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September 04, 2006


(Thanks to Patti Bonham)


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and, those will be collectors items! it goes without saying that whatever "music" he puts on the CDs will be better than the actual "Paris" music.

cult of empty celebrity

Ah, those British have a way with the English language, don't they?

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Paris has a cult?


the man deserves an award, that is brilliant!

That is too funny!

off topic bulletin

forgive me please if I'm outa line, couldn't help myself.

that's not hot!

Wyo? What's up?

Also, isn't this a great article? I've been a fan of this guy for years, but this might be my favorite of his escapades.

the "forgive me please if I'm outa line," is a link, but it didn't show up blue, for some reason.


Wyo,I woke up to the awful news this morning. It's a shame and what a bizarre accident too...

You know, I think I like this guy. Finally a modern/conceptual artist with something worthwhile to say!

Also it's really, really funny.


I am very sad about the Croc Man. He was so unintentionally funny in the odd fashion of the Aussie. He will be missed.

Mare, you're right again. Yay Banksy!

Scroll down to the link about the artist exhibiting nude paintings of his ex-wife.......now, there's revenge for you!

And, Croc Man, we'll miss ya.


NOMINEES WANTED: Cult of the Empty Celebrity is seeking nominations for new members to round out its ranks. Nominees must lack talent and the ability to recognize that fact, have money (prefereably inherited or married into), and generally lead a meaningless life of waste and conspicuous consumption.

Yes, it is on ebay,, why do you ask?

Phil - couldn't have said it better myself. (which is pretty magnanimous of me to admit since I'm mad at you - see other thread.)

btw, i DID go to college in Texas, so maybe I'll earn your respect that way.

We may not be the "Cult of the Empty Celebrity" (Dave does have a pulitzer after all, and we don't drink kool-aid) but we're constantly growing

Okie...sorry, I just have issues with Tulsa...my post last night stirred the old memory kettle and it boiled over with this (top item), Oklahomans are actually OK...LOL...where'd you go to college here?

Phil, my (somewhat biased) reading of your Tulsa adventure, while it sounds a tad frustrating, also seems that you met a lot of kind-hearted people who helped you get to where you needed to be! Tulsans are quite the kind-hearted lot, I assure you. Next time you're (not your) stranded here, I promise to find you a ride out of town! (snork)

And I went to Abilene Christian U, in that Garden Spot which is West Texas.

Wyo-I hadn't heard. That is so sad.

/end seriousness

R.I.P. Steve Irwin


I so want one of those doctored CDs. Buyers should make posters of the doctored pics with her dog's head superimposed.

*snork* @ phil!

(your 11:11 post) ;)

Cult of Empty Celebrity

"In the name of the Zsa Zsa, the Paris and the Holy Hasselhoff, amen"

insom, that was so hot.

That is so sad about the Crocodile guy. Of all the animals you would have thought would off him, the stingray thing is so weird! I hate to say it, but the way he acted around crocs you just expected to hear that he got killed one way or another, but not by a stingray. Very sad!

Okie...ACU...cool.. My in-laws live about 30 miles north of Abilene in Hawley.. My step-mother-in-law retired from ACU. Re: Tulsa....wild horses,, etc.

Beppie, I agree, when my husband told me he'd died, I thought either a shark ate him or a croc finally did him in. poor guy.

ok Phil, so we're pals now!

...Cult of Empty Celebrity...

"I'm not just a member. I'm the president."
---Tom Cruise

I bet some of the people who bought it never noticed the difference.

Hello everyone!!
And why would anyone target this woman for anything?

Crikey! What a downer. A friend said when he heard the news he kept waiting for a punch line that never came.

Yet Paris goes on and on... and, as Dave has said on many other occasions, our so-called Department of Homeland Security does nothing.

Banksy has taken aim at the cult of empty celebrity and its current poster child, Paris Hilton.

Bravo, Banksy, whoever you are.

hey, blurk!

and *snork*

it seems that Banksy has a website

in honor of Mr. Irwin, my 12-year-old cousin is starting an "i hate stingrays" club. she says she is sending me a badge and a newsletter.

in honor of Mr. Irwin, my 12-year-old cousin is starting an "i hate stingrays" club. she says she is sending me a badge and a newsletter.

sorry for the double.

I came here as soon as I heard about the croc hunter. Too sad for words.
*moment of silence*
I wonder if they will release the video?

Very sorry to hear about the Croc Hunter. My very sincere condolences to his kids and wife. What a loss. I was so unhappy about this news that I did something that only gets done like once a year. I cleaned the refrigerator -- shelves and all!! I recommend it to all of you. It is a good cathersis.

Ah c'mon you guys. You know you love her: Paris; Lindsay; Christina: your secret guilty pleasures. :^)

The word is catharsis. The spelling bee I would not win.

Sarah J-the link doesn't work.

I thought you meant catheter.

When I heard about Steve Irwin, I was completely expecting it to be a hoax (a la John Heder, Dave Matthews, and the guy from Blue's Clues. I only wish I could have been right.

You know, Ellasmom, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Maybe not his company itself, but I bet it leaks.

Animal Planet seems to be running all-day Steve Irwin shows in his honor. I saw a picture of him with his family with "-2006" on the end and realized that something had probably happened.

I also thought it would be a croc.

This is so sad. It must be awful for his family.

hi did you have any children because i am doing a project on you

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