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September 28, 2006


As The Blog and The Mustache meet with the Governor to Just Read. Be there or be somewhere other than a Florida middle school.


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Reading. It does a body good :)
Oh, and first - I think.

i bet the other states make fun
of your govenor named Jel Bun

but they don't have culture or sun
have never been shot with a stun-gun

if they knew they would come on the run
to one that is run by Jel Bun

Just remember to hold the book rightside up.

Hey Dave,
Just a quick thanks to you-my 13 year old son has a hard time finding books he likes and really doesn't enjoy reading, much to my dismay. well, yesterday he started Peter and the Starcatchers and he really likes it! Thanks for writing a book that my son and I both enjoy.

Artchick -- Thanks. Ridley and I love to hear stories like that.

so jeb is the bush brother who can read???

You know you're in trouble when your brother named "Jeb" is considered the smart one...

It could be worse.... my friend, who I always thought was sane, and whose last name is Bush, named her son Riley. Riley Bush. Which to me sounds like something that reqires ointment. Our other neighbor's daughter is named Maizie Rose. If they get married....Maizie Rose Bush.

Who stole my "u"?

"Which to me sounds like something that reqires ointment."


Good thing blurk isn't here or this thread will quickly deteriorate into bush trimming...etc...

Continue reading.

I bought both books in the series last night to give to my 13 yr old son for his birthday which is today. The coincidence that the read-a-thon fell on his bd was too good to pass up. I gave them to him last night and showed him the info about the read-a-thon. He was very very jazzed. (As he enters his teens it's becoming harder and harder for me to do anything that he considers cool, so thanks.)

You know you're in trouble when your brother named "Jeb" is considered the smart one...

*snork* scott

IANMTU, my brother-in-law calls both my niece and sister-in-law "Bubba." And they don't mind.

Got Read?

Does Ridley read this blog too? I shoulda included him in my kudos. I told the school librarian about the read-a-thon and she showed me the book she was reading at the moment-it was Peter! So she was pretty enthused about the whole thing.

Happy bday to little stevie!

I bought mine as well but the deal is I have to read 'em first. My oldest daughter LOVES anything pirate related - and likes dressing up the part (even in college they had a pirate themed dance) so she can't wait till I'm done! My youngest just loves to read any of Dave's humor books. So, see Dave, kids of all ages read thanks to you!

I did check and their old middle school was involved in the read-a-thon!

my boy's school is not observing the day. they're probably too busy observing banned books week by banning some books.

hey Dave...pinch Jebs butt while he's reading!!

You may have to get a step stool to reach his buttocks - he's kinda tall! Now, Columba is a little bitty one.

Yippee! It's 11:30! Did we set a record???

Hey off subject, but I saw Dave on Generation Boom last night on TVLand. Was his appearance already blogged?

I think it is a multi part thang.

Should I watch it on purpose to see if he shows up again? He was very insightful but I was on hour 20 of my work day, so don't ask me what he said ;)
Anyway it's on TVLand so I should be able to watch it over and over for years.

Happy Birthday to w the Younger, and congratulations to Dave and Ridley for setting a new record (hey, no count needed, this is Florida). Thanks for encouraging young readers.

Banned Books Day--even Week--has been observed by this high school for which I work since I started working here 10 years ago. (No, I'm not even an English teacher or I'd have written that sentence more gooder.)

This morning, our superintendent of schools personally instructed the library staff to take down their display of banned books. Parents had complained.

A bunch of us are wearing "Read a Banned Book!" tags.

Just in case, anyone know of a school system (preferably in Florida) that needs a good secretary?

Rita, your Superindendent of Schools needs to be added to the Wikipedia under the entry for People Unclear on the Concept.

What a maroon.

Jeez, another color discussion? Enough already!

rita, instead of the banned book tag, you should wear a banned book jacket!

*SNORK* @ Meanie the Lavender

Let me be clear unambiguous: I am not now, nor have I ever been, of a hue other than blue.

Okay, but what shade of blue??

CH - Multiple, actually.

None of the blog faithful have anything to say about the "Generation Boom" Dave sighting?

Am I just ridiculously late in knowing about this?

Hellllooo? ooo ooo ooo

*rubs hands together meaningfully*

Excellent, crossgirl!

CG, we'll have to meet sometime when I'm in Florida. I'm hoping to fly down for a couple of days (and boy will my arms be tired) in three or four weeks.

sure rita, i've been wanting to meet some bloggers, just let me know when you'll be in. we'll try not to have any hurricanes, snakes, sinkholes, or squirrel related power outages that week.

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