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September 15, 2006


Be sure to check with your doctor for appropriate treatment.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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pr*cks in his pr*ck? no way

Of course, how does one have sex with a teeny tiny hedgehog. Or how undersized is the guy.

Okay, I read the first paragraph/sentence and started crying with laughter. It took a while to compose myself long enough to read the rest of the article.

I feel sorry for the hedgehog though. And anyone who inherits the genes this man is carrying. (Unless a Darwin award is in order. We can only hope).

That does it.

I am no longer clicking on links posted by this blog. That made me shrivel up so bad, I don't know if I'll ever recover.

This guy will probably be badgered for the rest of his life about this..

See, if I'd been paying attention, I would have noticed the YELLOW FOR CAUTION note.

I will henceforth pay attention.

LMAO ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh

ok ok...sorry guys...it is NOT funny!! NO WAY!


see, this is why proper grooming is essential

You guys are all missing the point (sorry 'bout that):

The cure worked!

I'm pretty sure 'never again' is considered about as far from 'premature' as you can get, right?

and I will not even ask how this is anatomically possible.

The article does not say how the man performed with the hedgehog - did he encounter the same premature issue?

I don't know who said it, but "With a little patience and a lot of saliva the elephant deflowered the gnat...."

Premature emasculation?

Okay, I know. That was over the line. I'll go sit quietly and listen to my earworms now. I deserve 'em.

In other p.e. news, today the FDA announced that it would not approve an anti-depressant that would remedy the situation: http://health.msn.com/centers/mensexualhealth/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100144455&GT1=8562

Somehow, I believe that hedgehogs are safe from American male pursuers.

JoG, perhaps Serbian female (assuming it was a female) hedgehogs are not as, how should I put this... tightly wrapped.

This dude is yet one more t-rrifc of John Phillipe Rushton's hypothesis!

How does one go about obtaining a hedgehog for sex? " Pardon sir, I could not help but admire your handsome Hedgehog... I have note from doctor would like you for to read.."

Who's got a smoke?

Witchdoctor: Take two hedgehogs and call me in the morning???

EC - no kidding.

Anyone who attempts sex with a HEDGEHOG deserves whatever he gets. Including an article in the newspaper and every blogger on earth making fun of him.

Oh, no, Siouxie. TWO hedgehogs would be too much for anyone.

Well, maybe not Richard Gere.

LOL Meanie uh...I mean Sonic!

"the animal was apparently unhurt" snork

it's amazing what you can get a man to do.

I have nothing to say about this.

I'll bet the hedgehogs name was sonic...he looked pasive enough in the video game...

*still NOT laughing HYSTERICALLY*

Thats the kind of advice you get from a HMO Witch doctor. Time to upgrade the medical plan.

Sex with a Hedgehog? I said, " It affects with your sledge clogged!" Duh.

I'd like to know where this witch doctor got his degree

You're right. If he had gone to the PPO witchdoctor, he would have been sent to a skunk. Less pain, but same result - no one would want this idiot.

Strikes out again. Story of my life.....

There once was an idgit from Serbia,
Who needed help with prematurbia,
The Witch Doc advised,
"Hedgehog ass, large size,
And I hope the pricks do not perturb ya"

OMG no way, i cannot imagine how this is even physically possible. Because I was not sure what a hedgehog really was i looked it up and they are very small animals.

*snork* Punkin

Geeze, whatever happened to eye of newt and wing of bat? These new age wackos take the cake.

It stikes me that witch doctoring must come from some profound sadistic impulses, or some particularly odd bar bets...
"I'll bet you I can get this guy to..."

........"Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study"....I can't believe I had to go back and read this again to see if anything actually makes sense about it.....


That is all.

On the bright side, Neuteronomy 23 doesn't say anything about hedgehog needles.

Really, morty, is the hedgehog pr0n necessary?


Oh, yeah, lazy linky thing.

More along the same general lines.

I am too dumbfounded to even respond to this.
Dumb being the operative word.

*wondering if Richard Gere was anywhere NEAR Serbia at the time*

ew...really??? I'll take your word for it CH.

Did he have neddles on his face, too?

Just wondering how demanding hedgehogs are in the foreplay dept. Um, for a paper I'm doing.

hmmmm 4-way - Thanks!!! :)

*SNORK* @ xmnr

Sometimes those prescriptions are really hard to read.

and a spiny *snork* @ c'bol.

Still laughing and cringing at the same time.....

I dunno, Annie - those guys are so scary looking, one can understand why the fellow would have interpreted it the way he did.

Another 4-way, Siouxie! Getting tired yet?

Is the Hedge Hog named Dinsdale.

And the robot challenged me with "zzz4sn" on that post... zzzznork?

woooooooozie! I'm on top too!!

I'm guessing the witch doctor wasn't serious - probably went something like this:

Small, Poorly Performing Dick Guy: And so, before I can get my pants down, boom!

Witch Doctor: Okay, what you need to do is discipline yourself. You must concentrate on your lover's needs, and think only about her. You should focus on sexual touching that does not bring you too much excitement, and take things slowly. If necessary, ask your lover not to touch your tiny pen!s.

SPPDG: You can't be serious!

Witch Doctor: Well, you could always go f$%k a hedgehog!

SPPDG: Hmmmmmm...

*snork* c-bol!

All right Lone star!

It occurs to me that the witch doctor just didn't like this guy.

Ahh the power of the title, let's see what can I make this schlmeel do...

*schnork* @ C-bol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*snork* @ C-bol!!!!

Something tells me that this witch doctor was a woman of the female variety. Maybe even the "patient's" spurned ex.

From the way she was dressed, the hedgehog deserved what she got.

not just snork @c-bol, but ROFLMAOASTC

Do you think the hedge hog got a movie & dinner first?

It seems unlikely, ec. The "patient" might have caught on to the problem when he tried to cop a feel during the movie.

And since guys are so much more intelligent, according to studies, not only did he actually boff a hedgehog, but bragged about it later.

Brokeback bumper sticker-
"Save a cowboy, ride a hedgehog."

Personal ad: SM looking for good times with small, spiny animal, no reptiles please.

And when his friends said, "No way," he whipped open his pants and said, "I sure did - see??"

LOL! Guys never say, "No way!". If a guy says, you will not believe this, but I just ran into Cindy Crawford down at the Piggly Wiggly and we got it on in the bathroom and she pleasured me up and took nothing for herself, since she said it was just an honor to be there, and was the best day of her life and all....", his friends response is always, "Dude, you are such a stud. Guess who I ran into down at the Jiffy Lube..."

Beppie - women, otoh, would reply - "Did you notice whether Cindy got rid of that nasty rash?"

My concern would be for the poor woman whom he...um...connected with next only to find that the "real" doc had missed a few.
Ouch for the wimmens.

I've heard of 'ribbed'...but 'pricked'???


But was it good for the hedgehog?

prolly not, Beppie...

the guy finished too quickly and she had to find a porcupine to finish the job...figures!

"the patient came off much worse"

Nope, sounds like he wasn't cured after all.

Sign on the Witch Doctor's door-
"Thank you - come again."

and..."Come often" :)

Gives new meaning to "waiting room."

"Please doc - you gotta get rid of those magazines in your waiting room."

"What's wrong with Hedgehog Monthly?"

"And no maneth with hedgehoggedeth slicedeth penis and crushedethed testicleseth shall enter the temple either..."

NEWS FLASH from Serbia:
Witchdoctor Partners Practice With Veterinarian

"If a guy says, you will not believe this, but I just ran into Cindy Crawford down at the Piggly Wiggly..."

Bep, you fantasize pretty good for a fe-type.

Was her name Muffsatawney Phyllis? I heard about her.

oh, snorkie, snorkie, and applause c-bol. just the thought of this makes me laugh, and also want to smack this guy upside his head. a frikkin hedgehog? but then again, maybe he is hung like a hamster..................

Blew that. Sorry. Indulge me. Better:

Muff-so-tawny Phyllis.

Stevie, fantasize is right!

After all that, then he has an operation in a theater.

Isn't that how Pee Wee Herman's troubles started?

Longtime lurker here....

Is NO ONE on this blog a Terry Pratchett fan? "The hedgehog can never be buggered at all...."

How do you get the hedgehog in the mood? Dinner and a movie? "you're sure looking, uh, sharp tonight, baby." "how about a poke"...Yeeeoooooowww

Thats not a hedgehog you morons, thats a fucking echidna

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