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September 20, 2006


(Thanks to Andy, the persistent tropichunt.com guy)


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First? Even though I can't read it. Drat that firewall!

To us computing folks this an excellent example of recursion. ... and maybe first?

I think the VA sent me a letter about him.

drat - me too, ubetcha


He's nothing if not consistent.

For those blocked:

NOVATO, Calif.--A man was convicted of various theft charges, after prosecutors say he stole computers from the courthouse while he was on trial for computer theft.

"It just amazed me that someone could be in the middle of a jury trial for a burglary involving computers and immediately get involved in another burglary at the Civic Center," said sheriff's Sgt. Jerry Niess.

Jon Houston Eipp, 39, of Novato pleaded guilty Monday in three separate cases involving 10 different charges, including burglary, theft, drug possession, attempted auto theft and more.

He could be facing nearly five years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

In an interview Monday night at the county jail, Eipp said he stole the computers "for personal reasons."

"I needed help, and I didn't know how to ask for help," he said. "And I guess, in my crazy way, that was my way of asking for help. Help with my drug problems, help with my sanity."

Here's how I cry for help.


Yes, it's low-tech; but then, I tend to be old-fashioned.

People in my are thow out their old PCs. I am legally allowed to scavenge them from the trash and they become mine. Can I keep the credit card numbers that those idiots forget to erase from the hard drives also?

Sounds like he is going to get a year to the rear. Okay, that is actually the new, and brilliant Texas state slogan to remind you to keep your child's carseat facing to the rear for a year, but it sounds like a jail sentence.

well, i sent this one in too, and i still have the same reaction, duh, moron, can i please kick you in your butt?

*snork* at sly

Dreaded Pirate Chris - I'm not a cop (but I do sleep with one) and I'm going to take a guess and say it would be illegal to use those CC numbers. I'll confer later but I feel confident in my answer!

This does not; however, make those people less stupid....if that makes you feel any better.

i've searched for 'computer' to find anyone else who sent it in earlier, and just now searched for your name, specifically, and i didn't find it. just so you know.

Thanks Wyo.

Prison oughta solve his drug problem all right. Sanity is another story.

Speaking of stolen credit cards and earworms, my urchin has developed a fascination with those Citi bank commercials.

"Those motorcycles was LOUD."
"They was, like, br-r-r-r-r-r-r-."

"Unbreak my heart....."

If, ubetcha, by "solve," you mean, "enable him to move on to a more reliable supply of interesting illicit pharmaceuticals," I'm in complete agreement.

Johnny Apple Thief?

I've had clients that were this stupid.

*wonders if they've been released from prison yet*

stole the computers for personal reasons?

as opposed to what?

(whispering) I work for the vee ahe - Wyo, but it wasn't me

Okay, so now you know what happens at your silly government.

"silly government" is repetitively redundant

"silly government" is repetitively redundant"

No sh** Sherlock

CH, that's what I had in mind. And I hope the prison has the foresight to triple chain their computers to something.

For those that remember basic code.

10. Steal Computer$
20. Run GetArrested
30. Goto 10

Growing up we were so poor, Our computer was missing the one key. I had to write a program consisting of only zero's Now thats poor.

Yes, that was a Dilbert strip, but I thought it fit. Wally rules.

JoG, try substituting with the "el" key. Worked on my old Royal typewriter.

Let me find that time machine, I left it in the basement last night.

True story - when I was first fiddling around with coding, I used a manual typewriter to record my experimental programs. O, backspace, / for clarity of zeros.

No 1 or 0 key - it was assumed that the typist would use l and O. Good times, good times.

The first time my daughter tried to type on my typewriter (at age 12 I believe), she complained about it not having a "1" key. I told her to use the "l". She fussed about that; arguing that "1" is "1" and "l" is "l" and they are NOT the same.

Not surprisingly, she's now a university math instructor and just started working on her doctorate in Math Education. All because of that Royal typewriter? I doubt it.

Yep, blame the typewriter...

its OK judi - maybe the email dint go thru. you know how these computers are..... i'm just glad it got posted because its a good topic. i still wanna kick this dope in the bee-hind. there needs to be a special jail for the stupid.

Stealing computers while you're on trial for stealing computers--a definite cry for help. Or a cry for something.

"i've searched for 'computer' to find anyone else who sent it in earlier, and just now searched for your name, specifically, and i didn't find it. just so you know."

What, Judi? You're trying to tell me my time machine didn't work? No way! You must be kidding!

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