

Sensational development on the eBay b*****b auction! His fiancee's parents have heard about it, and they are demanding to know what a b*****b is.....

Dr. Acula - that's already been discussed - it's a backrub, of course!

How long before PETA gets involved on behalf of the poor roaches?

"Free The Roaches! Free The Roaches!
"Did somebody say free roaches, man?"

*wanders in with a can of RAID™ and sprays the yucky critter*

*skips out singing* (CAUTION: EARWIG ALERT)

Ding Dong! The Roach is dead. Which old Roach? The Wicked Roach!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Roach is dead.

I'm just hoping they didn't find the roaches from behind the concession stands.

Once again we have nature imitating art. Dave wrote a column on the possibility of a TV show featuring people eating bugs for money years ago.

Just a thought - for how long does the cockroach keep hissing after you eat it?

i think it stops kinda in mid-hiss, but i couldnt be too sure. and a snork at siouxie. uh-oh. earworm ....

I wouldn't eat it, even if it didn't hiss, and even if they opened the park only for me and my family for a week. Nope.

lol @ siouxie and tropic

So Six Flags gets some free publicity, and solves that nasty roach problem at the same time. Someone's in line for a promotion!

I like Bob's aution better than teh cockroaches! I have got a garage full of junk I could sell! If i got one dollar for each item.... Hmmmm Wow! I need to get busy! I need a backrub!

Cockraoches for lunch and enterence. I think I'll have the White Wine with that (Does white go with insects?) Or a Martini, shaken, not stirred

First of all, Madagascar hissing roaches are HUGE. More than a mouthful, they'd have to chew a bit. And second, I'm surprised that no animal rights groups are on this. Fried or chocolate-covered is one thing, but live is something else...

Whoops, hadn't read the next article when I posted that. PETA is goofy, but I'm with them on this one. I knew an entomology prof who kept several members of that species as pets -- they really are gentle and fairly slow-moving (iirc that's why they hiss), and a pretty cool beastie, for a bug.

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