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September 29, 2006


Here's a special item for the pathetic aging geek Star Trek fan on your list.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Does it work on squirrels?

Live long and prosper.

Stop me before I yawn again.

So, should I send you two, Dave, so you and Mrs Blog can have phaser fights? (Or defend the homestead against any manner of Klingon, snake or squirrel? Be advised, they do not kill spiders...nothing does.)

Punkin, cowboy boots kill spiders.

I'm stunned.

or maybe it should be said, "Boots don't kill spiders, cowboys do."

everybody's gotta have a purpose in life.

No, Wyo...they just act dead...then you toss them outside and they get revenge by laying eggs in your brain. It happened to me.

Having the handle/battery pack section in bronze is a nice touch (that was the color of the original prop's section), but whomever decided that the main body of the phaser should be in a color that was all the rage twenty years ago has to be one of the same group of morons that ran the franchise into the ground. They got the color of the Type I phaser that's clipped into the body right... sheesh.
This geek guy probably already has the Spok Ears.

I bought one of those. Word of warning: They don't work.

wyo, could you ship me a spare cowboy? i've seen a few spiders around the homestead.

Hey, I own one of those, I got it off of EBAY Last year, the sad part is, I paid 30 for it. Lab Specimen, It does work, the noise it makes scares my cat. Gets rid of her every time.

punkin, now you're scarin' me. Ya mean all them critters are gangin' up on me, plannin' a terrorist uprising?

Sorry, cg, real cowboys are pretty d@mned scarce. That means no spares. according to punkin, they wouldn't do any good anyhow.

I wouldn't want to go to the tribble to order a phaser that won't work when you really need it. (Kirk's never did, he'd just seduce the female aliens instead.)

Hey, I happen to be one of those pathetic aging geeks Star Trek fans.

*sets phaser on stun*

*points to head*


carry on

Spock ears...with a "c'..not to be confused with other similar words which would be very bad....

Teal just is not my colour.
I don't think it was teal on the original Star Trek?!

shy? yes. pimply, sure
bed wetter? most likely but
on "enterprise" sheets

smell of zinc oxide
asthmatic, pale, thick glasses
but armed with phasers

re-runs depress me
MASH or Lucy, this is why
i don't have cable

Schadeboy, I'm not aging (yet).

Say it loud; say it proud:
Damn it, Jim. I'm a Doctor, not a ____.

Well, I set mine on kill, but my wife is *still* around. *ba-dum CHSHH!*

I see they also have a Deanna Troi action figure. What kind of action, I wonder?

LOL at Wyo...tribbles....ha ha...loved 'em!

YAY, I got the picture there, thanks Wyo!!

I am an aging Trekker. But Recently I was introduced to a better (but short lived) show called Firefly. I love it because it was known as a western in space. Everyone uses regular guns except for the rich or the Government that can afford them. A much more realistic and human series. If you like Star Wars or Star Trek Enterprise I recommend netflixing this series.
"Can't stop the Signal"

Re Laurie: Me too! We must exchange recipes.

Firefly is good, definitely worth renting, but I'd also add Babylon 5 and the new Battlestar Galactica to that queue.

Because I am a giant nerd.

I wish they'd bring back Firefly. Gina Torres is in a new show (Standoff) but it's not the same.

I'm not a big Star Trek geek, though I watched all of Next Generation and about half of the original and DS9. I was a Star Wars and Doctor Who kid. I'm delighted that my childhood gets to continue with the new Doctor Who shows.

I grew up watching BSG in the late 70's I find it hard to watch the new series, but I agree on Babylon 5.

When I was but a wee lass, I met William Shatner. He was performing in a play at a theater I was working at. Let's just say he left a bad taste in my mouth, (get your minds out of the gutter) and after that I never watched Star Trek.

JoG I love Firefly. Well written, good humor and the people are real. (their ship has toilets, for example)

JoG - I had such a crush on Richard Hatch!

mmmm... seven of nine..... ahhhhh

Just how giant a nerd are you? I ranked at 96 - Nerd King.

For those nerds looking for new and interesting nerdy things to watch, I will endorse the new Dr. Who, which has its season premier tonight.

And I need to mention my favorite original ST episode Amok Time, which should have contained the line "Damn it, Jim. He's h0rney."

Ok...I'll admit it...I'm a big Star Trek geek fan. (the original, and Next Generation).

Live long and prosper, ya'lls!

Heard about Firefly,haven't seen it.

Now I get my Capt. Kirk fix watching him as a perv/lawyer on Boston Legal.

LOL Chris, I loved that one too! It was great to see Spock all horny and out of control.

That was one heck of a mind meld!

all hail dp chris, the nerd king.

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool.

probably?! what do they mean, probably?!

Happy to be a "non-nerd" on DPC's test

They say "probably cool" because they can't be sure that you are not a geek or dork. They are not the same thing, ya know?

Siouxie, watch Firefly then Serenity, the movie they made to close it out. One of the unfortunate things is that Fox killed it halfway through the first season, depriving us of worthy science fiction series. About the only up-side to having only half a season is that they never went so long that they jumped the shark.

A glue gun?

Haha! Some reviewer only gave it one star. Guess he found out it doesn't shoot real lasers, dang it.

You are right Scott, But I don't see Joss Whedon jumping the shark in anything before season five.

I measured in at 75% on the Nerd test. My wife would disagree with that one.

I read a lot about that Scott, I wanted to see Serenity but opted not to till I watched the series. I actually saw Alan Tudyk last summer in Spamalot when he replaced Hank Azaria's Lancelot.
He was great - I think I even have a picture with him or OF him.

oh, you want a phaser that WORKS! its a great prop. buy it now and have it for your halloween costume.

My DH is one of those pathetic Star Trek fans - he has the phaser, a communicator or two, photographs of every cast of every Str Trek crew except Enterprise (and it may be hiding somewhere) and lots of little and big figures. But that's nothing compared to the super-hero stuff. Whoever came up with those dagnammed "action-figures" and "maquettes" should be drawn and quartered and served to cannibals, wherever they may still be on the earth....
Rant over/ Resume blogging

HOLY CRAP! I scored 98 - Supreme Nerd God!

And I never considered myself a nerd!

*not sure if I should celebrate or hang myself*

79% nerd

Mid-level nerd....OK I can live with that ;)

JoG: I'm a 75, too!

Siouxie: My SO has a bit of an obsession with Alan Tudyk and is, right now, in the middle of writing a Firefly fan-fiction novel! We're also playing in a Firefly-based role-playing game (or two) with our kids and some friends. Fun stuff.

Wait a minute! That's an interglactic Pez dispenser.

Q: Old?
A: Very.

*bows in the general direction of Punkin (bptomg-oagsg) Poo*

Now see, Scott, JoG et al, I don't even play video games! WHY AM I A NERD??????? I haven't even played D&D in over 6 years!!

It's because I have a degree in physics, isn't it.
I knew I shoulda gone with Liberal Arts. Damn.

nerd/geek/dork scores 91/34/65...

I once (stalked) met James Doohan at a Star Trek convention. (My one and only :)
It was maybe 60 degrees out and I had a bottle of scotch whiskey under my winter coat waiting in line for him to sign it. He got a big smile on his face when he saw what it was. I think he was always the sexiest. Understated is better than brash. Still have the bottle on my shelf.

Beings who live in glass blogs (please consult your mirrors) shouldn't be throwing boogers.

Admit it - we are another breed of nerd/geek. We follow the strumpeting. We quote from the columns. We First! We Snork! We toss the catchwords around like 2,038 frisbees. The phaser of today will become the oosik of tomorrow (which, of course, WBAGNFARB ... oh, God, stop me!!!).

I actually went back and read the one and only customer review and it is funnier than the actual story! Here it is:
Having the handle/battery pack section in bronze is a nice touch (that was the color of the original prop's section), but whomever decided that the main body of the phaser should be in a color that was all the rage twenty years ago has to be one of the same group of morons that ran the franchise into the ground. They got the color of the Type I phaser that's clipped into the body right... sheesh.

Actually speaking.

Meanie - Thank you for clearing that up. I was looking upon my nerdiness in a Star Trek context and was confused. But now that you place it in the light of blog nerdiness, I guess I shall wear my "Supreme Nerd God" title proudly!

(You may all bow at my feet, and sacrifice your margaritas to me...)

Thank you for reminding me of several unfortunate omissions, Punkin: We rampart. We carry the heads of other bloggers to strumpeting events. We wax poetic about reptiles in recta. NTTAWWT. (See? What further proof is needed?)

You buy a few of these, you can Chekov the geeks on your Christmas list.

For those nerds looking for new and interesting nerdy things to watch, I will endorse the new Dr. Who, which has its season premier tonight.

Watch it? I've had it on Tivo Season Pass since it was announced.. Not so sure about levitating Daleks though, I always figured if they encountered stairs they would just blow up the planet..

(And yes, my grandmother knitted me a 4th Doctor scarf which I still keep for special occasions.. /snif)

71% on the first test, Tri-Lamb Material (78 % Nerd, 21% Geek, 69% Dork) on the next

I just want to point out that according to the page I got (we're Amazon Prime members),

Megahobby item. Not eligible for Amazon Prime.

I had no idea there was such a thing as a megahobby. Does that mean there are also Meta-, Ultra- and Supra- hobbyists?

52 % Nerd, 21% Geek, 52% Dork


64 for nerd score.

weird cause I always thought I was all geek!

i saw the phaser that is now housed at the Smithsonian. it was the cheesiest thing you ever did see.

it was a bad carving of wood, spray-painted. not even plastic! can you believe the dreams that were shattered (or shall i say shattenered) when i saw that hunk of junk?

but i would give my kingdom for a betamax player.


i found the entire series of the old star trek on tape in betamax format. it's in pristine condition. i just am not that great a fan to fork over more than 50 bucks to watch the entire thing from beginning to end.

someone out there must be willing to cough up a player for me. i will then sell the whole shebang for low dollars.

That's not teal. That's periwinkle.

54 on the nerd score. I didn't do the rest of the "tests". I do have to say there is also the factor of we don't always read the stories, just go right to the comments. (Or is that just me?)

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