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September 26, 2006



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Here's to friendship! Even of the fake-ditzy blonde variety!

That's hot!

Wow...a first as an impersonator!! and a simul with CH!

Maybe they realized that they finally have something in common after recently discovering they slept with the same guy in the past...

Just a theory.

Using a cell phone at a gas station while refueling? Dang! We were SO CLOSE!!!

Not another season of the simple life show, I ... I ... just can't take it.


Good morning, Siouxie! Happy simulfirst!

I think it was Nicole we almost disposed of in a ball of ignited gasoline fumes, but who can really tell the difference...?

I am personally SOOOOOO happy for them! I was watching rolling my eyes with so much excitement as the Simple Life season finale ended with them in the SAME room!!!! talking...

Miracles DO happen!

Good morning, CH!!! sorry, got carried away with the Joy of it all...

i am overcome with emotion. sob. i must take the rest of the day off.

"However, on Friday they were filmed talking on the phone..."

They were filmed?

I'm guessing it's an episode of Simple Life, Lisa...

it's all a SCAM!

Of course it's a scam! Who really believes Nicole pumps her own gas?? She couldn't even drive until a couple of years ago. (not that I pay attention to that kind of stuff).

Nooooooooooooooooooo! As long as they were mortal enemies, there was always the chance one would bump the other off but now we're stuck with both of them!!

And Nicole didn't in even impale herself with her own gas pump! Truely a dark day in world history!

She wasn't talking to Paris, She was talking to ONSTAR ...she locked herself out of the car with the top down again?

I've thought and thought, but there's just no good reason to respond to this.


lol lance.

Lisa - not only filmed toaking on the phone, but no doubt millions of idiots are going to watch it on TV...with the simple certainty they are nearly witnessing something significant...

A great big WHO CARES??? for both of them.

I think that should have been Blondestar...


Baron- That is soooo not funny.

The fact that I locked my own keys in the car last week has nothing to do with my lack of sense of humor on this matter.

Nor does the fact that the nice man with a slimjim in the tool box of his truck kept calling me 'Blondie' as he unlocked my car for me.

Neither does the fact that my car had the rear window open at the time.


Whew! I was losing sleep over their feud. I feel so much better. Now I can get on with my life. The things this blog does for people. Amazing!

Did the guy with the slimjim have blonde hair too?

Nope. I just seem to rub off on people that way.

Blondentropy-At least the motor wasn't running. I've seen that happen.

Siouxie and Jamester-Yep, you're probably right. It's amazing what passes for tv now that we have all these channels to watch. ;-)

Maybe, since they're both models, and at least one pumps gas, just maybe one day they'll duplicate the priceless "gas pump scene" from "Zoolander"....

Blondentropy, I, uh... oh, hell, I can't help you.

Ahhh!! I thought I had felt a shift in the universe this morning - now I know why!

That's ok, CH. I appreciate the effort!

BTW, You and the Mrs. have got yourselves an adorable young'un, there!

they had to be pals again, together they almost have a whole brain cell to share.

Wow. Made MY day.


Well she's now been charged with a DUI (DUMB under the Influence)

There is justice in the world.

Does anyone know of a link to a Dave Barry's article named "Here Comes the Bride" published around 1993? My daughter is getting married on 7/26 and I wanted to share it with her.



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