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September 11, 2006


Johnny Camel

(Thanks to Andy the Tropic Hunt guy)


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That's whatcha git fer wearing baggy britches!

Johnny Camel ==> clean my john

can't run and hold their pants up at the same time.

They need to learn how to use that third appendage.

...an increasing number of pursuits are ending quickly because suspects can't run and hold their pants up at the same time.

Not that it doesn't look really cool, though. No really - looks good on you, fellah.

PS. If you go to jail, may I suggest pants that are a little harder to remove?

If you go to jail, may I suggest pants that are a little harder to remove?

particularly if he's bending over to clean his john, eh?

THANKS for the post Dave! Nothing like heals better than laughter...

This is why they shouldn't ban this type of dress code - it helps stop crime!

The police tried to handcuff him, but they were laughing too hard.

(YAY Tropic!)

not only do these people LOOK stupid, turns out they ARE stupid. Who'd a thunk it?

oh and YAY!! for the post, Tropic!

now thats entertainment!

You know, cops just don't have enough of an opportunity to laugh during their workday! Glad to see this joker provided ample entertainment for them.

diggity d'oh!


Well, I have to say it.....He got cought with his pants down.

Doesn't Johnny Camel (good name for a moron) know he's supposed to wear extra-long boxers with the 4 sizes too big pants?

What a dope.

wonders if he's joe camel's brother and if he's hung like a, well, a camel!

Thanks, I needed that laugh, Especially after typing my way in to a depressed mood. So, who's up for a group Mojito. I am thinking 7:30 pm regardless of what time zone you are in.

Johnny hasn't been the same since his brother Joe lost his mascot job...

Juggler: I'm not particular fond of mojito's, but I'll do some Captain Morgan shots with ya then!

Okay, now I'm smilin' again.

Thanks, Dave.

I'll drink whatever's available at home with ya'lls!

tropic/Andy, btw...I just registered to get info on this year's "hunt"! always wanted to...

JofG - pass me a mojito - why wait until 7:30 when the fun can start now?

synchronizing my blog watch for mojito thirty.

I've missed you too, 24 *wink*

thanks for that simul :)

...caught with his pants down...

BINGO!!! to jazzzz

Hey, Siouxie! I was just giving you a hug from behind to cahse away the day's blues

Mr. Camel felt unprecedented joy
Ms. Camel was expecting a boy
thirty seven years later
he denies being related
saying "that twit couldn't have sprung from my loins"

and a triple with crossgirl & stevie...

the day is definitely getting better :P

ok...now i'm getting dizzy

lol mud

yeah, yeah...cAught. butt, Mr. Camel will probably get a few more "humps" while in the POKEy!

Posted by OBOB a while back:

can't run and hold their pants up at the same time.

They need to learn how to use that third appendage.

Or they could just buy a safety pin...

Mr. Camel said "of you I am fond, son"
"now I can boast of your wand, son"
"the rest can imagine
your baggies are what did you in
but I know you tripped on your Johnson"

Ahh the great circle of cause and effect. The baggy style came out of the hood, in the first place, as what the thuglets called "jailin'." See, you were cool if you had been released from jail [where the confiscated and usually lost your belt] and your pants were saggy. A proper gangsta couldn't wear pants that fit.

Geezer alert: guys, don't do the guy thing of finding 5-pairs of pants in a brand you know, with your size clearly labeled, and buying them. See, now we have to do the silly girl thing and try them on, 'cause they are making them larger in the waist than the numerical waist measurement!

*typing with one hand while holding up his pants with the other*

"The CHP says an increasing number of pursuits are ending quickly because suspects can't run and hold their pants up at the same time."

This is happening, on average, 7 times a week. Police are facing this sort of dromadary.

Silly robber - Trips are for kids.-(smart thieves wear spandex).

CJr - the sizes are not even consistent within the same brand.

CJrun - also, baggy clothes are worn by thugs so that their physical description is not easily defined.

My wife and I had a good laugh recently when a couple of teens were caught in a big downpour and decided to run for it. They all had to hold their pants up in order to run.

"but I know you tripped on your Johnson"

Lol, mud, but I will NOT do the obvious parody of Jimmy Clanton's only big hit.

Hint: It's called "VENUS in Blue Jeans."

(Not today anyway.)

Manohman, I bet that Judi would love to be a witness for THAT police line-up...

"Number 3, step forward. Drop your pants. Turn right. Turn right again. Turn back."

Siouxie: That's the Herald's site...not mine. :)

It was a traffic stop. I wonder what the violation was?

No belt?

Unsafe loin change?

Exhibition of speedo?

Stevie W....love the "loin" violation

Maybe this is just my juvenility, but I was driving along yesterday, and saw one of these guys' trucks. Does the combination of these guy's company name and the brand name of the generator they list on this page strike anybody else as funny?

I think he was wanted for questioning in a "stick-up" so to speak

hey Bumbleclod...comando doesnt work for fleeing from cops

Now we know who is behind this fad.

i thought it was THIS GUY

Thank you, one and all, for totally shattering, breaking into little tiny pieces, and otherwise removing the royal funk I've been in all day.

I shall now retire to prepare for a proper evening of fine dining, beverages of choice, and football.

JoG - I'll be heavy a margharita at precisely 5:45 mountain time, heavy on the tequila - I will raise my glass to join in the salute. My co-worker just asked if something is wrong - considering I have (according to everyone who knows me) a somewhat upbeat attitude, I think I was well into depression mode. Let's hear it for morons with baggy pants!!

removes "heavy" and replaces with "having"

heavy more apt to describe mood

Tropic, I did register on the site linked from here but I've been to YOUR website for all the info on past years, etc! awesome job!

Siouxie: :)

Just wait...I'll keep you coming back for more!

Can't wait, tropic! I guess that was you I just added on MySpace?? LOL

I had to research this Mojito thang, sounds wonderful:

1.5 oz B---- Rum
12 fresh spearmint leaves
1/2 lime
7 oz club soda
2 tbsp. simple syrup
(or 4 tsp. sugar)

For the smoothest summer cocktails, gently crush mint leaves and lightly squeeze lime in a cool tall glass. Pour sweet syrup to cover and fill glass with ice. Add B---- Rum, club soda, and stir your emerging mojito well. Garnish with a lime wedge and a few sprigs of mint.

If I asked for this at a bar where I live, I would receive a glassy eyed stare.

Emerging Mojitos WBAGNFAB

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