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September 25, 2006


Forget global warming: This is the threat.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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The poor fish never got a chance to be first.

Was this that scary Teddy Bear that talked?

That's one sad-looking teddy bear. Remorse is written all over his face.

I'm betting that the kid who lost his teddy bear is even now bugging Daddy to go claim it. Daddy's saying, "Hell, no - they'll make me pay for the dead fish!"

It's good to know that the police didn't do it.

Well, if this doesn't scare the bejesus out of a kid, what will? "Oh, hey, don't let the bear get wet AND BECOME A KILLER! Now, go home and put that grubby little bear in the washer, and sleep tight." Yikes!!


Thats the Teddy Rukspin Assasin Bear

Awwww. The teddy does look sad and good thing he dressed for the foray into the , um, pond?

I'll wait for the Senate investigation to take place, and get a copy of the 4,500 page report before I commit to an opinion.

first Teddy Bundy, then Teddy Kaczynski, now Teddy Bear!

And didn't Teddy Kennedy have a water related incident? Just sayin'...

Trout: 49.3¢ each

Teddy Bear: $19.95 plus tax

Being the only body of water in the world that needs a "DO NOT DROP TEDDY BEARS" sign: Priceless

I know that there's a certain amount of rivalry between New Hampshire and Vermont; could this signal a major escalation?

How sad. Rainbow Trout is tasty stuff. Now there may be a shortage.

*lurks around Gollum-like, hissing*

"Nicccce fissssh."

Now that is just odd!

As my little one would say "Oops, sorry Nemos"

Was this that scary Teddy Bear that talked?

Posted by: Eleanor | 04:31 PM on September 25, 2006

I know not of which you speak, but that reminds me of a story (doesn't everything?). My uncle (who never realized that I continued to age after my 8th birthday and continued to buy me stuffed animals every Christmas) once bought me a jumbo-sized Frosty the Snowman doll which would sing the song if you squeezed his hand. I swear that thing was possessed. I don't know what set it off, but sometimes it would start up and wake me out of a sound sleep at two or three in the morning. I dug around in the stuffing until I found the little mechanism that played the song, and flipped the switch to turn it off. It didn't work. It came on and scared the living daylights out of me that very night. So then I took out the batteries. It still kept coming on. I finally donated the thing to Goodwill. Somewhere in my town, there is probably either a very freaked-out child or sales clerk.

Toys that sing are evil.

Toys that nip your feet, on the other hand, are cool. (My daughter has one of these, and it's a blast, particularly around the cats.)

Chaz knew it.

Teddy Rukspin. I think it did the same thing your Frosty did, Bumble!

*gives Bumble an "A" for excellent story*

Demented Teddy Ruxpin

Bumble, you should sell your story to Hollywood. I'd go see it.

And from the link in the article: Now THAT sounds like a fun wedding!

I think the Teddy Bear was trying to reclaim its wild roots and catch itself a few trout. Unfortunately its rain gear was not swim gear. And when its mouth was sewn on it was shut and had no convenient teeth. Thus it went into a murderous/suicidal rage and killed 'em all.

Good thing it never went after the kid.

hm...just read a recently book called "Winkie" about a teddy bear getting accused of terrorism...they must be cousins

sorry, meant "Recently published"

Clean Hands~ Yeah, those are cool. My bro-in-law gave one to his brother when I was visiting last Christmas, and they played with it all night. It would have been cool if they'd had a cat to test it on. (Uh-oh. Is my cruel-but-cool masculine side showing? Someone must have switched my Secret with some sort of manly gel.)

El~ I don't have the faintest clue what Teddy Ruxpin is, but it must have been heavily advertised when I was about four, because we have a home video somewhere of me sitting on my swing in the backyard belting out the jingle at the top of my lungs: "Oh, Teddy Ruxpin is my friend, AND GRUBBY'S MY FRIEND TOO..." I don't think I ever even had one. Maybe I was hinting. I had stuffed versions of these guys, though. I carried them everywhere.

Jeff~ You do the pitch, and I'll split whatever it earns with you 50/50.

That is so funny Bumble! Some sweet lady gave me an expensive porceline doll out of the goodness of her heart and I am about to unload this thing on ebay. I *hate* porceline dolls! They look so dead and possesed to me! I'm still trying to think up the excuse for not having it if she ever asks where it is. "Um, I'm keeping it in a bank vault for her own security." Lest I smash her evil face in with a hammer!

Dang it, Beppie, that's the last porceline doll you're getting.



did anyone check to see if the bear left a note? a suicide note...

Hmm, Betsi, I will research Winkie the terrorist bear when I get to work tomorrow. Thanks for the warning.

Bumble, that's frightening! Sounds like a Twilight Zone episode. I would have probably donated it right out the window into the backyard.

In a statement, Fish and Game Department hatcheries supervisor Robert Fawcett said, "RELEASE OF ANY TEDDY BEARS into fish hatchery water IS NOT PERMITTED."

If that's not the best quote EVER I'll eat my teddybear.

(Bumble speaks my name and I appear and hour later!)

well hey there, adonis. ;)

Hey pretty non-pink-hair sgirl. What's up?

My daughter had an Easter bunny like that--I don't mean it killed a thousand dollars worth of trout, but it played "Easter Parade" to its friends in the toybox at all hours of the day or night. There was no turning it off. As the battery got more drained, the music got more and more bizarre, but IT NEVER WORE OUT. I finally threw it away when my daughter wasn't looking. Several feet below the surface of some landfill, the worms are being entertained with "In...n..n your..r..r. Eeeeeeaster bonnnnnet with allll the fri-i-i-lls upon i-i-it..."

nuthin' much...got a beer? ;)

BTW, who are all these new people?

No beer yet, but in about 45 minutes, yes. Sweet hops and barley.

Pitty Pat~ Yeah, it was freaky. Btw, did you get my email? Tell me which ball you want, and I'll send your basket. Also, I'm almost through with HBP. I'll be all set for another scholarly literary discussion in a couple of days. :-)

Ado~ When did I speak your name? The only names I spoke (other than other bloggits) were Gollum and Teddy Ruxpin, and if you answer to either of those, I'm concerned for you.

9pm on the blog-dot. Right there in black white and green.

Ado~ *snork*

Speaking of hops, my mom and I were out hunting for bittersweet the other day, but we came across so many other fun things that it kind of turned into a "plants of northern Indiana" lesson. Whenever I pointed out the window and said, "What's that?" she stopped so I could snip a sprig, then let me mull it over before she told me what it was. Among other odd things, I saw these hanging all over a fence. I'd never seen anything like it. Turned out they were hops. Further questioning revealed that my mother and a family friend made beer together once when I was a baby. Oh the things you learn on a wandering day...

Thats AWESOME. And your mom sounds pretty cool, what with the horticulture and fermenticulture.

Oh yes. My mom rocks.

I daresay the fermenticulture part was genetic, although she at least did it legally. Grandpa and great-grandpa ran moonshine. Really. :-)

I think Teddy looks like Gary Bussey after the accident. Kinda strung out.

I would post a link here but apparently Gary has scrubbed the internet, for which I can only say, "thank you!"
I'd really rather look at this anyway:
You see enroute I found that Frank Sinatra had a mug shot from a time when he was young and was charged with seduction of a single woman of good repute. Charges were dropped after they found out that she was married?! I guess that made it Okay. (huh?)
Hide Teddy's eyes quickly!

It is actually spelled Busey, honest I searched on the right name...

lol insom and bali, for all the teddies

If you ask me, "Old Sparky" is not enough for that stuffed mass-murderer!!!

(I wish I was better with Photoshop...)

Killer Teddys AGNFApunkB??

The reason Paddington Bear looks upset is that the entire fish incident was an attempt to get his name in the news again, but no one recognizes him!

The reason Paddington Bear looks upset is that the entire fish incident was an attempt to get his name in the news again, but no one recognizes him!

Got it Bumble, thank you!! :^) And I'm always ready for more HP discussion, scholarly or otherwise!

When my daughter was four, we had to secretly give away her Furby® stuffed toys because they wouldn't cease to make noise. Thank goodness she hadn't seen the movie Gremlins. I could just imagine the things turning into evil, little green monsters.

The reason you didn't find that Gary Busey mug shot is that I think you were thinking of Nick Nolte:


all the mugshots you could want are there:


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