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September 27, 2006


If you start practicing now, you should have your "Oh, my goodness, that certainly is unexpected and fascinating!" face ready by the time your significant other mentions this newsflash.

(Thanks to Chaz)


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"Too little testosterone is bad, too much is bad but the right amount is perfect," said Goldilocks

Are there no more surprises in life?


see my comment on the thread about pot-head boy, same song, different verse.

All things in moderation. A client sent me a wmv file that I don't dare try to host, but any blogettes that haven't seen the 'worst present' thing going around, holler. That's where I thought judi's post was going.

Suicidal Tendencies WBAGNFARB.

Oh, wait...

So guys start off with a higher IQ, but this apparently lasts for only days, according to research.

*snork* at Leetie

This is no big deal, in fact it only serves to make the male brain more effieient. It is widely known that people only use a small percentage of their brains to begin with. Knowing that only the fittest cells should survive, any cells killed by testosterone were not used anyhow. This efficiency must certainly lead to... um... uhhhhhhh.....

quickness!!! yeah, dat's duh ticket!

cj, what's the worst present? my sister got a snow blower once....

Well testosterone certainly causes male brains to ignore the sensible advice of the Pre-frontal Cortex and respond to more Primitive neurons, which allow Porno and "Ramparts" to take precedent, over other more obviously intelligent females whose "Ramparts' fell sometime before 1812......

One of the disadvantages of getting a 7 year degree, by the time you have it, no one wants to listen to you anymore....unless you have a personal trainer..... EB

XG, your a type-pad gal; I can't host it, but I think the order went: lingerie, sexy slippers, kitchen appliance, and vacuum cleaner. It's similar to a commercial [made overseas somewhere] and seems to appeal for votes and contributions. Sent by a female client when she was in a foul mood last night.

EB,... before 1812? Interesting point of view, given the root.

so those weren't canons in the 1812 overture, just falling Ramparts. Makes sense to me.

Nite all, early meeting zzzzzzz.

*zips in with pithy comment*


*zips out*

comes in late. agrees with many. and adds another 'duh'. gotta go to work.

it seems my three "thanks to..." yesterday were about go-go dancers with cops, go-go dancers on tanks, and need more go-go dancers

Someone actually got paid to research this?

This is making the assumption that guys use their brain to think with. That's a pretty big assumption.

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