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September 19, 2006


Ridley and I ARRRRR now in Seattle, which was a little rainy when we arrived, although nobody apologized for that. I was thinking of phoning some folks back in Minneapolis and telling them it was raining here in Seattle, so they could tell me they were sorry.

But it seems to be clearing up, and we're getting ready to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. Seattle is a fine place to do this. We were here on Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2004, and during our book-strumpeting event a group of drunks festive people dressed as pirates showed up in a highly modified Dodge van with a working cannon. It was very exciting. You do not often see people brandishing actual swords in a bookstore.


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Fer Cap'n Helga...

"kidnapped innocent maiden judi"

That's not what I heard.

Wha', so's she canna see ye?

Arrrrrr and be-damned, me hearties, but I be absent when the sextant come about, yarrrrrrr. Well, I couldn't a-seen it anyhows, godsbefeathered, would'a had to feel my way around 't most like. Arrrrr.

When the DreamHelmet™ was first blogged, the community agreed that it was really a BDSM device. NTTAWWT

So sorry to hear it be raining there! Arrrgh! Me needs a van with cannon to be plundering the area and putting some holes in nosey scalawag's house next door!

Was awonderin' the same, Cap'n Butt!!

Aye! Dread! butt...I ain't that bad! No need to be 'fraid of this ol' bag-o-bones!


Not so bad at all, me saucy wench!

The conversation done got away from me...
I think I was suggestin that you could crush my skull betwixt your thighs but only if I was wearing a DreamHelmet© BDSM device.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I mean...ayeeeeeeeee!!!


Ye be OK then Dread!!Ye skull is safe...fer now!

Do ye really be needin' that defined, wench?

Bondange, domination, sadism and masochism.

It be all here somewhere.

Too many threads + too much grog + newbie = brain meltdown.

An' don' be askin' how I come t' know that.

There be all too many ambiguously-labeled links on teh internets. That be me story, and I be stickin' to it.

Eleanor made the connection - about 2/3 of the way down...

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR then welcome ye newbie matey!!!

I be gettin me one o' t'em fancy hats.

Qye!!! Fresh meqt!

D@mn Ch3@p Keeboord

I be most amused by the comments by Joe at th' end of th' thread. Clearly he, dinna mean a word of his promises to adjust th' content in response t' comments.

That be one of th' ugliest Web sites I ever did clap eyes upon. But then, I be designin' sites from time t' time, so it be in me nature to be a critic.

ohhhhh.. I mean arrrrr..thanks mateys, for the definition (I think????)

Oh, Buttscar. I was thinkin' it said Butterscar. Should get meself some specs.

aye! fresh meat indeed me hearties!! arrrrrrr... the blog wenches'll be happy indeed!

You mean I could bring my SWORD to the bookstore? Now THAT is tempting... a little swashbuckling action... wonder what the bookstore will think of that?

Butterscar would be more appropriate, methinks - if a roll arond the middle might be considered the scar of many defeats at th' hands of that vile nemesis of mine, butter.

Aye, butter is a villain, a scurvy dog. My run-ins with the knave send me to beg the help of that other villain, "working out."


I mean...harrrrrrrrr Cap'n Buttscarrrrrrrrrrrrr!

then mine should be Cap'n Beerbutt!

Arrrrrrrrr n' me name would be Wine Tata's.

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR. I live north of Seattle. We fly the Jolly Roger below the USA flag on our flagpole. One guy walked by and asked his wife why she won't let him fly a Jolly Roger. She just gave him a dirty look.

Yarrrrr! Then I be Ramparts O' Rum, in the spirit of Pirattitude

Ahoy Y'all,
this winch be having a bit of the black rum on all yer behalfs (after work that is) (oh, and after I give hubby his brew.)
AAAARRRRR tis me first post on this wicked site! I've been a lurking pirate till now.

Then I be Choc'late Cheeks. I make a lame, lily-livered deck swabber, no pirate worth his pegleg would be Choc'late Cheeks.

Welcome GA swampfox!!! Please come back on a normal day and joing the blogfest!!

Avast, Cap'n Helga, ye fiery wench - GA swampfox be welcome t'day, as well! 'Tis a fine day - a great day - t' be joinin' th' Bloglit Brigade!

uh..yeah...what you said, Cap'n!!!

and and ARRRRRRRRRRRRR(it's been a long day of Pirate talkin' and me head's about ta BLOW!!)

Dave, quit yer snivelin. Rain be perfectly normal for Seattle. Tis a fine day. Expect an apology only if the sun be shinin'. Have yourself a cup of joe at that local pub (now what's their name?) and beware moss build up on your north side if you sit too long.

Also, what is a blood-letter? Does this mean American Red Cross will be calling?

opps (as always)

arrrr. I now have most of me crew in the office talking like a pirate. Even the wench with no sense of humor.

I have been lurking for months.

Come abord Corliss. All be welcome herrrrre.

Welcome ye newbie mate!

abord aboard

Welcome, Corliss! As a blurker, ye know the routine. Let th' wenches know when yer drink needs t' be freshened, an' they'll like as not dump it on yer head -- but they might be in a kindly mood, and serve it up right smartly, too.

GRRRRRAAARRRRR Cap'n Buttscarrrrrrr!! Ye best be lookin' fer some 'ther wench or I be swingin' me beer bong at ya slimy head!


*course of you ask nicely and say please....*


So I need to let myself know when my drink needs refreshing? I am a wench. Non-Pirate name is Cheryl. Or it could be Cheryl the Roller (not Derby) Skater.

Ahoy mateys! It be a good thing to see y' all here talkin' so fine! I be a lone pirate t'day, at my place o' work, 'tis a sad thing.
I'll be sure t' check back later to get another dose, afore I lose what's left of me mind!
Arrrr!! Cap'n Dave is closer to my home port than I am! 'tis a sad day fer me.

Ye have me apologies, the both of ye. An' a fine, fine pair o' wenches ye be, too!

I'll be tottering off t' get meself some aspro now... oh, me achin' 'ead...

I could have brought a sword to the bookstore in Dayton. But I left it at the foot of my bed.

Yarrrrr! Shiver me timbers! We've been boarded!!!

Avast ya swabs, where's my cutlass???

Ahoy! It were a fine evening in Seattle, though I think Dave and Ridley probably wondered why my book were so soggy when's they signed it. (Comes of drowning out in the rain too long). Anyhoo - Now's I've been labeled a blog goddess, maybe I's should actually post now and again?

I finds the wee pirates ask the best questions. Great to see a whole new generation of Dave fans. Arrrrrr! *swills*

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