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September 27, 2006


(Thanks to Judy C.)


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He was probably just trying to get to White Castle. Cut him some slack.

possibly yet ANOTHER tidbit of information that leads us to believe that Professor "Men are smarter than women" dude from last week is, shall we say, WRONG?

Bossy's note to self: You can be arrested for public intoxification?

Is it just me or do you think that the lady in the news team was a customer.

Dude...like...can I get a ride???

Oh...yeah,..it's nothin' I've been pokin smot all day dude....

You mean you're a cop dude?....bummer dude...

Holy blogging frenzy, Batman!

Even guy types of the male gender learn not to ask cops for a ride, later in life. At 19? Still very much in the 'Hey yall, watch this' phase. IQ-tests administered to older males will naturally be skewed by the Darwin factor.

CJrun's Theorem: gals toward the bottom of the Bell Curve [we'll call that area the southern bell] survive to find any available KFed of breeding age, whereas it only takes one surviving KFed to knock-up several trailerettes.

Oh yeah and, what a retard

"psssst, dude, stay outta those cabs with the flashing lights..."

Oh, no: this will no doubt set off someone to blame the excellent drama series "Weeds" for having encouraged the kid's behaviour.

(To anyone who hasn't caught that show as yet, it IS on SHOWTIME, after all--the concept is a recent widow with young kids to bring up, tries selling pot in a tidy little "Stepford" type community...hilarity ensues. No, REALLY, its a funny show.)

This kid doesn't sound like he's been able to master the art of changing channels, as yet...so I doubt if he was influenced by anything beyond common stupidity.

Did anyone else notice the popcorn add on the same page?

I did not see much else. I was too busy noticing the redundantly-named Bill Williams of the perky (with the munchies) news crew.

I noticed this down at the bottom:

• UPDATE: CO school hostage situation over
They sent some of the pot to CO?

Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember when cops used to give drunks a ride home. (pre-1980- Small town)

They would pull your car over, tell you to lock it up and then drive you home. It was like a taxi service. Except, nosey neighbors would see you getting out of a police car.

I'm sorry..
I'm still upset about these DAM bats that people are finding in tea and peanut butter sandwiches. We can't have this..!! Bats carry gonorrhea, diarrhea and the clap.

It is just not healthy..!!
Someone should do something. (Not me of course.) But someone should.

Makes me think of a sign I read today:

Stupidity is not a handicap...park somewhere else.

Mary, major *snork* on that one!

I feel *so* much safer now with this menace to society behind bars. The nerve of him, daring to use other than gov't-approved drugs!

Much belated *snork* @ Mary.

Woot! My first snork! I think (brain is tired from third day at new job).

Thanks CJ and Morgana. :)

Thanks for the laugh. I'm just trying to wind down after a bit of late work, realizing there are people out there in such a hurry they have to listen to radio [keep one finger on volume]. Parking in the correct spot would be beyond me. *ooohhh serious, hard rock; back to work*

See,this is why I always share my stash when I catch a ride. None of the government officials with whom I've taken rides have arrested me, and having a stoned driver makes the trim much more interesting.

"Bats carry gonorrhea, diarrhea and the clap."

Gonorrhea, diarrhea and the clap.

Oh, come on, angry republican; admit it. Didn't you love the things that they stood for?

"Authorities say Steinbach told them he had been selling dope to pay his bills."

end of your rope?
no hope?
can't cope?
don't mope!
sell dope!


the problem is that these rocket scientists tend to reproduce much progeny..... and the stupids will take over the world.
yo, dude! duh!. they need to have a separate jail for these morons, so they dont get corrupted by murderers and serial killers and such. maybe they could learn a trade. or not.

Mary, that was def a snork out loud....

Excuse me officer, can I get a ride to get some grub? I have the muchies....

It is so much more efficient when the criminals and/or stupid people just voluntarily walk up to the cops and confess. I say give all the criminals pot since it just seems to simplify everything and really cuts down on all the legwork for the police.

Hey DuDe! How come your back seat doesn't have any door handles? Can you change the radio station that talk show stuff is really boring, man.

lol mikey

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